Hydroxychloroquine, Lab Leak Theory, COVID’s a Real Disease… Blah, Blah, Blah!

Dr. John Reizer

Do you remember the game where a magician has a little ball resting under one of three cups? The magician instructs the audience to keep their eyes on the cup covering the ball and then proceeds to move the three cups at lightning speed into different positions in an attempt to confuse everybody.

The point of the game or magic trick is to see if the people watching can keep their eyes focused on the little ball and cup. Magicians use sleight-of-hand trickery to confuse and fool their audiences regularly. This is the same thing that the COVID-19 plandemic orchestraters attempt to do concerning the psyop’s official narrative.

I have written hundreds of times on this website that COVID-19 is not a real disease and that sars-cov-2 is not an actual virus but rather a computer-modeled genomic sequence made to look real by a PCR test that cannot detect the presence of any viruses or microbial pathogens.

The criminals running the world plandemic are determined to make society’s members believe that sars-cov-2 and COVID-19 are real, tangible things — they are not!

Keep your eyes focused on the cup with the little ball! They represent the truth — there is no virus, and there is no COVID-19 disease. The other cups — the ones without a little ball beneath them represent Hydroxychloroquine, lab-leak theory, gain-of-function research, and all the other silliness that has been put into circulation to obfuscate the truth — there is no virus.

If we are not careful, it’s easy to get sucked into the many different false narratives that have been created in a writer’s studio and released by the mainstream media. Even alternative media websites pick up these fairytales and run with them.

It seems to me that the more credentials professional people have after their names, the easier it is to get them to focus on the empty cups. Healthcare professionals who have spent many years studying in universities (indoctrination centers) can’t help themselves become the victims of sleight-of-hand trickery. When you have invested a lot of time and money learning a false understanding of microbiology — it’s hard to overcome the cognitive dissonance that floods your brain.

Remember to keep your eyes focused on the cup with the ball underneath it and not the empty ones. And most important, remember the fact that there is no virus!


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