Artificial Intelligence, Aerospace Technology, And Other Fairy Tales

Dr. John Reizer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fascinating subject that people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk claim might one day kill all of us (if vaccines do not take us out first).

I must be honest with readers; I am not a computer-savvy guy, and my understanding of computer programming is rudimentary at best. Although I might lack the technical knowledge associated with computer programming, I have a keen nose when it comes to sniffing out BS about amazing technologies that are supposedly being developed or have previously been developed and are mysteriously being kept hidden under lock and key.

I recently listened to an interview with Elon Musk. He basically said that the AI programs currently in existence are learning at such a rapid speed, the programmers do not know how to stop the learning process once it begins. He also alluded to the idea that eventually, AI would become so dangerously intelligent, machinery might possibly take over the world. Musk thinks AI is more dangerous than nuclear weapons. He might be completely accurate when making that claim, as I will explain later in this post.

There are others out there also claiming similar scenarios — that AI programs will ruin humanity. Is this scenario possible? Can computers and their related programs perform cognitive functions like a human brain? Are they capable of becoming smarter than their programmers? In other words, can computer programs perform the same functions exhibited by the human mind — functions that involve neurological precision and can ultimately lead to the creation of memories, sensory perception, imagery awareness, thinking, and finally, a capacity for judgment?

I believe AI has been fleshed out in our minds through the science fiction plots we encounter on Netflix and other movie platforms. The idea that there will be some technological apocalypse in the future is more Hollywood propaganda than anything else, in my opinion.

AI is something that Musk, Gates, and others are trying to sell as an imaginary technology of the future that needs to be feared. I believe this idea is pure fantasy and anchored more in human imagination than any real-world technology.

I believe that machines with sophisticated computer programs can be “taught” to learn specific patterns and, under the supervision of its designers and within the construct of its programs, might be able to consistently simulate what appears to be a rudimentary form of learning. But I must believe that machines’ learning curves will always be dependent on their human programmers’ intelligence.

Anyone who pretends computers are intelligent and will learn like the human mind obviously has no idea what intelligence really is or what requirements are necessary for intelligence to be expressed through the parameters of physical, living beings.

If Bill Gates is telling me that I should fear AI, I am not worried about the technology becoming a threat to humanity. Remember, this is the same con-artist trying to convince seven and a half billion people to take a toxic Covid-19 vaccine.

As far as Elon Musk is concerned, I have strong suspicions that he, like Gates, and many other technocrats, is a frontman for the controlling powers. The giveaway for me is his rise and prominence within the aerospace industry. SpaceX is being touted as the next fantastic aerospace company. The private sector is now performing the fakery NASA did priorly.

SpaceX will take us back to the Moon and then onto Mars in the future. Sure, it will, just as NASA took astronauts to the Moon with Apollo over fifty years ago in spacecraft that were bolted together like garbage dumpsters. The Apollo missions magically made it through the Van Allen Belts five decades ago, and then our space agency lost the plans and schematics to those technologies.

We are supposed to believe that NASA lost the blueprints and knowledge to get through the Van Allen Belts and go to the Moon. NASA claims they have had to start from scratch. That is why we have never had deep space missions again after Apollo until Artemis allegedly flew an uncrewed mission around the Moon last year.

That is why our space agency commenced the Space Shuttle program; they wanted to figure out how to get humans through the Thermosphere and the Van Allen Belts.

So, now Elon Musk and SpaceX are charged with doing what NASA has never done, in my opinion. Call me crazy, call me a conspiracy theorist, I am convinced that we never went to the Moon with Apollo.It is one of those amazing technologies that we allegedly mastered long ago and have not been able to replicate in quite a while.

At this point, cognitive dissonance floods the brains of most people. They cannot handle the idea that astronauts did not go to the Moon. “But why would they lie to us about going to the moon?” a good friend of mine recently asked me. I explained, “The same reason they lie to us about the existence of nuclear weapons and sars-cov-2; it gives the controlling powers plenty of leverage and control over certain sovereign territories and the general population.”

