Illuminati Symbolism in Corporate Logos

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

The 13 Illuminati families managing the world’s business usually like to stay well behind the scenes of newsworthy events. But these Illuminati masters almost always, and without exception, feel compelled to leave a trademark signature that indicates their involvement or sponsorship of something. In most instances these cryptic signatures are positioned right in front of the general public.

The vast majority of people fail to realize that they regularly embrace, with open arms, many creations of the bloodline families.

The reason Illuminati families cleverly hide so many symbols right in front of the eyes of everyday citizens is so that the general public will see the information but fail to recognize its importance in shaping society’s perception of the world.

The bloodline families understand very well that when the general public embraces a specific product encoded with their signature, it makes their agenda come to fruition. The Illuminati families also understand that the public’s ignorance about a specific message is not an excuse in the eyes of the universe. The powers that be know that as long as they provide, symbolically, what their true intentions are and reveal those intentions for all to see, the agenda will succeed. It does not matter if a person fails to see or understand the messages being delivered. It only matters that the person accepts and embraces the products, services, or ceremonies being offered.

The Illuminati families have always worked on behalf of entities that are literally not from this world. They are interdimensional beings that can fluctuate between different frequencies or realities. They feed, like parasites, on the energy vibrations that human beings regularly transmit. The vibrations are nutritious for these interdimensional beings. They especially like the taste of human vibrations when they come from people that are afraid, frustrated, and angry. This is why everything reported through media outlets is designed to elicit negative emotions in most people. This is also why entertainment products (movies, news, and books) are heavily centered on themes that include violence and murder.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how symbols are commonly used by the Illuminati in our modern world. The process has been traditionally accomplished by hiding certain symbols in corporate logos.

What do you think  about this subject?

The Reptilian “Illuminati” Bloodlines

By Michael Morris

Guest Writer at 

michaelmorrispicWhat you think you know about your world and the everyday occurrences taking place and what the world truly represents to all human beings are two completely different things.

There are very powerful families managing the world’s business. The families I am writing about have been managing humanity for as long as recorded history has been taking place and a lot longer than that.

The 13 Illuminati bloodlines (families) firmly positioned at the top of the human, hierarchical control system were put into place by an extraterrestrial race of beings that have been intimately tied to earth for a period of time that would seem incomprehensible to most people. The bloodline families, often referred to as the Illuminati, are genetically different than other human beings. They have a genetic signature that is quite hybrid in nature. Their biochemical makeup consists of more extraterrestrial DNA than it does human DNA.

All human beings have trace amounts of extraterrestrial DNA within their bodies. The human race is the direct result and creation of ancient genetic engineering that was brought to fruition from the repetitive efforts of various extraterrestrial cultures that have interacted with earth in an attempt to mold the inhabitants that walked this plane at different periods of time. Many extraterrestrial creator races have contributed to your current phenotypic expression. This is the true explanation for why there are different races of people that occupy your world.

The managerial elites controlling modern day earth have a much higher phenotypic expression of extraterrestrial DNA than they have in the way of human DNA. They were genetically engineered long ago by a Reptilian race of beings to be the rulers of modern day earth and that is exactly what has been happening on your platform for many thousands of years.

The elected and non elected leaders in every major country and province on your platform are direct bloodline descendants of the 13 reptilian bloodlines. In lower levels of government, elected and non elected leaders that are not directly related to bloodline families are controlled by them.

The Reptilian race that has proclaimed earth as its property and human beings as a type of livestock, that they parasitically draw nutrition from, are not benevolent beings. They are, in fact, very strong physical specimens when compared to their human counterparts. They have a genetic lifespan of several thousand years. They have genetically modified human beings to have a very short lifespan. This was done to intentionally maintain amnesia within the human, collective soul.

The many soul fragments attached to and housed in biological vessels on earth (human beings) repeatedly reincarnate into other biological vessels on earth and other platform locations within the universe. There are countless platforms in existence where soul fragments choose to reincarnate into third dimensional biological vessels. All of these venues provide opportunities for biological vessels to experience third dimensional life that directly enriches the collective soul that is continuously collecting and logging all third dimensional experiences from individual soul fragments.

Because of their abilities to live for many thousands of years, the Reptilian race has been able to maintain the continuity of their control over earth and its human inhabitants for thousands of years.

