Joe Biden’s Plan to Conquer the Plandemic

By Dr. John Reizer

President-Elect Joe Biden’s top priority is to conquer sars-cov-2 (COVID-19). If you haven’t been paying attention, Joe’s campaign to become America’s commander-in-chief was largely predicated on Donald Trump’s mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis.

Beginning immediately, the Biden team will begin assembling a new coronavirus task force. People like Dr. Anthony Fauci and other infectious disease geniuses will be handing down more draconian directives. Things we will see soon include mandatory diagnostic testing, extensive contact tracing programs, more lockdowns, isolation camps, mask mandates, and forced vaccination schedules.

The plandemic’s architects have no political resistance in front of them for the foreseeable future. Dr. Fauci and his colleagues will no longer be marginalized by a presidential puppet who from time to time, liked to assert his own opinions concerning the COVID-19 operation.

Now that face mask Joe has been inserted as the president-elect, the plandemic and the destruction of the US economy can move ahead as was planned long ago.

Unless the American public gets a clue real fast, dark times are coming. Now is not the time to acquiesce to the harsh directives forthcoming. Americans must stop being afraid of a fake cold virus. The official narrative was written by gifted writers to steal people’s freedoms in broad daylight.

Nothing the American government or any other sovereign governing body rolls out in the way of draconian policies has any chance of being enforced unless citizens acquiesce and allow the orders to have teeth.

Wake up and stand firm, Americans. Refuse to wear a mask and refuse to be mindless sheep that cannot think critically.

Will you join me?



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POTUS – “If We Stopped Testing Now, We’d Have Very Few Cases, Actually”

By Dr. John Reizer

According to President Donald J. Trump, “If we stopped testing now, we’d have very few cases, actually.”

The mainstream media companies are running wild with this latest quote from the commander in chief, no doubt poking fun at the POTUS, trying to continually marginalize the CEO of the biggest corporation in the world. But what Mr. Trump has stated for the record is the absolute truth.

Covid-19 is a fraud of epic proportions. It ranks right up there with some of the other psyops that the powers that be have unleashed on society throughout the years, but unlike some of the other false flags we have had to endure, the current fakery has directly interrupted the lives of nearly every person on the planet.

I agree entirely with Mr. Trump and have written my opinions concerning coronavirus testing on this website numerous times. I believe that testing should be stopped immediately.

What are the benefits associated with testing hundreds of millions of people with lab test kits that are known to report false-positive results? The flawed test results don’t benefit the people getting tested. The only thing the mass testing of the American population will accomplish is to fraudulently pad the number of COVID-19 cases being reported. This is exactly what the CDC and WHO want.

The more case numbers recorded, the better it becomes for big pharma and the vaccine makers’ agenda. It’s important to understand that three essential components are fueling the fraud known as COVID-19:

1. Unreliable lab test results derived from test kits that are sensitive to other coronavirus strains present in the general population.

2. The intentional misreporting of other illnesses as COVID-19 cases by healthcare workers and other medical personnel.

3. The mainstream media’s constant coverage of the pandemic that is promoting fear-mongering and plenty of disinformation to the general population.

The coronavirus pandemic is a first-class psyop agenda that was designed to attain specific goals:

1. Disrupt the ebb and flow of society worldwide.

2. Destroy world economies.

3. Get as many people as possible on the vaccine train for COVID-19 and other intellectual properties owned by big pharma.

4. Create constant fear and anxiety in the general population.

If we removed today all the false-positive lab results, the ridiculous presumptive positive results, and the misreporting of other illnesses as Covid-19  cases, the coronavirus numbers would freefall back to earth statistically speaking. And the mainstream media would have nothing to report on concerning the disease.

Although Mr. Trump’s quoted statement might be loaded with plenty of clickbait for the mainstream media’s presstitutes, the truthfulness of his comment is undeniable. All covid-19 testing should be stopped immediately. This action would put an end to the reporting of flawed statistics that have been breathing life into the fake pandemic since it was introduced by its world governing architects months ago.