COVID infections, not vaccines cause heart attacks, strokes, and deaths according to the mainstream media

Mainstream Media Speak:

1. They all died from COVID infections.

2. Plenty of people die from heart disease and this fact has nothing to do with vaccines.

3. There is no evidence that COVID vaccines have killed even one person.

4. The research clearly shows that the virus causes heart problems.

5. The research shows the virus causes blood clots.

6. It’s not unusual for young people to suddenly die.

7. Just because a woman died 90 seconds after receiving a COVID vaccine doesn’t mean the shot killed her. It is called a coincidence.


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4 thoughts on “COVID infections, not vaccines cause heart attacks, strokes, and deaths according to the mainstream media

  1. lhakes12 November 4, 2022 / 10:16 pm

    What a bunch of bullshit, John! But they parrot those lines over and over again to get people to believe them.

    I think someone ought to them that there no such thing as coincidences!


    • Dr. John Reizer November 4, 2022 / 10:54 pm

      It’s frustrating to see such nonsense published, Lisa. We must remember that the mainstream media is a tool of the same powers that created the psyop.


  2. Kenneth T. November 4, 2022 / 10:59 pm

    Covid infection, not vaccines cause heart attacks, strokes, and deaths…
    ***only they omitted the words (as they sometimes do) “amongst the vaccinated”
    ***Obviously, they can tell some truth (or not) – but never all of it. They can also change the “true name” of the illness… to protect the guilty, as long as it is within certain agenda parameters
    But then… anything is possible – Perhaps the vaccine is not supposed to kill, only modify, and things can and will go wrong. ***hahaha – sure… whatever —
    I know people that had been vaccinated and become sick with all manner of ailments.
    I knew people that were vaccinated (and others who were not) and they are now dead and buried.
    And I know people that have not been vaccinated and got “SOMETHING” that nearly killed them, while they survived, it was no easy task

    • Dr. John Reizer November 4, 2022 / 11:01 pm

      Thanks for sharing, Kenneth! 🙂

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