To the human beings that are living lifetimes for 100 years or less, it is nearly impossible to have a broader understanding about the covert control and enslavement that directly affects them. Human beings from an early age are taught a very false perception of reality. They are imprisoned by invisible shackles. Those shackles are the prison religions that are taught on earth and ultimately disconnect humanity from the soul fragments housed inside their biological vessels.

In addition to the prison religions that affect and influence all races that walk the earth, electronic and chemical mind control programs are firmly in place and greatly help the bloodline managers to rule human beings.

More to follow soon…

Mainstream Media Lies: The Companies that Continue to Embellish the Truth

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

I want to make one thing perfectly clear for all readers. I am neither pro nor anti government by nature, although it may seem to some people that I am closer to one side of the coin than the other after reading many of the articles I have written.

If I am biased in one direction more than another, it probably has to do with the facts that all governments on this planet are nontransparent when dealing with their constituents and that they directly control all mainstream media products that regularly disseminate disinformation to the general public.

The truth be told, I am interested in knowing the truth about what is happening in the world. This is especially true when it comes to the very sensitive subjects that are being reported as world news through the mainstream media sources that so many of us rely upon on a daily basis. I despise the fabricated news stories the corporately controlled media companies create and pass off as real news.

I especially despise the ongoing psychological warfare that is continuously being manufactured against citizenry on a global level. State sponsored terrorism is rampant around the world and it is regularly unleashed on innocent human beings as a means to an end. That ending point would be the perceived need, by a disinformed public, to go to war against foreign countries that are allegedly committing acts of terrorism and other crimes against humanity.

In May, 2012 the BBC used a photograph in one of its stories to show its reading audience the tragedy of children allegedly massacred in Syria. According to the article and photograph used, the Syrian children were murdered in 2012. The BBC was later found to be guilty of using a file photo that had been taken in Iraq in 2003. The photograph that was used in corroborating the story was 9 years old. These disingenuous and very deceptive journalistic practices are a lot more commonplace than most people realize.

Also in 2012, CNN was accused of interviewing a paid actor named Danny Abdul-Dayem regarding deplorable conditions taking place in Syria. The video in which the interview takes place demonstrates the way fake news stories are created by the mainstream news agencies and then passed off to an unsuspecting audience.

In August, 2013 crisis actors and actresses were captured on video trying to create a fabricated story about the conditions in Syria. This video demonstrates more proof that what we are often being led to believe is the truth through media tools and sources cannot always be believed. We are all disciples of unverifiable information! Unless we are there, in person, to observe what is taking place, we must rely upon corporately owned media companies to get our facts. This is a scary situation because the truth of the matter is that these media sources cannot and should not be trusted.

In 1990, Charles Jaco was regularly reporting on the Persian Gulf War for CNN and he was captured in this video kidding around with fellow CNN personnel regarding the fake news stories they had been filming. The video clearly shows the fake movie set they were broadcasting from and also how the reporter/actor vacillated between being serious and comedic in-between live and off air segments.

Media products are very powerful tools that can be used to influence and trick the public. The powers that be can make believers or disbelievers out of people by using the media companies they own and have at their immediate disposal.

Just because you see it on the six-o-clock evening news does not mean that it is necessarily true. Chances are damn good that what is being reported to you has been fabricated. The sources you are relying upon have already been busted time and time again. Why do we still continue to trust them?

What do you think about this story?

The Sad Truth About Diamonds

By Melissa A. Reizer

Guest Writer at

w-Melissa52_bwRecently, there was quite a bit of excitement in South Africa where a 232.08 ct White Diamond was unearthed. The estimated worth of this rare stone was thought to be at around 20 million dollars.

The huge diamond was mined in Pretoria, South Africa. Experts within the gem mining industry pronounced the asset as “rare and unique”.

I saw pictures of this beautiful diamond and read news headlines that were just bragging about its exceptional size and clarity.


Diamonds are valued based on their physical characteristics. The physical characteristics of diamonds are regularly graded by jewelers using the 4 C’s:

1st C is Carat – Unit weight

2nd C is Cut – Brilliant is most preferred

3rd C is Color – The less color the more valuable

4th C is Clarity – Internal flawlessness

The particular mine where this diamond was found is known for producing some of the most valuable diamonds in the world. These rare stones have attracted some very wealthy clients over the years.

What the article I read failed to mention was what the 4 C’s associated with mining diamonds really stand for:

1st C is Criminal Activities

2nd C is Cruelty to human beings

3rd C is Corruption

4th C is Captivity/Slavery of human beings

Hopefully, people will think long and hard about the tremendous loss of human life and suffering that is often associated with the sale of these magnificent gems before purchasing one this coming Valentine’s Day.

