Introducing the NoFakeNews BitChute Channel

Dr. John Reizer

I created a BitChute channel several months ago but have not used the medium in conjunction with the NoFakeNews website that often. As of this writing, I only have two posted videos on the channel. However, with more and more global censorship being implemented each day by different social media and Internet platforms, I have decided that having a working medium, like BitChute, to bring to light certain informational pieces might be of significant value moving forward.

A few days ago, I was interviewed (had a pretty intense discussion) by the investigative journalist, Ramola D. During the process of recording the hour-long conversation, we were continually bullied by cyberhacking. I didn’t realize we were being attacked at the time of the interview. Still, after researching my Internet connectivity, I have concluded that cyberhacking is the only logical explanation for what happened.

Whether it is electronic interference while trying to create news content or the outright removal of finished works by Facebook,  YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other similar platforms — there is undoubtedly a concerted effort by a consortium of communication companies to drastically impede the free speech of citizens worldwide.

In my opinion, it would benefit everyday citizens to discontinue using the services of Facebook, YouTube, and any other platforms that continue to limit free speech. The aforementioned corporations are collectively engaged in a global genocidal plot to cull the human population through a massive censorship campaign. They are all partners and complicity involved in harming humanity as a whole. I also believe these companies are directly influenced or controlled by a world governing construct that is not in plain sight.

If you have an opportunity to do so, please consider registering with an account on BitChute and subscribe to the NoFakeNews channel. In the future, when it becomes necessary to do so, I plan on using this medium to keep people up to date on important current events. If you are subscribed to our channel, you will be notified of new publications and postings.

As always, I thank all of our visitors for being a part of this website and providing feedback to me concerning the different topics I write about.


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4 thoughts on “Introducing the NoFakeNews BitChute Channel

  1. tim February 14, 2021 / 11:03 am

    If this site ever goes down then I’ll look for you on bitchute.
    And you have to wonder … why now … ???
    There is something coming up. They are probably going to do a fake alien attack in the future, to create an ‘endless” war against “aliens” that will never end.
    Pentagon: UFO’s Are Real, They’re About to Change Our Lives Forever – Stunning Admission

    • NoFakeNews February 14, 2021 / 6:44 pm

      Thanks for sharing, Tim! 🙂


    • Lisa February 14, 2021 / 2:07 pm

      A courageous and fearless man! If only others will follow suit. I guess time will tell.


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