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How can Dr. Anthony Fauci have the nerve to go on national television and state that there have only been six or seven adverse vaccine reactions that have taken place since the experimental COVID-19 vaccine rollout began? — Dr. Reizer

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The Target List Movie is Coming Soon!

Help Me Expose Big Pharma

In association with River Rose Productions, Mad Wife Productions has announced that The Target List pilot movie will be released on Amazon Prime in the summer of 2021.

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The Story:

After announcing a ground-breaking cancer cure, the four members of the research team are targeted by an assassin hired by the big pharma. Two researchers escape the attack, only to find themselves on the killer’s target list.

Screenplay written by MJ Palo and John Reizer

Based on the novel by John Reizer 

The Wearing of Face Masks (Medical Devices) Require Informed Consent (a person’s permission to be administered or worn)

Dr. John Reizer

Staring at the prospect of having a national face mask mandate soon, American citizens must exercise their legal right to opt-out of this draconian requirement. I believe the appropriate way to do this is by exercising a medical patient’s right to informed consent.

Although the specific definition of informed consent may vary from state to state, it means that a physician (or another medical provider) must tell a patient all of the potential benefits, risks, and alternatives involved in any surgical procedure, medical procedure, or another course of treatment, and must obtain the patient’s written consent to proceed.

The concept is based on the principle that a physician must disclose information to the patient to make a reasonable decision regarding treatment.

“Face masks, when they are intended for a medical purpose such as source control (including uses related to COVID-19) and surgical masks, are medical devices.” –

If a person is being instructed to wear a face mask to control a virus’s spread, that mask or protective device is considered a medical device.

A national face mask mandate would automatically require every citizen to wear a medical device, ignoring a person’s right to informed consent. Any medical decision, including requiring a person to use a medical device against their will and without their permission, is equivalent to medical rape.

Face masks, a type of medical device, can pose an imminent health threat to human beings and cannot be forced upon any persons without their informed consent. That consent can be withdrawn at any time whatsoever after it has been given.

The above argument would also be valid and applicable concerning a national vaccine mandate.


The Target List Movie is coming to Amazon Prime!

We’re About to Expose Big Pharma!




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In-person auditions will be held on December 20, 2020 (check updates and cast announcements here), and filming is scheduled for March 2021.

Vaccines: where there is a potential risk, people must be afforded the freedom of choice

By Dr. John Reizer

Where there is a potential risk associated with medical products or procedures, human beings must be afforded the freedom to choose whether or not they want to receive the services. This is known as informed consent.

Any healthcare provider or government entity that forces a person or the general population to take or receive a therapeutic drug/procedure that carries a potential risk to said individuals’ health or wellbeing, without affording them the choice to opt-out would be guilty of medical rape. I believe that informed consent is enforceable at all times and without limitations or exceptions, such as when an epidemic or pandemic has been declared by health officials.

There is not one vaccine product in existence that does not present potential risks to human beings. One of the disclaimers always written in all drug inserts that have been used to legally protect the pharmaceutical industry is a statement that warns the consumer not to take the product if they are allergic to any of the ingredients. How would a person know if they are allergic to the ingredients if they have never taken the concoction?

The link below will take you to a website where you can read the product inserts for every vaccine on the market. Read the information (the fine print) that clearly explains the risks associated with taking these hazardous products. There are inherent risks associated with all the products or the risks are unknown according to the vaccine makers.

Many of the problems associated with vaccine injuries occur months and years after the poisons are administered to unknowing victims.

Keep in mind, the COVID-19 vaccines soon to be released have been granted full liability immunity by the federal government. Why do you think that might be? The answer: they’re anticipating massive problems.

Granting vaccine makers full immunity against health consumers’ injuries is not exactly a vote of confidence by the federal government concerning the vaccine product.





Challenging the Constitutionality of Mandatory Vaccines: Where There’s A Risk There Must Be A Choice!

Dr. John L. Reizer

Regardless of the constitutionality of specific regulations and laws that have made it into existence, members of society must occasionally reexamine, and when necessary, retest those actions in a legal theatre. This is especially true when the morality and ethicality of such actions come into question and threaten the citizens the laws have allegedly been designed to protect.

Whether something being handed down by a governing body in America is constitutionally sound or not is decided by a group of justices (human beings) who don’t always agree with one another.

Regarding the question of whether or not mandatory vaccination laws are constitutionally protected (Jacobson v. Massachusetts), it’s important to remember the legal decision that answered this question was based in part on information that was available about vaccine products 115 years ago. The ruling justices had zero scientific information to examine that spoke of the public dangers vaccine products posed to society. If such information was available at the time, there undoubtedly would have been a different decision handed down.

Whenever there is a risk of harm to the public stemming from a medical procedure or product, patients must be offered the option of refusing the service. Patients must sign a form that serves as evidence they have consented to the medical products or services. This practice in medical care is referred to as informed consent and is the law.

Informed Consent Defined

Although the specific definition of informed consent may vary from state to state, it basically means that a physician (or other medical provider) must tell a patient all of the potential benefits, risks, and alternatives involved in any surgical procedure, medical procedure, or other course of treatment, and must obtain the patient’s written consent to proceed.

The concept is based on the principle that a physician has a duty to disclose information to the patient so they can make a reasonable decision regarding treatment.

The problem with mandatory vaccination laws is that they violate the basic laws of informed consent. When there is a health risk posed to the public from a medical product, the people must be offered a choice about whether or not they want to receive the product. This law is reasonable, ethical, and morally sound. Any rational-thinking person would agree with the legal process of informed consent.

It does not matter if you are a pro-vaxxer, anti-vaxxer, or something in between; common sense would dictate that where there’s a medical risk, there must be a choice and an option to refuse the medicinal product or service.

There is no doubt whatsoever, according to modern science, that a level of risk is associated with all vaccine products. This is undeniable because every vaccine product in existence is accompanied by a product insert that clearly informs doctors and patients of the risks associated with said products. I challenge anyone to find a medical vaccine that is currently in the marketplace that has zero risks associated with that product.

Because all vaccines come with some level of risk, patients must be given the right to refuse them. Anything less than a person being given the choice to refuse a dangerous medical product is unreasonable, unethical, and beneath the law, otherwise known as informed consent.

The question of whether or not mandatory vaccinations are constitutionally protected must be reexamined again by the SCOTUS. This time the justices must take into consideration the inherent public health risks associated with vaccine science.

Any doctor, healthcare professional, or agent of the government who administers a medical product or service to another human being without first gaining the patient’s written informed consent would be guilty of committing medical rape, which is a crime against humanity.