Breaking free from the invisible shackles that enslave humanity

Dr. John Reizer

Humans are creatures of habit. It is how we are wired, and the people running the world understand how we think and view life. They frequently use our human psychological tendencies against us and have been doing so for as long as modern-day governments have existed.

If we ever hope to garner a better understanding of what is happening in the world, we must break free from the invisible shackles tightly fastened around our ankles. The restraints preclude members of society from understanding the lives they are living.

Many of us know that mainstream media companies regularly lie to their viewing audience. Television is one of the most dangerous weapons in the world. It can influence the perceptions of people worldwide to believe whatever the powers that be have portrayed as reality.

What we think we know about our world and what is happening behind the scenes are two different things altogether. Although most people who frequent NoFakeNews already know this information, theoretically speaking, they still can be easily pulled back into the matrix of lies engineered by the controllers to keep all of humanity in the small box they have constructed. That box allows the few who control the many to manage the human herd more easily.

The people running the world could never control seven and a half billion people the way they do without constantly feeding us a false understanding of reality. Everything we believe we know about the different subjects that make up the fabric of our perceived reality construct is far different from what the people at the top of the pyramid of knowledge understand about the same genres.

In our understanding of reality, we have been methodically led to believe that humans have visited the moon, created a nuclear bomb that can wipe out humanity and destroy the planet, can prevent diseases with an assortment of vaccines, have eradicated other deadly diseases that terrorized large populations of people, have created computer programs so sophisticated that they can artificially continue to learn beyond the parameters of what their human programmers have created, and believe there exists a space program that can venture far beyond low earth orbits and reach other celestial bodies in outer space. It is not likely that any of these claims are true.

We also have been led to believe the historical accounts of fought wars written into existence by the conflicts’ victors. Once the narratives are written and published, they become officialdom and unable to be challenged through scientific or other forms of critical investigations. And sometimes, the mere public discussion that officialdom might be incorrect can be punishable by imprisonment and monetary fines.

The ability of the global power brokers to keep the rest of humanity attached to a distorted perception of what is happening in the world has been no small chore. Yet, it has been brilliantly accomplished over an extended period.

Most, if not, everything we know about the individual components that make up the fabric of our perceived reality has been given to us by a variety of “trusted sources.” This is an undeniable fact. If you take the time to think about a particular subject you feel strongly about, and you honestly ask yourself where your knowledge about the subject has come from, you will eventually uncomfortably conclude that the information was initially acquired from a source you believed to be trustworthy.

As members of society, we are all, mostly, disciples of unverifiable information. I mean by this sentence that the people on our planet must regularly rely on individual official sources for most of their knowledge. The sources you and I rely upon must be trustworthy, in our eyes, to accept the information they peddle as credible. This is how humans determine what is real or possible in communities around the globe. We rarely are afforded the luxury of being placed in a position to personally validate many pieces of information that routinely enter our daily lives in real-time.

As we get ready to embark on another presidential election in the United States, many scripted scenarios are taking place. On the surface, they appear to challenge the future of what most people embrace as everyday normal life. Even the presidential election process is a scripted drama and ritual that most of us seem to embrace every four years like a bunch of morons. We do it out of habit and the powers that be know everything is under control if citizens continue to participate in the exercise, ultimately designed to make people believe they have a choice in electing someone to represent their best interests. We have no choice in selecting our managerial leaders, only the illusion of one.

We have fake or engineered wars occurring, an ongoing world plandemic terrorizing humanity, and big pharma companies allegedly making vaccines to save the world. In the background, Elon Musk and NASA are shooting off rockets to the Moon and proclaiming that humans have once again mastered space travel.

Thousands of stories are published each month for the public to chew on. Many of the bigger ones are directly and intimately connected, but the media does not present them so viewers realize the content is related. Headline stories are often reported so they appear to be non-related. The powers that be do not want us to connect the dots.

Our brains are wired so that they focus on specific patterns. The mainstream media companies do their best to make sure our minds cannot focus on information patterns that would reveal what is happening on a bigger and more worldly scale.

The objective of the mainstream media, which is owned and operated by the controlling powers, is to create confusion and misunderstanding about global events. The media want people to become so unsure about what is happening in the world, that they throw their arms in the air and give up on trying to solve the puzzle.

If we want to break free from the invisible shackles that keep us enslaved, we must stop watching the mainstream news and expect to see the truth. Until we understand that we live in a matrix of lies, we will never be able to understand our position and real purpose in this world.


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4 thoughts on “Breaking free from the invisible shackles that enslave humanity

  1. Ashley November 20, 2022 / 11:15 am

    What a fantastic, IMPORTANT article, John!
    My prayer is that everyone who reads it will print it and keep a copy wherever they sit to get their news, referring to it often, and handing out copies to those they know and love.
    It is a hard truth to come to when we realize everything we hear from individuals we thought were actually for us are simply reciting a script to throw us off the scent of the trail that leads us to ACTUAL reality. And that reality is that we are being played.
    The only thing those in power want is more power. More control. More money. And they will say whatever they need to, play whatever role they are instructed (and trained) to play, to get all three.
    Those who have mastered the art of manipulating large swaths of people to support them while concurrently disdaining those very people for their own lack of power, money and control illustrates the power of covert hypnosis, covert brainwashing, linguistics, truth-spinning/lying, and basic charisma.
    As article after article at NoFakeNews has truthfully shown, there is a relatively small group of men who have secretly run our country our entire lives. Our entire lives. They stay hidden (though some hide in plain sight), but they control what we call our reality. As you have pointed out, however, it is — as much as we allow it to be — only what they want you to BELIEVE is reality. And they want us to believe, and behave, accordingly. And there is NO ONE who has served in any important leadership position in our country who has veered from that in our lifetimes. NO ONE. Some are just better actors than others.
    We MUST, as you implore, loosen those invisible chains to false reality and stop listening to anything coming out of our TV’s, any mainstream channel or website, and certainly anything coming out of ANYONE connected to Washington.
    Thanks for all you do, John.
    Truth matters.

    • Dr. John Reizer November 20, 2022 / 11:51 am

      Thank you, Ashley! 🙂

  2. lhakes12 November 20, 2022 / 11:18 am

    Great writing, John!

    And one of your statements at the end really stands out to me. DO NOT EXPECT TO SEE THE TRUTH. And, yes, that especially includes the media.
    Plus, one lie carries on to another. We hear the lies from one another and pass it on.

    And even many of our medical personnel are under the spell. They went to school with good intentions to heal others, and came out learning to maim and kill off humanity. And politicians are the worst. They couldn’t tell the truth if it bit them in the ass!

    And I see these lies now on the media I gringe. Plus, the vaccine advertising is the worst! I do find myself questioning more and more all the time.
    When my former physical therapist had told me that rotary cuff tear injuries never heal, the statement didn’t make sense to me. Our bodies are healing machines. Even our bones heal. But I looked it up on google and it confirmed what she said. However, you certainly can’t trust google either.
    I don’t know. I feel like I am healing. If you take it slow and allow for the healing, I believe it happens. My chiropractor keeps telling me how impressed he is with how well I have come along.

    Anyway, lets first and foremost remember to keep putting forward that question mark in our minds!


    • Dr. John Reizer November 20, 2022 / 11:56 am

      Thanks, Lisa! The body is an amazing healing machine. 🙂


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