The Establishment Versus Donald Trump: What Can’t Be Controlled Will Be Discredited

By Dr. John Reizer

Founder of NoFakeNews

Once again it’s presidential election time here in the United States. While the Democratic party appears poised and very eager to nominate Hillary Clinton as their candidate, the Republican party seems to be in panic mode, trying to decide what to do about anti-establishment personality and GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump.

On the surface, Hillary Clinton seems like a lock for the Democratic nomination. As crazy as that might seem to anyone with two functioning brain cells, many Americans seem to have little or no problem overlooking Mrs. Clinton’s recent legal scandal with regards to nationally classified materials that were exposed on her family’s private email server while she was acting in the capacity as The United States Secretary of State.

Meanwhile, the Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump is being attacked in the mainstream media (MSM) by GOP leaders on a daily basis. The way it’s being presented to the American people is that Mr. Trump, a self-made multibillionaire, is not qualified to be the next President of the United States.

There are claims coming from GOP leaders that Trump is dishonest, a racist, a phony, and a fraud. 2012 Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney went on record March 3, 2016 stating that Donald Trump will threaten the future of America. As of this writing, fellow Republican candidates, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio do not seem to be focused on their own presidential campaigns. Instead, they continue to focus on what they perceive are Mr. Trump’s shortcomings in nationally televised Republican debates.

There is a huge question that has to be answered in my mind. Is Donald Trump the real deal or is he just another puppet being disingenuously paraded around by the powers that be and made to look like an anti-establishment candidate that represents a theoretical change for many citizens that are mad as hell at current Washington politics? Is all this noise coming from the Republicans just another theatrical performance designed to fool a very gullible American public?

At face value, Donald Trump appears to be quite real. He has already made public remarks that probably scare the hell out of the establishment. For example, Trump has stated in a public forum that he wants to get behind the truth movement concerning September 11, 2001. He has also stated that he believes vaccines might be linked to autism. Many people might not think those two subjects are of great significance in the grand scheme of things, but in reality they are very important to the powers that be.

Another very disturbing scenario that seems to be taking place is the GOP leadership’s disrespect for the democratic process and more specifically, the American voters that have been screaming for the Donald. Despite widespread support for Mr. Trump that continues to become more and more evident with each Trump victory in state primaries, many GOP leaders are calling for Donald Trump to be disqualified or blocked from becoming the Republican nominee.

On the Democratic side of things, party members have to ask another important question. How can the American people trust a candidate like Hillary Clinton as a commander-in-chief when she has already failed in her current appointed position, as Secretary of State, to protect nationally classified information that was vital to the security and well being of the United States of America?

All of the current happenings have come to fruition because of two simple facts. Whatever and whoever the establishment can control, it promotes and whatever and whoever the establishment cannot control, it discredits.

Stay tuned for more in the days and weeks to follow.