When Elon Musk states that he believes AI is more dangerous than nuclear weapons, I believe him. I do not think the nukes are real. It is just another one of those technologies that were showcased long ago and never heard from again. I will not go into all the details about the nuclear weapons hoax in this post because I have an entire page dedicated to the subject on NoFakeNews.

If the US Government has given Elon Musk and SpaceX their blessing to take over and run the rocket launches that will escort American astronauts to the ISS, he knows the profound, dark secret that Apollo never took a man to the Moon. The US government would have had to be honest with him, letting his aerospace company know what they are ultimately up against.

If Elon Musk were not a frontman for the US Government, his company would not have been chosen to be the outfit shooting rockets off Florida’s space coast.

AI, aerospace, nuclear, and medical technologies are not what they appear to be. It will be hard for people to grab hold of all this, and perhaps this is where some folks will get off the merry-go-round. We live in the Matrix, my friends, and once you swallow the red pill and see the world for what it is, there is absolutely no way to unsee what has been revealed. Many psyops have been unleashed on the global community throughout the years — COVID-19 is only the most recent one!

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Avatars in a virtual reality game can never outsmart their game master. We human beings are living inside a simulation, and the psychos who believe that they can hijack the Earth game’s genetic codes and take control of the show from the Vast Intelligence that designed the playing field are fighting a losing battle. The elite will never be successful in accomplishing their diabolical agendas.


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Elon Musk is an Athiest but he believes in intelligent design

Dr. John Reizer

I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast last evening with Elon Musk. Rogan asked Musk at one point if he believed that there was more than one universe in existence. Rogan wanted to know if Musk subscribed to the idea that there might be multiple universes existing simultaneously — the multiverse theory.

Elon Musk paused for a few seconds before telling the host he believes there are multiple simulations taking place at the same time.

Musk believes that “reality” as we perceive it in our conscious mind is a virtual reality computer simulation.

I agree with Musk and have believed the same thing for several decades. Presently, I am more convinced of the simulation theory than at any other time in my current life.

Musk’s view of the world demonstrates his belief in intelligent design and that there is a prime Creator or multiple creators behind the scenes because, let’s face facts, simulations aren’t put together by accident.

Because a person rejects formalized religious beliefs about an all-judging God doesn’t mean that the individual believes life on Earth happened by accident.

I think this is why technocrats and people like Musk want to invest time and energy into perfecting AI technologies. Musk and others believe it is possible to hijack the simulation from the designer/Creator.

The few who control the many have figured out how to access and alter the computer simulation codes running the Earth game.

AI is a situation where the Avatars in a running game or program can learn and become smarter than what the original programming instructions allow.

If human beings are avatars within a grand simulation, we might be the greatest example of AI. Human beings might be tinkering with the game codes that make up our perception of reality.


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Hacking God To Create Software-Based Humans – The Singularity Series – Part 7

By Ashley Hayes

My notes taken from Ray Kurzweil’s 2005 book, The Singularity Is Near-When Humans Transcend Biology, continue below.  My personal observations and input appear in brackets, and I have emphasized certain statements in bold.

If you haven’t yet read the first six parts of The Singularity Cabal Series here at NoFakeNews, I encourage you to do so.  There, as here, you will encounter an arrogance that defies your wildest imagination; verbatim notes taken from a man who wants to control your fate and alter your very cycle of life; who feels God fell short, and that he and his cohorts can do better by embedding technology in your body and brain.  You, apparently, get no say in the matter.

As many have reported, Kurzweil can’t fathom (or pretends to not be able to fathom) that bad actors will use remote access to humans to commit mass harm. He
feels his desired “upgrade” of humanity should be universally welcomed, and considers those appalled by his depravity “luddites.”

As with the previously published notes, I am quoting directly, lest anyone attempt to label this disinformation.

