Avoid Hospitals (If at all possible)

By Van Robison

If you are elderly and go to a hospital, chances are good you will exit in a body bag. Hospitals are being paid mega dollars to claim the cause of many deaths are coming from Covid-19. Ventilators are killing people, and doctors like to put people who have upper respiratory infections on them. Not me!

I am 78 and have no intention of going to a hospital for any reason. I take no prescription drugs and never will. I know more than medical doctors about my well-being and I will never voluntarily take a flu shot.

I have good reason to distrust the medical profession. Doctors are programmed and indoctrinated by their “education.”

My Dad died when I was eleven years old because he trusted the medical system. My youngest daughter died at age 31 (she was a registered nurse) because she trusted in a medical system that embraced barbaric cancer, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical disease mitigation technologies.

Blind faith in vaccines, doctors, and the highly controlled medical paradigm is a pathway to potential disaster. Human health is not the property of medical organizations. The idea that pharmaceutical drugs are the key and answer to every human health issue is a rabid and fanatical perversion of nature.

You can be sure that profit is the driving force behind modern medical mania.




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13 thoughts on “Avoid Hospitals (If at all possible)

  1. Joyce Bowen December 4, 2020 / 4:11 pm

    It won’t let me like your post.

    I put this answer elsewhere. I’ll put it here, too.

    It’s imperative for me to avoid hospitals. Their idea of treatment is more likely to kill me than not.

    Forgive my imposition but I am stuck with just two fingers, so I will show you some of what has happened to me what happened in something already written and updated just recently.


    I’ve always given MDs respect but the last time I heaped on attitude. I had begged for help and gotten none, and ended up saving my own life. The last MD designated a PCP I told straight out,

    “I’m not going to dumb this down for you.”

    That MD was shocked… But that MD’s parting shot made me know I could/should never go back there and I haven’t.

    I developed a condition that brought me to the ER several times over the course of 4 months. No answers but plenty of bills. I asked an acquaintance who does medicine somewhere else in the world and got an answer within 30 minutes.

    I thought once I hit 60 I would see compassion in them there MD eyes.

    There is no health care here anymore. There is sick care.

    Be warned.

    • Van December 4, 2020 / 5:14 pm

      Hi Joyce, I went over to your blog and read your story about killer drugs. Amazing!


      • Joyce Bowen December 4, 2020 / 9:42 pm

        Thank you. Had a hard time believing anyone–nevermind an MD–could do that to anyone at first.

  2. Post Hoc December 5, 2020 / 3:22 am

    Thank you Mr Robison,
    You speak my language and I understand what you are saying.
    As a retired general nurse I found that I was completely brainwashed by my job over the last 40 odd years, believing every word and acting the part, subsumed within the mumbo jumbo of the medical/nursing paradigm.
    Now I look back to see how much damage was inflicted, and how I followed along blindly and lamely, and how I argued with my mother as she tried to instil in me that a medical solution to good health was but a last resort.
    I see now how right she was to insist on real food, fresh air and excercise in the quest for wellness, as she rejected the influx of pharmaceutical products that began to flood the market.
    I am now living like a complete born-again!
    I am sorry that it took so long to wake up but that is the price I am glad to pay to realise the true meaning of health.

    • Van December 5, 2020 / 12:20 pm

      Thank you so much for your comments, Since you have many years of experience as a professional nurse, hopefully you can influence others to see what you have learned in the long-run.

  3. ppjg December 5, 2020 / 11:57 am

    We refuse nearly all pharmaceuticals. At this age, even without the faked up virus scare, I will not ever go back to a hospital. I am very wary of MD’s. Since I have no high BP, no diabetes, no heart disease…etc…the standard response from MD’s is “well..we need to put you on a preventative”. For something I have no signs of having? Really? The other side is they become quite aggressive and demand an answer as to how I managed not to get any of those things” They ask it as if I did something wrong! My response is………I stay away from doctors as much as possible and do not vaccinate or take any of your drugs.

  4. tim December 5, 2020 / 4:07 pm

    I have not seen a Doctor for any type of medication in over 40 years. I have been using homepathic / holistic means to heal the vaccine damage done to me. I only put ORGANIC in or on my body. NATURAL death, illness, biological imbalances, (diseases) are caused by the lack of nutrition, and the build up of toxins, chemicals, etc, in the body.

    (I’m not talking about the diseases / intellectual properties , of the medical industrial complex)

    Put the nutrition / supplements into the body, take the toxins, etc, out using cleanses, and you should be able to live to 120 years . (Gen. 6:3)
    And NOT in a wheel chair, but on the tennis courts and golf courses kicking gluteus maximus 🙂

    Having lost about 60 pounds and keeping it off for over 40 years (I’m 6’3″ 175 pounds) I’ve learned THE CURE FOR obesity and I teach it free of charge to anyone who asks. Losing the weight is great, but keeping it off, that’s the CURE !
    I also teach NATURAL CURES for biological imbalances / illnesses free of charge.

    • Lisa December 5, 2020 / 5:03 pm

      Your weight loss and all is fantastic, Tim. Something else that some of us here have in common. Including our dear doctor friend. He has a book on that topic too.
      I am back to dieting again. After my first significant weight loss, I had plattoed. But now it seems I can shed pounds again. So hopefully I will get to finish my goals.

