Biden Authorizes Expanding Spying on Citizens

By Ashley Hayes

Last Friday, October 7, 2022, President Biden quietly signed an Executive Order lifting restrictions on the spying of American citizens by the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, etc. that will allow them to listen to your phone calls, read your social media, collect your text messages, and invade your privacy in a multitude of ways — without a warrant.

Prior to this, a FISA warrant was required for this kind of invasion of privacy. But that is no longer the case. He rescinded that portion of Presidential Policy Directive 28, thereby opening the door, legally, for the kind of abuse of civil liberties that has been happening for decades anyway, thanks to Bush’s Patriot Act.

Mike German, an FBI whistleblower and the author of “Disrupt, Discredit and Divide -How The FBI Damages Democracy,” discusses, at length, the “mass collection of internet metadata,” sneakily and illegally obtained by the FBI via their abuse of the Patriot Act. He also states that, when Congress reauthorized the [then-] expiring provisions of the Patriot Act in 2006, it added a provision that required the Inspector General to audit the FBI’s use of these authorities. German states, “In a series of reports dating back to 2007, ‘the Inspector General documented hundreds of violations of the FBI’s statutory obligations, particularly involving misuse of a secret type of administrative subpoena called a “national security letter,” and the broad use of “exigent letters” which faked emergencies to obtain Americans’ [personal] data without legal process” [including getting access to their medical records at hospitals, their mail at the post office, etc.].

He further states:  “In the meantime,  the Justice Department had secretly adopted a new interpretation of the Patriot Act’s business record’s provision, Section 215 to justify another part of the warrantless wiretapping program:  the bulk collection of virtually all Americans’ metadata.  [However], the IG reports on Section 215 did not reveal this new interpretation of the law, so many of the members of Congress who reauthorized the provision . . . did not know that the handful of Section 215 requests reported [included] millions of Americans’ calling records.”

Additionally, German reports, in a 2013 Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, when Senator Ron Wyden asked [then] Director of National Intelligence James Clapper if the intelligence community collected “any type of data” about millions of Americans, “Clapper replied falsely, “No, sir, not wittingly.”

German continues, ‘Similarly, the FBI actually entered into formal nondisclosure contracts with law enforcement agencies using “Sting Ray” devices that mimic cell phone towers to capture the signal and locate all cell phones in a particular area.  The contracts directed law enforcement agencies to use Sting Ray for “lead purposes” but to then use a secondary (legal) process to obtain the same evidence in court.”

He states, the FBI “went so far as to instruct local prosecutors to drop or reduce the charges against criminal defendants rather than expose the device to legal challenges in court.”

“. . . The FBI and Justice Department also kept [and have continued to keep] the courts in the dark about the nature and scope of their intelligence activities.  They did [and do] this primarily through a technique known as parallel construction  [whereby] the government first gathers evidence through a secret intelligence technique.  Once evidence is located, agents utilize a more traditional legal process, like a grand jury subpoena or a search warrant to collect the SAME evidence!  When the evidence is submitted in court, the government claims the second [legal] process was the source of the evidence and never mentions the first collection.  This way, no defendant or judge will know a secret intelligence method was used and therefore cannot challenge it to evaluate its illegality.”

Continuing, “Because the FBI and Justice Department subvert the constitutional checks on their power by withholding information from Congress and the courts on secrecy grounds, the only way the public can learn about these intelligence programs is through conscientious government whistleblowers and the journalists who tell their stories. So the FBI targets them as spies [!]

Given this information, I invite readers to visit and review Ramola D’s in-depth reporting on these [and worse] illegal abuses of authority.

I would refer you to my site, however, these very abuses have deleted, or blocked, my writings for many years — including my account at, Blogspot, and substack, to name a few. I can also attest to the fact that not only have 20 years of my papers, business records, tax returns, photos, audio recordings, and more been rifled through, copied (copies of things I never had before have turned up multiple times), edited and stolen over the past seven years when I became aware of my targeting by these very agencies (an abuse instigated by someone I knew, who happens to also be a consultant to these agencies). I previously had no idea this long-term psychological gang-rape and conspiratorial hi-jacking of my life was even happening, but once I was aware, and began to do a retrospective of my life, contacts, events, and papers, things began to disappear, evidence began to be altered. For example, I recorded, over the years, thousands of hours of audio evidence — some very incriminating, some unimportant. Upon listening to two very specific recordings I had of a cop lying to me, gaslighting me, and fake-crying (really), I discovered much has been deleted and the rest altered. I have fake medical records, and additional ones added in the last four years (really!). I even have personal, handwritten journals, and other handwritten notes that have been altered (super easy with AI).

