Remember, the controlling powers lie about everything!

The United Nations wants people to believe that on November 15th, the world’s population will reach the 8 billion mark.


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Does anyone with two functioning brain cells believe the census numbers reported by the UN? These are the same psychopaths that have been running a global vaccine genocide for the past three years.


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The WHO has No Jurisdiction Over the World!



By Van Robison

The World Health Organization should have no valid control over humanity. The United Nations is anything but United. Human health and well-being are not the property of politics, governing bodies, or corrupt and disingenuous organizations.

The WHO is a tyrannical dictatorship that feeds upon fearmongering and ulterior motives.  Human health and well-being are not now and never have been the property of organizations or person-made institutions.

Human health and well-being are private property.

How did these horrible organizations with no right to control living people get elevated into their current positions? How is it that criminal organizations such as these are perceived to be benevolent by the masses representing the best interest of citizens the world over?




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Covid-19, The World Government, and The New World Order

By Dr. John Reizer

The Covid-19 world pandemic is being used by the powers that be as a means of reaching an end goal — a New World Order.  It’s all part of the United Nations’ master plan of sustainable development, which translated into simpler terms, equates to planetary slavery for the masses that is ultimately run by big corporations.

Concerning the fake coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to remember that a significant tentacle of the United Nations is the World Health Organization, which writes the policies and sets the directives the CDC and other health regulatory agencies are following. There are also a plethora of biotech corporations and pharmaceutical giants inside the mix of corruption taking place.

The United Nations is in the process of implementing strategies that will reeducate (indoctrinate) the world’s children in such a way that they systematically fall in line with and embrace specific goals that have been designed to usher in a completely different looking world.

The strategies I am writing about were created by a think tank that believes there’s a genuine need to deal with a planet that is overpopulated and using up natural resources at a quantity and rate of speed that is considered by experts as being unsustainable.

The goals of the New World Order are to:

  1. Transfer the world’s wealth to the super-rich at the expense of the middle-class.
  2. Increase the numbers of genetically modified crops and foodstuffs to create more deficient nutrition, which will lead to human immunity challenges and more diseases.
  3. Mandate vaccines for every living person on the planet, which will cause the proliferation of diseases around the world.
  4. Brainwash young children to follow NWO ideas and discourage them from critically-thinking about important world issues.
  5. Blur the lines between sexuality and gender identity.
  6. Allow mega-corporations to control the planet’s water supplies.
  7. Create taxes on household goods and limit their availability.
  8. Establish minimum wages for employment opportunities and not reward jobs to the most qualified applicants for specific trades.
  9. Make unnecessary changes to existing infrastructure that will increase taxes and financial burdens on the citizenry worldwide.
  10. Create international trade agreements that are beneficial to big corporations and harmful to individual citizens.
  11. Relocate citizens into large urban communities with heightened security and increased surveillance.
  12. Restrict or limit the use of power and energy consumption and impose penalties on offending citizens.
  13. Create carbon taxes to combat alleged global warming issues.
  14. Create additional licenses and fines for fishermen that exceed published fishing limits.
  15. Limit citizens’ use and enjoyment of natural resources.
  16. Create tracking technology for all citizens and increase the size and density of the police-state already in existence.
  17. Gradually blur the lines of national sovereignty and dissolve individual countries and replace them with world territories.

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The current world pandemic is simply another problem-reaction-solution scenario that has been launched by the powers that be. It’s an attempt to nudge the herd in a pre-determined direction that is necessary to achieve the world government’s ultimate plan of establishing a New World Order.

Yes, there is a MATRIX, and we are living within the construct of its borders.

Are Vaccines Being Used As A Tool In A Mass Sterilization Program?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

“The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary”.

– Initiative for the United Nations ECO-92 EARTH CHARTER


Recently, the Catholic Church accused the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF with sterilizing millions of women through the administration of a tetanus vaccine in the country of Kenya.

Although there were no reported cases of tetanus in the region, a massive vaccination campaign was launched by the WHO and UNICEF under the guise of a potential tetanus outbreak due to recent flooding and severe weather conditions.

Conspiracy theorists have pointed an accusatory finger at vaccine campaigns for the longest time. Many authors have attempted to make a connection between vaccine programs targeting young girls and an increase in infertility problems in certain countries.

One large concern voiced by laypersons and anti vaccine groups is the presence of a mercury laden vaccine ingredient called Thimerosal. Thimerosal is an anti-fungal agent and is often placed in many vaccines. Some independent researchers have written about Thimerosal as a causal factor with regards to infertility problems.

In the current situation playing out in Kenya, the presence of HCG, a pregnancy hormone, was discovered in the tetanus vaccines being administered to young women. The HCG, intentionally placed within the vaccine preparations, causes women to have miscarriages once they become pregnant.

Two obvious questions on the table that need to be answered by the powers that be are whether the WHO and UNICEF are complicit in a mass sterilization campaign in Kenya and other countries?

Both the WHO and UNICEF are United Nations organizations and this opens an entirely new can of worms. Is it possible the United Nations is writing and actively implementing depopulation agendas for certain countries?

What do you think about this subject?

Are Contrails (Chemtrails) and Weather Modification Technology the Real Causes of Global Warming ?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


Have you looked up at the sky lately and noticed anything strange? All those crisscrossing lines of contrails/exhaust plumes that are being produced by jet planes continue to appear above us on a daily basis. It’s getting to the point where the patterns of jet exhaust are so numerous that the earth’s skies are routinely being transformed from deep blue to hazy and dull.

Commercial jets have been flying above us for many years. Why is it that the presence of these strange cloud formations have only begun to show up since the mid 90’s? What is really going on? Are the contrails that linger in  the atmosphere, fan out, and grey our skies something more sinister than simple jet exhaust?

According to some knowledgeable experts and key whistle-blowers, the cloudy skies forming above us are actually the result of metal particles being intentionally released into our skies by certain aircraft. Chemtrails, as they are commonly referred to by conspiracy theorists, supposedly allow secret HAARP technology to rapidly heat up the atmosphere which directly increases or decreases the amount of rainfall in selected regions throughout the entire planet. Such weather modification techniques could, hypothetically, destroy agriculture and farming projects as well as national and global, economic prosperity. Perhaps this is the real cause of global warming. Perhaps this is what is being aggressively pushed by the powers that be and being blamed on carbon emissions?

Do you think that some governments cannot control the weather? The truth be told, weather modification technology is very real and the invention has been lawfully patented. In addition to the patented technology that exists, the United Nations has had official discussions about weather modification technologies.

Maybe the subjects of chemtrails and weather modification are not conspiracy theories after all?

What do you think about this subject?