The Psyop is not going to end anytime soon!

Dr. John Reizer

For those of you who think the controlling powers are just going to forget about their little psyop called COVID-19 and everything is going to transition back to the way it was before 2020 — think again!

Event 202 (the coronavirus) has tremendous staying power. Not because it is a dangerous microbe infecting the world’s citizens. The story will remain in play because the people behind the fakery have no plans to change the narrative and allow the new paradigm that has been inserted into the psyche of most humans’ minds to be wasted.

I saw a disturbing political advertisement for Joe Biden yesterday about how he plans to mandate a national face mask-wearing policy if he becomes president. I personally don’t care for either party’s candidates, so don’t think for one second I am picking on the Democrats versus the Republican option, President Trump.

The inauguration day is in January 2021. Joe Biden, or the folks writing his materials and loading them in a teleprompter, are telling the American people that a need for face masks will not only be necessary five months from now and beyond, but the policy will be mandated. This is a draconian initiative that was originally supposed to be in place for fifteen days to stop the spread of the fake virus.

If you are awake and capable of understanding what is happening around you, you represent a relatively small percentage of the population. Yes, there are more and more people awakening, but compared to the number of people still sleepwalking through life, the people awake represent a small minority of the citizenry worldwide.

I know it is frustrating and challenging to attempt to convince others to look at everything differently. But we have to continue to make an effort to awaken the sleeping. It is the only chance to stop what is happening. There is tremendous power in numbers. Right now, the numbers are against the people who are awake. If we hope to change the narrative, we must get others around us to see the truth.

This thing could be turned around in a few weeks if we can awaken enough people. Don’t give up now!



How to Mitigate the Face Mask-Wearing Mandates

By Dr. John Reizer

The way to mitigate the nonsense taking place is to begin tackling one problem at a time. The first step is addressing the face mask-wearing issue. It is essential to deal with this problem first because it is the precursor to mandatory mass vaccination policies. If you agree to accept the face mask mandates, you may as well say that you are going to accept the vaccine mandates that are on the horizon. Pro-maskers are also pro-vaxxers.

We start our plan of actions by taking a stand, individually. Although this might be a frightening experience for a lot of people, you must be strong and express your displeasure and disagreement with what is being unfairly forced down your throat.

As an individual, you must refuse to wear a mask in public, stores, or anywhere else. The policies of stores to force customers to wear a mask is a corporate decision. It is not the law. It is the company’s own decision. If they contact the police, it is unlikely the authorities will intervene because it is an internal store issue.

If the police are called in, and they do intervene, you will have to leave the premises. But you will have caused an uncomfortable scene and forced the store or business into a scenario they don’t want to be in. Sheep come in all shapes and sizes. People in society are sheep, and so are the stores and companies following along with the draconian recommendations coming from government regulatory agencies. Let’s start challenging them immediately. Let’s get the sheep moving in another direction!

On a personal note, I have not worn a face mask to date, and I have been in all sorts of businesses that require the face coverings. I don’t give a damn, and I couldn’t care less about what anyone or any company thinks of my decision to not put a mask on my face.

Dr. Reizer

Important Follow-Up Post to: When and Where Will You Draw A Line in the Sand?

By Dr. John Reizer

As a follow-up to my last post, When And Where Will You Draw A Line In The Sand?, I wanted to provide readers with some information about the ordinance that was passed by the Spartanburg, South Carolina City Council at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, June 26, 2020.

Even if you don’t live in my neck of the woods, the information in this post is essential for everybody in the United States. What I want to reveal here is the ridiculousness associated with the ordinance, along with the fact that it is entirely unenforceable.

According to Fox Carolina News, the citywide ordinance will go into effect on Monday, June 29, 2020.

“This means that within city limits, in close contact businesses such as: restaurants, retail, salons, barber, grocery stores, pharmacies, employees will be required to wear masks. Starting Monday at noon, customers will need to wear masks at grocery stores and pharmacies. Additionally, employees that have close contact with customers will need to wear them as well.”

Article #3 of the ordinance states:

“Any person who is unable to safely wear a face covering due to age, an underlying health condition, or is unable to remove the face covering without assistance of others is exempt from this ordinance. Furthermore, any person whose religious beliefs prevent them from wearing a mask or any person complying with the directions of law enforcement officers are exempt from this ordinance.” 

The city ordinance passed by the geniuses that make up the Spartanburg City Council is for all intents and purposes, not enforceable.

If you look at the language that has been written into the document in article number 3, it clearly states that anyone can opt-out of the mandate if they have religious beliefs that prevent them from wearing a mask.

Are you kidding me? Religious beliefs translate into personal opinions because the language in the ordinance doesn’t list or specify which religions have been approved for the exemption. The reason for that is because you can’t discriminate between religions. Hey, I belong to the church of common sense, and in my considered opinion (belief), I think wearing a face mask is ridiculous and offensive.

What this all boils down to is a plethora of elected leaders in local and state communities throughout the United States that don’t have a clue about what is currently transpiring concerning Covid-19.  They do not have the skillset to understand that they are not dealing with a real virus. They do not have the health science background to know that the coronavirus pandemic is a false flag psyop designed to disrupt the ebb and flow of society worldwide.