      I am afraid to ask, Tim. But what is your solution for a candida cleanse? I am asking for my son, Kyle, with autism. I have done things for this in the past, and he has been on probiotics since he was a little boy. But I am curious of your intake on it. I do not know if I will take your advise or not. It could mean explosive die-off reaction behavior, and I am not sure I am up to that. I do not like bruises.
      However, I am still interested in what you have to say. I might get brave enough at some point.

  5. tim December 5, 2020 / 5:59 pm

    Hi Lisa. Thank you for asking. One of the secrets to the cure, is healing the endocrine system, esp. the hypothalamus. This gland determines your body weight. If it is not working correctly, the body will usually put excessive weight on (sometimes the opposite, anorexia, etc)

    And as far as a candida cleanse, just go to your local health food store and ask the vitamin department to hook you up. The instructions on the box are usually something like, take as instructed for X amount of days and that’s it. But just know, it’s a good idea, to wait 2 weeks, then do the cleanse again. If you don’t, it usually will come right back, so buy 2 boxes. If the infection is bad, then take one box as directed, wait 2 weeks, then do another box. That should take care of any problems. If symptoms start coming back, wash, rinse, and repeat .

    I strongly suggest you google this cleanse. This is not an easy cleanse to do right because of the limited types of food you can eat during the cleanse. Off the top of my head, peas, potatoes, corn, beets, and winter squash, citrus and berries, millet, quinoa, oat, buckwheat, avocado, nuts and seeds (think almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut, and flax), olive oil, and coconut oil. meat, seafood, fish, poultry, and eggs, herbs, spices.

    No dairy, sugar, no nothing else . Not easy to stick to. Takes practice. I trained myself to do it right because if you don’t , your wasting your time and money and will continue to have symptoms. Know anyone who has a strong “ravishing” need for sugar ? Chocolate ? Got to have it ? That’s only one symptom of a candida infection.

    I usually do one cleanse, wait 2 weeks then do another cleanse. Once you cleanse your body of candida, then you won’t have to do for awhile. If symptoms come back, wash, rinse, repeat .

    Hope this helps Sister Lisa . I should give you my email in case you have further questions, but I don’t know how to do that privately. ?

  6. Lisa December 5, 2020 / 7:56 pm

    Ok Tim, I was just curious as to how you went about the Candida cleanse. There are already some road blocks here. First, all we really have in a way of a health food store is a GNC. Maybe they could help. I do not know. But also, Kyle cannot swallow pills.
    Everyday Kyle eats a huge portion of gluten free meat. An egg,.a few cooked carrots, and a paleo waffle. Then just a few almonds. Yup, that is it. Never sugar, refined or natural.Twice a day he eats the same food. His system is so poisoned from vaccines that just about everything will throw off his system and behavoir.
    But we do have his behavior under control for the most part.
    I appreciate yourtaking the time to explain how you go about the cleanse. Thank you Tim, but I think we are good.😊


  7. tim December 6, 2020 / 12:36 pm

    Hi Lisa. You can order all the cleanses (candida) and organic supplements you need on the internet. There are some good organic companies . These are a few of the best companies I work with. (Mega Foods, HealthForce, Flora Health, Herb Pharm )

    The minerals I suggested are called 72 Trace Minerals. It’s a liquid. And they would have a good vitamin supplement from a food source. Those two are very important. And the other supplements I mentioned are important for everyone to consume.

    As far as not being able to eat, so everything must be put in a blender ? And he has to drink his food ? Okay, then you have to “liquify” his food, supplements, the capsules that come with cleanses, right ?

    Most cleanse come in capsules, so you can empty them in water, and he can drink it.

    I would make sure he is eating (drinking) more of raw foods, ie: fruits and vegetalbles than cooked foods. And eating the same thing twice a day can tax the digestive system. I would give him 2 different meals in a day.

    And It worries me that you said “gluten free.”
    What people don’t understand is there is NOTHING wrong with ORGANIC gluten.

    “THEY” “the people running the food system” have lied to the consumer.

    GMO food and products are causing major health problems.
    “THEY” are blaming everything from the gluten, to the calories, or fat, or carbs, or whatever. As long as you don’t realize that the real culprit is GMO.

    But they want you to think it is something else like the gluten or carbs in food that is causing the health problems.
    It’s the same old story. Make the people sick with something then point their fingers at something else as the cause.

    Lisa, I don’t know you or how you live so please forgive, I obviously do not wish to offend .
    I would not feed my child or family anything that is NOT organic.

    Nor would I feed them anything that says : … fat free … low fat free … gluten free … carb free … sugar free…. etc, etc, etc. If it has been “processed” by man then it is probably unhealthy to eat.

    If you eat GMO food, stop, and eat only REAL organic food. Only put organic in our on your body. If you use chemicals for cleaning in your house replace with organic cleaners. Throw your microwave in the trash where it belongs and never eat microwaved food again. Use a toaster oven to cook and heat your food. Takes a little longer, but is much healthy for you . Do not eat PROCESSED food, ever. Especially microwaved, processed food is like eating poison. Poison is literelly being produced in this process. But I’m probably preaching to the choir, and you have already learned this. Microwaved dinners are very bad for human consumption.

    I have a 17 page file, to big for this little box, that I’ve put together in the past 20 years or so, and it has a mountain of DO’S AND DON’T, cures for natural diseases, and so on that I could give you to help. But I don’t know how to ‘attach’ things through this media. I know it would be helpful for you. Maybe our good Doctor can send it to you. I think i emailed it to him in the past. He may still have it It is titled Natural Cures …

    Anyway, hope this helped,

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