VAERS Reporting 4,178 US Citizens Dead from COVID-19 Vaccines

I am providing a quick update for readers on the most recent VAERS numbers concerning US deaths stemming from the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. According to the latest numbers, there have been 4,178 deaths reported to VAERS since December 2020 — May 3, 2021.

Some experts estimate that VAERS drastically underreports adverse vaccine reactions and deaths by as much as 99 percent. If those estimates are accurate, America’s actual number of deaths could be nearing a half million people.

There’s no sure way to tell how many people have died. According to one mainstream news source (Tucker Carlson), there have been more adverse reactions, and deaths from these EUA issued drugs than from all other vaccine injuries reported through VAERS in more than a decade.

Why haven’t these products been pulled from distribution? It’s obvious they are not safe for public use and that innocent people are being injured.

–Dr. Reizer


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