P. 323 – Most of the readers of this book are likely to be around to experience the Singularity.

P. 324 – [Brain uploading/porting] involves scanning a human brain (most likely from within), capturing all of the salient details, and reinstating the brain’s state in a different — most likely much more powerful — computational substrate. This will be a feasible procedure and will happen most likely around the late 2030’s. But . . . I envision the transition to non- biological thinking will be a slippery slope, but one on which we have already started. We will continue to have human bodies, but they will become morphable projections of our intelligence. In other words, once we have incorporated molecular nanotechnology (MNT) fabrication into ourselves, we will be able to create and re-create different bodies at will.

[Considering this was written in 2005, after much of this technology was well underway, and already being implemented in ways unknown to the general public, I have zero doubt that in 2022, MNT incorporation enabling body morphing is already happening, utilized by those in possession of this technology.]

P. 325 – Currently, when our human hardware crashes, the software of our lives — our personal “mind file” — dies with it. However this will not continue to be the case (as we’ll be able to store and restore the thousands of trillions of bytes of info represented in the patterns that we call our brains, together with the rest of our nervous system, endocrine system, and other structures that our mind file comprises).

At that point the longevity of one’s mind file will not depend on the continued viability of any particular hardware medium (for example, the survival of a biological body and brain).

Ultimately, software-based humans will be vastly extended beyond the severe limitations of humans as we know them today.   They will live out on the Web, projecting bodies whenever they need or want them,  including virtual bodies in diverse realms of virtual reality,  holographically- projected bodies, foglet-projecting bodies and physical bodies comprising nanobot swarms and other forms of nanotechnology.

By the middle of the 21st century, humans will be able to expand their thinking without limit.   This is a form of immortality (which can be attained) if we’re diligent in maintaining our mindfile, making frequent backups,  and porting to current formats and mediums.

.. . . [I]t will be the pattern of a software human that persists and develops and slowly alters.

A “software human[?]”  One may ask,  “Is that still me?”

[These questions] will have to be confronted as vital, practical, political,  and legal issues.

A related question:  Is death desirable?  The “inevitability” of death is deeply ingrained in human thinking.  If death seems unavoidable,  we have little choice but to rationalize it as necessary,  even ennobling.  The technology of the Singularity will provide practical and accessible means for humans to evolve into something greater,  so we will no longer need to rationalize  death as a primary means of giving meaning to life.

P. 329 – [W]e will ultimately be able to access, permanently archive,  as well as understand,  the thousands of trillions of bytes of information (memories,  skills,  etc. ) we have tucked away in each of our brains.

[P]hilosophical issues will arise,  such as] Is that really me or rather someone else who just happens to have mastered all my thoughts and knowledge?

.. . . The only way that my [brain] archive [or any other information bar] can remain viable is if it is continually upgraded and ported to the latest hardware and software standards.

Information will require constant maintenance and support to remain “alive.

P. 331 – I am one of five members of the Army Science Advisory Group (ASAG).

The DOD’s “transformation” process [is] highly responsive,  network-centric, capable of swift decision, superior in all echelons,  and [able to provide] overwhelming massed effects across any battle space. . . . Future Combat Systems (FCS) [by 2020] [will be] smaller, lighter,  faster,  more lethal,  and smarter.

P. 332 – A new material has been developed . . . Kevlar with silica nanoparticles suspended in polyethylene glycol.   The material is flexible in normal use,  but when stressed it instantly forms an impenetrable mass that is stab resistant.

The army’s Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies at MIT is developing a nanotechnology-based material called “exomuscle” to enable combatants to greatly increase their physical strength when manipulating heavy equipment.

.. . . [U]nmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) the size of . . . birds [and] bumblebees are envisioned . . . capable of performing both reconnaissance and combat missions.  [In 2022, this has long been done.]

PP. 332-333 – At the core of FCS is a self- organizing,  highly-distributable communications network [which] will also be applied to infiltrate, disrupt,  confuse or destroy enemy communications through both electronic means and cyber-warfare using software pathogens. [Of course, this can be — and has been — used against civilians, as well.]

The FCI is not a one- shot program; it represents a pervasive focus of military systems towards remotely guided,  autonomous, miniaturized,  and robotic systems,  combined with robust,  self-organizing,  distributed and secure communications.