What do you think about this subject?

A New Look For A New Year!

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a Happy New Year. If you are like me, you were probably busy traveling and visiting with friends and family during the recent holidays. Hopefully you had a great 2014 and are looking forward to an even better 2015.

I have been writing this blog since February, 2012 and plan to continue writing posts here and providing alternative news links for all of 2015.

There were many exciting changes in my life last year and I am really looking forward to great things continuing this year in both my personal and professional lives.

In honor of the New Year, I have changed the physical appearance of this website. It is my hope that the new look will make website navigation easier for readers. I think that the new font size and background colors will also make it easier on all of our eyes as we peruse content here in the coming months.

Thank you to all of the subscribers and visitors that take time out of their busy lives to read the articles and posts I publish.

Many interesting things happened in 2014 and you can be assured that the powers that be are busy at work planning events and happenings that will certainly affect and impact all of our lives.

Whatever is happening in the world, I’ll try to provide credible news links that flavor an alternative and more truthful understanding about said subjects. I will also attempt to write articles that are newsworthy and not being addressed by even the alternative news products.

Stay tuned for more truthful news in 2015…

Happy New Year!

Dr. John Reizer

Beware Of The Disease Support Organizations You Embrace

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


This is, perhaps, one of the most difficult articles to write without coming across, to readers, as being an uncaring, off the wall, idiot. The knee-jerk reaction most people will have in response to what I have authored here will be anger. Having written that disclaimer let me venture into the controversial territory anyway. The information is far too important to ignore and, in my opinion, needs to be brought to the attention of the general public.

Every year there are swarms of national campaigns designed to promote awareness about certain diseases such as autism, autoimmune disorders, cancer, leukemia, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and other serious life altering conditions.

At face value, the foundations and organizations that have been established to collect monetary donations from corporations, small businesses and individuals, in order to finance medical research that will lead to a cure for various diseases, appear quite benevolent. After all, everyone wants to eradicate terrible diseases – right?

Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t have the slightest understanding about the machinations taking place right under their noses. The foundations and organizations, ad nauseam, currently sponsoring walkathons, races, parades and other fanfare to cure diseases have, in actuality, been cleverly developed by the Medical Establishment (secretly funded by the petrochemical corporations) in an effort to maintain public awareness about toxic drugs that have been packaged to look like logical solutions for managing debilitating conditions.

Many of the synthetically patented drugs being offered to manage diseases are extremely toxic and should never have been approved for public consumption. But the sad truth is the products have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and unleashed on citizens around the country. The fact that these poisons are being prescribed to innocent health care consumers, in the first place, is disturbing enough. The fact that Americans and small business owners are continuously encouraged to donate funds, earmarked for the development of additional chemical toxins, through well coordinated media campaigns is just rubbing salt into the center of an already open wound.

In reality, the numerous organizations that have been opportunistically launched into existence, to promote awareness about specific diseases, are doing a great job in making sure the lucrative disease industry never disappears. I know this is a hard pill to swallow for many people because the conclusion one comes to, from reading this information, is very disturbing. The mere mentioning of this subject also speaks volumes about how absolutely awful certain corporations really are.

It is uncomfortable for many people to realize that others would have no problem profiting from the misery of others. But this is exactly what is happening in the current health care environment. The petrochemical giants have only one concern – profit! They do not care about the health and well being of health care consumers.

If you take the time to truly examine the foundations, that have the names of the diseases they are supporting/promoting built within their organization’s title, you will see these entities are, very much, financed and promoted, at all of their official events, websites, etc., by pharmaceutical companies that specialize in offering the latest drugs currently used to manage the different maladies in question. You’ll also notice the pharmaceutical companies never promise a cure, just the long term management of each disease process.

This is an absolutely ingenious plan that was implemented by the petrochemical corporations long ago. They have given birth to foundations (support groups) that engage in regular, annual campaigns, and have the sole objective of promoting awareness, to compromised healthcare consumers, about poisonous drugs currently available to manage a specific ailment.

Many of the diseases, in question, plaguing humanity could have easily been eradicated by natural methods, such as increasing the level of Vitamin D in the body or by improving the nutritional content in foods we consume. Valuable information such as this is never addressed by the Medical Establishment, nor is it publicized through the mainstream media.