The case numbers that are currently spiking across the United States have nothing to do with a real Covid-19 virus. The case numbers spiking has everything to do with the fact that the test kits being used to diagnose Covid-19 trigger false-positive results in about 20-30 percent of the population. The reason for this is because coronaviruses have been infecting people with compromised immune systems worldwide for decades, and a significant portion of the population have antibodies or DNA signatures of coronaviruses within their bodies at all times.

The reason the architects of this great screenplay decided to use a coronavirus as the villain in the psyop is that they knew from day one that a significant number of people in the world would test false-positive when the test kits were doled out.

To be able to publish the scary buzz words, outbreak, epidemic, and pandemic, you must have the necessary case numbers recorded by health officials. The rigged test kits, along with the false reporting of other presumptive positive cases, have allowed the overall massive reporting of Covid-19 case numbers to come to fruition.

Draw your line in the sand, and do not give in to draconian policies that are harmful to your health, go against human rights, and are unenforceable by local governments.

Are You An Anti-Masker?

By Dr. John Reizer

The last time I checked, there were two ways to get life-sustaining air into your lungs: through your nose and mouth. It should not come as a great surprise to anybody that can logically think for themselves that there are plenty of people in the general population who are afraid or terrified of wearing face masks.

The constant restriction of airflow through the nose or mouth can cause many human beings to develop physiological and or psychological health problems. You see, oxygen is an essential ingredient if you wish to continue living on Earth.

It is unreasonable and utterly ridiculous for any government authority to impose regulations, mandates, or laws requiring all human beings to wear a facemask in public, private, or anywhere else.

I am not even going to dive into the controversial discussions about how face masks offer no protection against Covid-19 or any other microbes that allegedly make healthy people sick. Instead, I want to focus on the government’s insistence that people continually compromise their health and well being under the guise that these actions will, in turn, protect the same people from potential health problems.

How stupid are our government leaders? A more critical question that needs to be asked; how stupid are the people who blindly follow the foolish advice our government leaders offer?

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t we just witness as a nation, a terrible ordeal where a man was murdered by law enforcement? The man died from suffocation; he couldn’t get air into his lungs through his mouth or nose. The man who was killed repeatedly explained to the law enforcement officer choking him that he couldn’t breathe. But the officer didn’t listen. We all know how the scenario played out, and we all know about the civil unrest that followed because of the incident.

I saw a photograph yesterday on one of the mainstream media websites of a protester wearing a shirt with the printed words, I Can’t Breathe! Ironically, he was wearing a facemask. Until I read the article, I didn’t know if the man was protesting police brutality or the draconian policies being handed down by government leaders requiring all citizens to cover their mouths and noses with face masks.

On the one hand, the man in the photo could be perceived by many people as a hero standing up for the rights of innocent citizens against police brutality. On the other hand, the man in the photo could be perceived by many fools as an anti-masker, an unreasonable nutcase who is insensitive and selfish — a person willing to risk the health of others because he’s concerned with his own right to get oxygen inside his lungs.

Am I supposed to place a face mask over my nose and mouth that restricts oxygen to my body without voicing a complaint? Am I supposed to stay silent and not write any content about a subject that I know more about than the people writing the regulations that are mandating the wearing of useless face masks?

The Branding of Dangerous Labels

Anti-vaxxer and Anti-masker terminology – are creations of the pharmaceutical industry and the powers that be. The labels are used to identify and discredit any persons or groups that are in opposition to the current vaccine paradigm.

Anti-vaxxer – a person who refuses vaccines because he or she believes the medications are more dangerous than the benefits they allegedly offer.

Anti-masker — a person who refuses to wear a face mask in public because he or she believes the covering of a person’s face is more dangerous to themselves than the alleged protection the product offers to the individual or general public.

Are anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers crazy, paranoid conspiracy theorists? More important, are anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers, causing the members of society to become more at risk from dangerous and contagious diseases? The answer to both questions is no!

The anti-vaxxer and anti-masker terminology are sibling labels. They are creations of the controlling powers to keep people in alignment with the medical paradigm that speaks loudly about the benefits of vaccinations in eradicating diseases, and more specifically, the false flag that is known as Covid-19.

If you plan on letting the powers that be plunge a vaccine into your arm in 2021 to protect you and your loved ones from a virus that doesn’t exist, by all means, strap a mask across your face. Because when you do so, you agree with the medical-industrial complex’s paradigm that the Covid-19 virus is real, and a vaccine is the only thing that can bring us all back to some semblance of normalcy.

If you plan on opting-out of taking a Covid-19 vaccine next year because you have more brains inside your cranium than the average person, remove that stupid mask from your face and take a firm stance against a tyrannical government that is demanding all citizens genuflect to draconian policies.

You are not the government’s personal property.  Stop being part of a mindless herd that blindly follows draconian guidelines and policies designed to scare and condition people into believing the lie known as Covid-19!