What’s Wrong with the Covid-19 Narrative? (Many Things)

Dr. John Reizer

Way back in October 2019, there was a simulated exercise called Event 201 that was sponsored by the World Economic Forum (the group calling for a global reset), The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (the group calling for mandated coronaviruses and immunity certificates), and Johns Hopkins University (the institution that is knee-deep in providing statistics and other important data about the current world health crisis to government agencies.

Event 201 was a simulated world pandemic initiated by a fictitious novel coronavirus that caused upper respiratory distress in human beings.

If you are a regular visitor to NoFakeNews, you are well aware of this exercise as I have written extensively about the drill. If you are not familiar with Event 201, I would highly suggest you get to work and begin reading about this subject.

Event 201, for all intents and purposes, was the final dress rehearsal for the Covid-19 scam that was written in a studio by science fiction writers and unleashed on the world in January 2020.

Long story short — Covid-19 is a fake virus that has never been properly isolated by real scientists. Instead, the nonexistent virus was computer assembled/modeled and pushed into the public domain by a world governing construct that wanted to advance a pre-planned agenda that would forever change the way human beings react to infectious diseases.

The only way to give a fake, nonexistent virus legs is to arm the scientific community with an arsenal of rigged diagnostic test kits capable of registering massive amounts of false-positive case numbers worldwide.

Case numbers are the lifeblood of any pandemic. Without registered and authentic case numbers, there can be no virus and no world pandemic. That little problem was overcome by introducing a Covid-19 PCR test that doesn’t test for the sars-cov-2 (Covid-19) virus. It tests positive when it encounters commonly found genetic materials in all human beings that are then over-amplified in the lab test development process. Basically, the labs are unknowingly cooking the results desired by the architects of the plandemic without even understanding that is what they have been doing all along.

What’s the Endgame?

A world plandemic such as Covid-19 can reshape the entire world for the few who control the many on many different levels.

From a psychological standpoint, the global population will never be the same again. Permanent deep psychological scars have afflicted most people in the world.

From a physiological perspective, people’s immunity has been compromised by being locked down and quarantined. Self-isolation, boredom, and loss of one’s occupation are cumulative things that can cause severe prolonged depression and lead to harmful physiological changes in human beings.

From an economic standpoint, a global reset will transfer the world’s wealth to the super-rich and place the middle-class into a position of poverty.

From the beginning of this manufactured crisis, so-called health experts have been vacillating back and forth — telling people that face masks are useless or the saving grace when it comes to mitigating the spread of Covid-19.

From the beginning of this manufactured crisis, so-called health experts have explained that a life-saving vaccine was years away. The medical experts went on the record and told the gullible public that medical science (an oxymoron) couldn’t put together a vaccine for Covid-19 in a matter of months. Then, out of nowhere, medical science pulled a successful coronavirus vaccine out of their arses in a matter of months, and it is being touted by the experts as being safe and effective.

I understand that the general population, for the most part, is comprised of incredibly ignorant sheep, but even sheep should recognize the fiction present throughout the official Covid-19 narrative.

The vaccine that will soon be administered to the general population is designed to permanently alter the human genome. This means that the genetic blueprint that gives humanity its full phenotypical expression will be forever changed, and those changes will be passed on to future generations.

All of the draconian policies being handed down worldwide and the creation of a genetic-altering vaccine have been brought to fruition because of an alleged cold virus that has more than a 99 percent successful recovery rate according to the official narrative throughout the entire population.



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One thought on “What’s Wrong with the Covid-19 Narrative? (Many Things)

  1. tim November 19, 2020 / 10:39 am

    Even “THEY” know, a forced vaccine would be a disaster. At this stage, many are waking to the truth, and are seeing through the MSM and the 1%’s lies and propaganda. More are taking the red pill.

    It looks like they believe that 83% of the world population will VOLUNTARILY take the vaccines ? That may wipe out 80% of the world population. Just what they want. The 1% are looking for smart slaves who are not dumb enough to be injected by their poison . The 20% of the population that will be left when the smoke clears will be the perfect slaves for the 1%. Maybe, maybe not. (yes I’m talking about us, IMHO 🙂

    Top Virologist: ‘Worst Thing You Can Do Is Make the Vaccine Compulsory’https://newspunch.com/top-virologist-worst-thing-you-can-do-is-make-the-vaccine-compulsory/
    On Tuesday it was revealed that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has now proved to be 95% effective in preventing coronavirus and will be submitted for emergency authorization within days.

    Governments across the world are now considering how to entice their populations to take the vaccine and how to deal with the millions of people who will refuse to take it.

    According to virologist Marc Van Ranst, it would be a really bad idea for authorities to make the vaccine compulsory.

    “The worst thing you can do is make the vaccine compulsory,” Van Ranst told VRT News.

    “That’s fuel to the anti-vaccine movement, as it’s what they’ve been warning about for years. It would send a very bad signal,” he warned.
    Summit.news reports: The virologist points out that if a majority of the population receives the vaccine, the roughly 17 percent who refuse to take it “is not a problem.”

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