Elon Musk is an Athiest but he believes in intelligent design

Dr. John Reizer

I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast last evening with Elon Musk. Rogan asked Musk at one point if he believed that there was more than one universe in existence. Rogan wanted to know if Musk subscribed to the idea that there might be multiple universes existing simultaneously — the multiverse theory.

Elon Musk paused for a few seconds before telling the host he believes there are multiple simulations taking place at the same time.

Musk believes that “reality” as we perceive it in our conscious mind is a virtual reality computer simulation.

I agree with Musk and have believed the same thing for several decades. Presently, I am more convinced of the simulation theory than at any other time in my current life.

Musk’s view of the world demonstrates his belief in intelligent design and that there is a prime Creator or multiple creators behind the scenes because, let’s face facts, simulations aren’t put together by accident.

Because a person rejects formalized religious beliefs about an all-judging God doesn’t mean that the individual believes life on Earth happened by accident.

I think this is why technocrats and people like Musk want to invest time and energy into perfecting AI technologies. Musk and others believe it is possible to hijack the simulation from the designer/Creator.

The few who control the many have figured out how to access and alter the computer simulation codes running the Earth game.

AI is a situation where the Avatars in a running game or program can learn and become smarter than what the original programming instructions allow.

If human beings are avatars within a grand simulation, we might be the greatest example of AI. Human beings might be tinkering with the game codes that make up our perception of reality.


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