P. 333 – The US Joint Forces commands Alpha (responsible for accelerating ideas throughout the armed services) envisions a 2025 fighting force that is “largely robotic,” incorporating tactical autonomous communications (TAC’s) that have some level of autonomy or full autonomy . . . One [being] developed by NASA with military applications envisioned is in the form of a snake.

.. . . [C]ontributing to the 2020s concept of self-organizing swarms of small robots is the Autonomous Intelligent Network and Systems (AINS) program of the Office of the Naval Research, which envisions a drone army of unmanned, autonomous robots in the water, on the ground, and in the air. The swarms will have human commanders with decentralized command and control and what project-head Allen Moshfegh calls an (bold)”impregnable Internet in the sky.” (unbold)

P. 334 – Another trend is to move personnel away . . . [and allow] humans to drive and pilot systems remotely.

.. . . [General] Tommy Franks conducted the war in Afghanistan from his bunker in Qatar.

.. . . DARPA is developing . . . smart dust — complex sensor systems not much bigger than a pinhead. . . .[S]warms of millions of these devices could be dropped into enemy territory to provide highly detailed surveillance and ultimately support offensive warfare missions (for example, releasing nanoweapons).

Want to find a key enemy? Need to locate hidden weapons? Massive numbers of essentially (bold) invisible spies (unbold) could monitor every square inch of enemy territory, identify every person (through thermal and electromagnetic imaging . . . and other means) and every weapon and even carry out missions to destroy enemy targets.

[I’ve written about smart dust here before, but I want to add that I have no doubt — and many stories to support my stance — that smart dust, and other nanotechnology, has been used for many years in the homes, cars, and surroundings of individuals who are targeted by those connected to the fusion centers. Targeted citizens have their privacy invaded in ways literally no different than those shown in the movie, (italics) The Truman Show (end italics), and DOD whistleblowers have long said they placed audio- and visual-recording devices throughout targeted citizens’ homes and private property. My personal experience would bear this out. However, the thing with invisible spying devices is, well, they’re invisible. Anyone entering your home could put them there quite easily. They’re also something the general public has no idea even exists, nor what they’re capable of. It’s new territory, with little-known technology that’s been around for decades, incrementally being spread throughout our nation. It’s unprecedented. But it’s real. It’s also perverted and despicable.]

Nanoweapons. The next step beyond smart dust will be nanotechnology- based weapons. The only way for an enemy to counteract such a massively distributed force will be with its own nanotechnology. In addition, enhancing nanodevices with the ability to self-replicate will extend their capabilities but induce grave dangers [a subject addressed later].

Nanotechnology is already being applied . . . smart materials that can restructure themselves for different situations, self- healing materials, [etc.].

Smart weapons [including] . . . bullets [that have] intelligence is another military objective . . . [as are] weapons . . . with autonomous control. Once machine intelligence catches up with biological human intelligence, many more systems will be fully autonomous.

Virtual Reality (“VR”) [is] already in use to control remotely-guided systems such as the USAF’s Armed Predator UAV . . . Human commanders in charge of swarm weapons will also need specialized virtual-reality environments to envision the complex information that these distributed systems are collecting.

By the late 2030s and 2040s, as we approach human body version 3.0 and the predominance of non-biological intelligence, the issue of cyber-warfare will move to center stage. When everything is information, the ability to control your own information and disrupt your enemy’s communication, command, and control will be a primary determinant of military success.

Learning. . . . The nature of education when we merge with non-biological intelligence. We will then have the ability to download knowledge and skills, at least into the non-biological portion of our intelligence. We don’t yet [in 2005] have communication parts [comparable to computers] in our biological brains to quickly download the right patterns (the software). . . the interneuronal connection and neurotransmitter patterns that represent our learning. That is one of many profound limitations of the biological paradigm [God-given abilities] we now use for our thinking, a limitation we will overcome in the Singularity.

.. . . Given the enormous wealth-creation potential of [Genetics, Nanotechnology, Robotics] GNR0 technologies, we will see the underclass largely disappear over the next two to three decades (by the mid 2020s and 2030s) . . . These developments are likely to be met with increasing fundamentalist and Luddite reaction to the accelerating pace of change.

