Dr. Robert Young and Ramola D.

There’s no virus; however, the vaccines will take you out!

The video interview above is fascinating. The early part of the discussion by Dr. Young is somewhat sophisticated and probably a little difficult to understand for most laypeople. In a nutshell, what the doctor is saying is that there is a corona effect people experience. According to the doctor, the corona effect (illness in humans) is not coming from a coronavirus or sars-cov-2. Dr. Young believes that sickness and illness, in general, are instead caused by the toxicity associated with the food, air, vaccines, and other poisons we regularly come into contact with during our lives.

The latter portion of the interview is dedicated to the dangers associated with the COVID-19 vaccines and the concoctions’ ingredients.

My Analysis:

I believe that Dr. Young is spot on with his theory. I also believe that most sickness is a result of toxins accumulating in our bodies from different sources and that the body’s immune response is to create a plethora of physiological reactions that show themselves as expressive symptoms.

There are no more of these corona effects (illnesses) occurring in people presently than in any other recent times, in my opinion. The use of PCR technology has been deceptively installed to create fake numbers to create the illusion of a fake disease caused by a non-existent viral pathogen.

People that routinely experience illness from what Dr. Young explains in the interview are being diagnosed as having COVID-19 or the Delta variant. The world plandemic is a well-thought-out psyop with a level of sophistication and fraud that is unprecedented.

All the different components of the psyop have been written into the science fiction narrative for one reason — to administer a deadly vaccine recipe on humanity!

— Dr. Reizer


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