My experiences, and this degree of abuse, are more aggressive than most — but less aggressive, or slightly different — than some others.  I have no doubt it is because of the position, and the highly extraordinary power of my primary perpetrator.  How, or why, he “chose” me only he can say.  But he, and his massive affiliate network — which includes, but is not limited to, the agencies listed above, along with their hired hackers, thugs, and community proxies, have criminally interfered in my life for decades.  Now they want to make it legal — not just in my case, but in yours, as well.

Experts in psyops, covert hypnosis, propaganda, fakery, and mind manipulation of all kinds,  their long-term slander campaign prevented others from stepping in when they should have (even if they had wanted to).  And with this new directive from the White House, the door is not only wide open but ripped off its hinges to allow — legally — the kind of abuses and invasions of privacy long-directed at blacklisted innocent citizens to now be perpetrated on EVERY American citizen.  And my warning in my article at, “How Innocent Citizens Have Been Target Practice For The Planned-Demic
( is truer today more than ever before.

Government agencies have been collecting personal — deeply personal — data on EVERYONE, for decades, through Choicepoint, and the National Security Agency, among many others (See this 2012 “Wired article on the NSA (  They have not only made ungodly amounts of money selling that data, but they have been able to weaponize it and use it to harass citizens, a situation that will only get worse with the planned implementation of the transhumanist agenda Biden signed off on, and Trump implemented with “Operation Warp Speed.”

They have abused the FISA courts, abused their power and access to toxic, deadly technology through the secretive fusion centers, are arming sheriffs’ offices and police departments- even in tiny towns — with military tanks and gear, and are working to implement a social credit system like China has wherein citizens walk through city streets with their social-credit scores to illuminate their worthiness and “allow” them certain privileges, digitally following them, with those scores visible to those around them (a 21st-century “Scarlet Letter”). 

Low score? No grocery store for you today.  (Another “Wired” article expounds on this:
In summary, this hopefully illustrates how when an Executive Order is signed, it has ramifications far beyond what it appears to include.  It’s just a piece of a much bigger puzzle — a how-best-to-enslave puzzle long ago designed — methodically being put together, with the help of each and every president.

God bless the U.S.A.


Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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The Foods We Consume Might Actually Be Killing Us

Dr. John Reizer

According to many health care experts, it’s getting increasingly difficult to stay healthy due to the types of foods we continue to consume as a society.

Food additives such as Aspartame and MSG (Monosodium glutamate) are believed by many to cause irreparable harm to human beings. Despite the large number of warnings coming from scientists and doctors, large corporations continue to oversee the lacing of our foodstuffs with harmful chemicals.

Aspartame, a controversial artificial sweetener, has been classified by some doctors and medical researchers as a neuro-excitotoxin capable of causing harmful lesions within the human nervous system. Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon and former professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, is one of the physicians that has publicly stated his views about the dangers of this product.

Aspartame was introduced into food products and soft drinks, around the world, by the pharmaceutical company, G.D. Searle during the same time frame that Donald Rumsfeld, former Defense Secretary of the United States, was the company’s acting CEO. Later, Searle was taken over by Monsanto, a corporation believed by many to have very close ties to the CIA.

Monsanto, a developer of many controversial products, is a major producer of genetically modified organisms/foods (GMO’s). The average human’s diet is thoroughly littered with GMOs. It is certainly reasonable to assume that the large increase in the number of autoimmune diseases throughout the general population is directly tied to the world’s population embracing so many attenuated foods.

Based on statistics that clearly demonstrate a decline in our nation’s health over time, and a core understanding, centered on common sense, that altering the genes of various seeds could preclude the human body from being able to discern between a food and a poison, one could connect-the-dots and come to the logical conclusion that GMOs are quite dangerous.

Unfortunately, the level of danger we face, when it comes to GMOs, is unknown. Genetically modified seeds are protected from all forms of scientific research or review. Companies that produce these products have licensing agreements that legally prohibit the testing of their seeds by any scientific body.

In addition to GMOs, it’s been stated by many experts within the farming industry that patented herbicides and pesticides are to blame for many of the diseases people around the world are now experiencing.

We are certainly a product of the foods we consume and so when one takes a closer look at the true lack of quality embedded within our food supplies, it’s easier to comprehend why modern society suffers with such a high number of health challenges. It’s time for people to understand that the foods we consume might actually be killing us.

What do you think about this subject?

Has Russia Uncovered the Real Terrorists?

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

In a very short period of time it seems as if Russia has uncovered the real terrorists in the world. According to Preston James, PhD, “…as a result of some of the most brilliant geopolitical maneuvering in history, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has created a complete checkmate in Syria. This checkmate has completely exposed the USA, CIA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey for creating, training, financing and supporting ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Qaeda and the rest of these Mideast Terrorist groups.”

What Preston writes about on his blog has been widely echoed by many alternative news writers for a very longtime. It’s obvious to those that have removed the blinders from their eyes that the bankers are calling the shots, financing wars and using powerful governments to acquire natural resources and other precious assets from around the world.

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