Intellectual Property. If the primary value of products and services resides in their information, then the protection of those information rights will be crucial in supporting the business models that provide the capital to fund the creation of valuable information.

P. 340 – [W]e will have full immersion virtual reality early in the [2010s, therefore] every industry will continually reinvent its business models,  which will require as much creativity as the creation of the IP [Intellectual Property] itself.

The advent of the nanoengineered fuel cell and solar power will enable energy resources to be massively distributed and integrated into our infrastructure.   MNT manufacturing will be highly distributed using inexpensive nanofabrication mini factories.  The ability to do nearly anything with anyone from anywhere in any virtual reality environment will make obsolete the centralized technologies of office buildings and cities.

With version 3.0 bodies able to morph into different forms at will and our largely non-biological brains no longer constrained to the limited architecture that biology

[/God]has bestowed on us, the question of (bold) what is human will undergo intensive examination.  (Bold) Each transformation described here does not represent a sudden leap lost [but] rather a (underline) sequence of many small steps.(end underline,  end bold)

[Based on evidence and other reporting, I believe these transformations are being implemented via injections, boosters, food, water, chemtrails, rain, etc.  There are multiple avenues these self-proclaimed gods are using to secretly imbed the nanotechnology required for these transformations.]

[As with the implementation of in vitro fetilization, I anticipate the change to be] controversial at first, but quickly . . . accepted.  On the other hand,  change will always produce fundamentalist and Luddite counter-actions, which will intensify as the pace [of transformation] increases. 

P. 341 – [B]y the late 2020s [virtual reality] environments will be indistinguishable from real reality and will involve all the senses,  as well as neurological correlations of our emotions.   As we enter the 2030s, there won’t be clear distinctions between human and machine,  between real and virtual reality,  or between work and play.

P. 353 – [The potential to engineer around the limits of the speed of light] has important implications for the speed with which we will be able to colonize the rest of the universe.

P. 356 – [R]efinements . . . might even allow humans to travel through wormholes [folds of the universe in dimensions beyond the three visible ones.

P. 359 – If the cosmological constant,  the Planck constant and the many other constants of physics were set to just slightly different values,  atoms,  molecules,  stars, planets,  organisms and humans would have been impossible.   The universe [/God] appears to have exactly the right rules and constants.

P. 361 – Intelligence as the Destiny of the Universe – In (italics) The Age of Spiritual Machines,(end italics), I [proposed] that intelligence would ultimately permeate the universe and would decide the destiny of the cosmos.

[Intelligence, I believe] will prove more powerful than [God] . . . In my view, . . . (Begin bold) the fate of the universe is a decision yet to be made,  one which (begin underline) we will intelligently consider (end underline) when the time is right.(end bold)

P. 362 – Intelligence [is] the most important phenomenon in the universe.

P. 363 – Prior to Stephen Hawking’s analysis it was thought that black holes were,  well, black; with his insight we realized that they actually give off a continual shower of energetic particles.

P. 364 – Optimizing black hole production and . . . optimizing intelligence are one and the same.

.. . . [I]ntelligence is more powerful than . . . physics [or] cosmology.   That is, once matter evolves into smart matter [matter fully saturated with intelligent processes] it can manipulate other matter and energy to do its bidding (through suitably powerful engineering).  This perspective is not generally considered in discussions of future cosmology.  It is assumed that intelligence is irrelevant to events and processes on a cosmological scale.

Once a planet yields a technology-creating species and that species creates computation (as has happened here), it is only a matter of a few centuries before its intelligence saturates the matter and energy in its vicinity, and it begins to expand outward at at least the speed of light (with some suggestions of circumventing this limit.).  Such a civilization will overcome gravity (through exquisite and vast technology) and other cosmological forces — or, to be fully accurate,  it will maneuver and control these forces — and engineer the universe it wants.   That is the Singularity.

Even if we are limited to the one universe we already know about, saturating its matter and energy with intelligence is our ultimate fate. What kind of universe will that be?  Well, just wait and see.

[To be continued . . .]


Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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