Many food products we consume today are being produced or prepared by companies owned and operated by larger companies that have direct ties to the pharmaceutical corporations. It’s pretty apparent that the larger parent corporations don’t want to get rid of the diseases they are already profiting from. Is it possible they want to create more diseases? Is it also possible these corporations are responsible for the current plagues already terrorizing humanity? In my considered opinion, I feel there’s a good possibility that many of the diseases, challenging our species, have been designed and purposely unleashed on society, through vaccines, so that multinational companies can earn large profits for years to come.

In addition, the giant corporations, in question are either directly or indirectly responsible for genetically modifying our foods. When you visit a supermarket, it’s almost impossible to find products that have not been compromised or at a minimum laced with artificial sweeteners, MSG, etc. Many scientists are convinced such substances are toxic and making people increasingly ill.

Readers need to understand that the pharmaceutical industry generates billions of dollars in profits on an annual basis. The various foundations organizing walkathons and other public events, in order to secure donations, are an important component of keeping the lucrative disease campaigns alive. The funds the, so called, altruistic organizations collect are used to make sure the diseases, in question, are never eliminated. Each disease is a cash cow and petrochemical companies have little desire to develop a cure, through research they’re paying for, that would, ultimately, put them out of business.

2014: The End of Fiat Currencies Worldwide?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


There is literally too much to write about concerning global happenings taking place on our little, blue planet. The different subjects that regularly affect our lives on a daily basis are so diverse in appearance; it is often quite difficult for most individuals to make sense out of everything taking place. The mainstream media’s (MSM) delivery of news and world events is intentionally presented in such a way in order to obfuscate the interconnectedness of everything currently taking place. They do not want people to see the bigger picture.

There are so called experts attempting to make sense out of every genre that contributes to the fabric of human, perceived reality. Whether it is science, religion, healthcare, economics, politics, war, or terrorism, people are writing and speaking about important subjects without connecting the dots. While everything happening in the world appears to the masses as being unrelated and isolated events, the reality of the situation is that the really big news events regularly being reported on by the MSM are directly related. By studying world events and comprehending the interconnectedness of world happenings, it becomes very easy to predict what will happen in various genres/subjects that concern human beings.

Within the next few weeks or months, I believe we will witness an historic meltdown in the world’s financial markets and global economy. This is a byproduct of the endgame of many fiat currencies that can no longer function the way they were designed to. What can we expect? I think we can expect a large drop in the financial markets all over the world. I think we can expect a surge in precious metal prices like never before. What is about to occur in 2014 will probably make the 2008 financial meltdown look insignificant.

Readers might think I am out of my mind or even crazy for making a prediction like this one. Maybe my prediction will not come true? I hope I am wrong about all of this. Based on what I have read and what I am observing in the MSM, I had to write this post before this event begins to unfold.

What do you think about this subject?

Do Your Credit Cards Broadcast Your Personal Information to Others?

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at


If you’re like a lot of people, you have probably thought about the risks of identity and credit card theft. Someone can steal your personal information, set up bogus accounts in your name and begin spending your hard earned money. Once your identity has been compromised by a clever thief, you’re left with the arduous tasks of trying to repair your credit and trying to stop future credit and identity problems.

I have had numerous patients, through the years, come into my professional office and tell me that their credit card information had been compromised at a convenience store, gas station, grocery stand, or at an ATM machine. In most situations the individuals never knew that any type of theft had even occurred.

As technology continues to become more complex, the types of crimes continue to become equally complex. Recently, I came across an interesting story that discussed how newer credit cards are capable of broadcasting a radio frequency to merchants that are collecting payments from consumers. Although this is probably a very convenient way to pay for items you are purchasing, it also opens the door for identity thieves to steal your credit card numbers and other important information without you even knowing that your information has been compromised.

Take a look at the video attached to this link. I am interested to know what my readers think about this subject.

What do you have to say about identity theft?

Smartphones: It’s Only a Matter of Time

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at


Did you ever wonder why smart phones or similar electronic devices are not susceptible to computer viruses? Why are laptops and PC’s always targets for computer viruses and your smartphone, which connects to the Internet, is off limits to these malicious programs?

The truth be told, any device that connects to the Internet could be fair game for computer viruses. The people and corporate entities that are profiting from viral programs have not yet focused their creative talents on smartphones and tablets.

It’s only a matter of time, however, before viruses will be written and antiviral products will be produced for the increasingly used smartphones and tablets. It will only be a matter of time before people happily pay for antiviral protective services that will be offered by the telecommunication companies that supply their services.

Remember this article. I am telling you, it is only a matter of time!