Do you know the difference between approved and authorized COVID-19 vaccines?

Dr. John Reizer

You might have noticed in the past that I often publish articles that discuss the same or similar subjects.

It’s not by accident but rather by design that many of my articles have repetitive content. It takes the average person several times of hearing or reading something before being able to comprehend the concept.

Subjects that I believe are important enough for readers to know are given more attention than others on this platform.

One such subject that I have been writing about over and over again is the deceptive terminology used by government regulatory agencies like the FDA and CDC. These two agencies are obfuscating the truth about the COVID-19 vaccines and making it seem like the medicinal products have been thoroughly tested, examined, and found to be safe for human beings. That is a lie!

Since the very beginning of the COVID-19 hoax, the architects of the plandemic have worked hard to make it appear both on paper and in real life that a menacing infectious disease process was terrorizing the global population.

COVID-19 is pure bullshit. There’s no virus to be found and the one reported to be responsible for killing millions of people in the past two-plus years has never been isolated by real scientists using genuine scientific research protocols.

The psychopath eugenicists decided decades ago to thin the population and modify the human genome into something completely different from what it once was. These monsters developed a drug technology that could systematically accomplish their diabolical objectives.

Over several decades the vaccines have been tested, tweaked, and perfected. Truth be told, it’s inaccurate for me to write that the products are experimental. The drug designers have perfected their concoctions so that they are effective in killing and sterilizing unsuspecting victims. In that sense, the bioweapons disguised as vaccines are not experimental. The drugs perform their intended results as designed.

Covid-19 vaccines are promoted and administered to the gullible public as life-saving drugs that minimize the effects of a nonexistent upper respiratory disease. In this respect, the products must be considered experimental.

It is against the US and other territorial laws for experimental drugs to be administered to the public unless the experimental products are made available during a declared pandemic. In that case, the different health regulatory agencies worldwide can authorize the administration of said products to health care consumers.

Because hundreds of millions of false-positive COVID-19 cases were created out of thin air by a rigged PCR diagnostic tool, the words “world pandemic” were used by all governments to describe a fake infectious disease, and this fact alone allowed for the COVID-19 vaccines to be authorized but not approved for regular distribution.

The FDA, CDC, Joe Biden, and mainstream media routinely promote and market COVID-19 vaccines as being safe for the public.

The CDC and other government websites have written content on their platforms that makes it seem as if the COVID vaccines have been thoroughly tested and found to be safe. The US government wants its citizens to buy the bullshit that the COVID vaccines were able to gain regulatory approval because the usual red tape normally encountered by drugmakers was removed by the government because of the dire need to get the vaccine products to the marketplace.

The COVID-19 vaccines are experimental drugs that are not licensed or approved by the FDA. These products are only authorized by the FDA for emergency use because of the fake pandemic.


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