Imagining Human Life 100-Years From Now

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

Virtually every human being on Earth alive today will be dead 100-years from now. What then?  There will be no Anthony Fauci, current heads of the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, leaders of the vaccine industry, the medical mafia, or the diabolical pharmaceutical drug industry.

What will exist in 100-years are the clones and human programmed robots of the current crop of crazies. There will be a new breed of psychopaths who will continue the same programs and who will be a scourge upon human life on Earth.

Somehow, someway, humanity has to find a way to get this medical monkey off the backs of human beings. The medical industry is not now and never has been the guardian of human health. Medical doctors have, for the most part, become pharmaceutical drug pushers. That is not to say that emergency care is invalidated because we all know that many doctors have rendered life-saving service to trauma patients.

There has to be a return to freedom of practice by alternative doctors and health practices.  Lockdown control over doctors is diabolical. Raiding the facilities of successful alternative doctors by medical marshals is nothing short of terror and tyranny, and it has happened many times. No one but idiotic thugs who are paid to do so would terrorize alternative doctors.

It is most unlikely that a medically brainwashed doctor or medical mafia thug is going to ever see the light of day, and so, the battle between light and darkness never ends.

One thought on “Imagining Human Life 100-Years From Now

  1. Anonymous June 19, 2020 / 7:05 am

    I don’t believe in any of the elite’s new world order visions of ultra high-tech dystopias of cloned transhuman pan sexual pink-haired soy slaves in super sophisticated cities with flying cars, chip implants, and interstellar space ships etc…

    It’s all just Hollywood scifi fantasy on the surface. But beneath that surface is a very real and fanatical desire by the elites to harness all this technology in order to build portals that will transport their demon masters into the material world. Movies and video games are full of such themes. That is exactly what the object of transhumanism and genetic engineering is about–building bodies for demons to inhabit. Drugs put humans into contact with demons. Which is why these elites are so obsessed with drugs, and so obsessed with pushing drugs onto people. Because when demons contact humans they either destroy the human or use them for their own
    sinister ends. The elites are probably the dumbest and most manipulated slaves to ever exist thinking they can cut deals with the devil. The elites are just instruments that will be destroyed the moment Satan gets his new world order of chaos and death.

    But just as with moon landings, lunar golf, sun-god nuke bombs, and strange flu viruses that can mutate instantly to kill 2 million people, there are some feats that God will simply not permit on this earth. And letting demons into the material realm is one of those things. So all this Hollywood scifi nonsense will never happen.

    But the most obvipus (of many) reasons that it will never happen is because the race most able to make it happen is precisely the race these demonic elites are trying their hardest to exterminate: the white race.

    If through their bolshevism the elites exterminate whites, then all this high-tech infrastructure will degrade like on a horrific chinese liveleak video and in 100 years the world will be a dysfunctional slum of a mess, and in another 100 years we will be back in the stone age.


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