Dr. Reizer Talks About Chemtrails Over Spartanburg, SC (YouTube Video)

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


I have written several articles on this website regarding the subject of chemtrails. This morning, while driving my daughter to school, I was greeted with the most aggressive display of chemtrail spraying I have ever witnessed.

Spartanburg, SC was the target this morning (October 29, 2015) and it turned an absolutely beautiful sunny day into a cloudy and rainy one. The forecast this fine Carolina morning was for sunny skies and temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  The chance of rain was listed by the National Weather Service at around 5-10%,  and the precipitation was expected to fall later in the day or early in the evening. After the rain began to fall, the local forecasts were modified online to reflect what was transpiring in the Spartanburg region.

I have to believe that the chemtrails littering the skies above my home produced the rain that fell for a good portion of the morning and into the early afternoon.

I produced a YouTube video concerning the spraying that took place this morning which can be viewed below. I have also included below a few of the many photographs I captured earlier today.





Is The US Government Suppressing the Truth About Chemtrails?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews

The subject of chemtrails has long been debated by many people all over the world. If you or I were to start a discussion at a social gathering of friends about the strange cloud formations that litter our skies, the people we hypothetically interact with might label us as lunatics or conspiracy theorists.

As a nation, we’ve been observing the formation of chemtrails overhead since the mid 1990’s and yet the vast majority of people have little understanding about their existence, purpose, and effect on the environment and human life. What are these strange cloud formations? Who owns the airplanes that are constantly spraying the crisscrossing lines that are regularly fogging up our beautiful blue skies?

There are numerous theories being tossed around that attempt to explain what chemtrails are. Some researchers believe that the spraying of these clouds is an attempt to sedate and depopulate the world. Other groups believe it is an alien agenda that has the goal of terraforming the Earth for a future extraterrestrial invasion. Finally, there’s the theory that claims the cloud formations are made up of tiny metallic particles that are being intentionally sprayed into the atmosphere for the purpose of controlling weather patterns.

Whatever the truth might be regarding chemtrails and weather modification technology, it’s more apparent than ever before that the United States Government doesn’t want its scientists and weather people discussing the topic in a public forum.

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A Question about Chemtrails for Michael Morris

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

A reader of this blog,  Katie sent me a private message and wanted to ask my alter ego,  Michael Morris if chemtrails were being sprayed for the sole purpose of creating weather modification scenarios around the world. This is what Michael had to say regarding this subject:

” The aerosol spraying operations,  known as chemtrails, currently taking place on earth are multipurpose in nature with regards to what they were designed to accomplish for the powers that be. While it is true that weather modification is a small part of the chemtrail science,  there are other nefarious objectives in play.

“Aerosol spraying programs were designed and implemented to ultimately deliver to humans the following agents: viruses, fungi, bacteria, forced immunizations, genetic modifiers, stimulants, sedatives, hallucinogenic pharmaceuticals, and amnesia inducing agents.”

Thanks,  Katie for your question and for following the website.

Are Contrails (Chemtrails) and Weather Modification Technology the Real Causes of Global Warming ?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


Have you looked up at the sky lately and noticed anything strange? All those crisscrossing lines of contrails/exhaust plumes that are being produced by jet planes continue to appear above us on a daily basis. It’s getting to the point where the patterns of jet exhaust are so numerous that the earth’s skies are routinely being transformed from deep blue to hazy and dull.

Commercial jets have been flying above us for many years. Why is it that the presence of these strange cloud formations have only begun to show up since the mid 90’s? What is really going on? Are the contrails that linger in  the atmosphere, fan out, and grey our skies something more sinister than simple jet exhaust?

According to some knowledgeable experts and key whistle-blowers, the cloudy skies forming above us are actually the result of metal particles being intentionally released into our skies by certain aircraft. Chemtrails, as they are commonly referred to by conspiracy theorists, supposedly allow secret HAARP technology to rapidly heat up the atmosphere which directly increases or decreases the amount of rainfall in selected regions throughout the entire planet. Such weather modification techniques could, hypothetically, destroy agriculture and farming projects as well as national and global, economic prosperity. Perhaps this is the real cause of global warming. Perhaps this is what is being aggressively pushed by the powers that be and being blamed on carbon emissions?

Do you think that some governments cannot control the weather? The truth be told, weather modification technology is very real and the invention has been lawfully patented. In addition to the patented technology that exists, the United Nations has had official discussions about weather modification technologies.

Maybe the subjects of chemtrails and weather modification are not conspiracy theories after all?

What do you think about this subject?