Covid-19: The Lunatics are Running the Asylum!

Dr. John Reizer

The covid-19 world pandemic narrative is not going away anytime soon. If you think that it is, you’re sadly mistaken and uninformed about everything currently transpiring.

The designers of the plandemic put a lot of creative thought and time into this campaign, and the momentum they have gained throughout every sovereign country on the planet is too valuable to the controlling powers for them to pull back. In fact, there’s never been a plan in place to pull back. Covid-19 was never meant to be something that would be unveiled to the global community for a matter of weeks or months. No, the coronavirus psyop was constructed and well polished so that it could become exactly what it has — the mother of all psyops.

The ultimate goal of the plandemic from the onset was to introduce a brand new paradigm to the world. A paradigm that would completely change the way human beings think about and react to the presence of infectious diseases. Mission accomplished!

Before 2020, did you ever envision a time in your life where everybody in the world wore facemasks because they had become convinced the air was too dangerous and filled with viruses? I seriously doubt that you or anyone else did. But as strange as that scenario and way of life might have seemed less than a year ago, it has become a reality. We are living in a sci-fi series that is scheduled to run for many seasons. There’s no end in sight.

There are thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide screaming and waving their arms to attract the government leaders’ attention. These doctors and scientists know the virus is not real. They want those in power to stop the lockdowns and other draconian procedures that have been handed down by a world government that prefers to stay in the shadows and avoid the light of day.

The lunatics running the asylum couldn’t care less about science and the health professionals pointing out the facts. The politicians managing different countries worldwide have no desire or plans to pay attention to the real facts. Instead, they have placed on stage several sellout doctors and scientists that are endorsing the false narrative. These sellout healthcare professionals’ opinions are the only ones paid attention to in the mainstream news. Nobody else gets to have a voice in the matter at hand.

Covid-19 is a fake virus. It’s never been identified or isolated at anytime whatsoever by anyone in the world. Why hasn’t it been positively identified, scientifically speaking? Because it doesn’t exist. That’s a statement of fact and not something that is based on a conspiracy theory or conjecture. No one has ever found the Covid-19 virus.  

If the government managers running different countries paid attention to real science, the plandemic would have been over shortly after it had begun. Thousands upon thousands of brilliant doctors and scientists have joined forces worldwide to point out the extent of the fraudulent activities. Unfortunately, they have been marginalized and silenced by the controlling powers.

The amount of censorship taking place concerning blocking the truth about the fake virus is at unprecedented levels. This fact alone is almost as disturbing as the official coronavirus false narrative that has been in play all of 2020.

Those in control want to silence everybody and every fact that takes away from the scripted drama that has been approved for release to the masses. This is the real reason people are wearing face masks and shields. Those in control are tired of hearing our opinions and would like us to shut up for the remainder of our lives. The policies enacted by different governments requiring people to wear face masks were put in place not to protect the public but to silence citizens.


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8 thoughts on “Covid-19: The Lunatics are Running the Asylum!

  1. sandy edwards October 15, 2020 / 11:04 am

    They have taken the joy out of life. imho

    • NoFakeNews October 15, 2020 / 11:30 am

      There’s no disputing that fact!

      Dr. Reizer

  2. sandy edwards October 15, 2020 / 3:11 pm

    We are right now getting the governors briefing and it sounds bad. They continue to talk about how things are getting worse and the numbers are going up. I am prepared for them to put us back in lockup before the conference is over. I am really angry when I listen to them. Maybe all that I have going on makes it worse but I am very upset with listening and knowing they are flat outright lying.

  3. tim October 15, 2020 / 3:11 pm

    I thought this might put into perspective what’s happening today. This is from letters written by Joseph Smith Jr. between the 20th -25th of March, 1839, as a prisoner, from Liberty Jail, Missouri, to the Church. Governor Lilburn W. Boggs wrote a mandated order to kill Mormons in his county. Innocent Mormons were murdered, worse.
    At lease there is no kill mandate out on us humans, at least not yet 🙂
    True story, and the true history of what happened to Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) in Missouri, in the early 1800’s, just because they believe in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    “… It must needs be that offenses come, but woe unto them by whom they come. …
    For inasmuch as we know that the most of you are well acquainted with the wrongs and the high-handed injustice and cruelty that are practiced upon us; whereas we have been taken prisoners charged falsely with every kind of evil, and thrown into prison, enclosed with strong walls, surrounded with a strong guard, who continually watch day and night as indefatigable as the devil does in tempting and laying snares for the people of God.
    Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, we are the more ready and willing to lay claim to your fellowship and love. For our circumstances are calculated to awaken our spirits to a sacred remembrance of everything, and we think that yours are also , and that nothing therefore can separate us from the love of God and fellowship one with another; and that every species of wickedness and cruelty practiced upon us will only tend to bind our hearts together and seal them together in love. We have no need to say to you that we are held in bonds without cause, neither is it needful that you say unto us, We are driven from our homes and smitten without cause. We mutually understand that if the inhabitants of the state of Missouri had let the Saints alone, and had been as desirable of peace as they were, there would have been nothing but peace and quietude in the state unto this day; we should not have been in this hell, surrounded with demons (if not those who are damned) and where we are compelled to hear nothing but blasphemous oaths, and witness a scene of blasphemy, and drunkenness and hypocrisy, and debaucheries of every description.
    And again the cries of orphans and widows would not have ascended up to God against them. Nor would innocent blood have stained the soil of Missouri. But oh! the unrelenting hand ! The inhumanity and murderous disposition of this people ! It shocks all nature; it beggars and defiles all description; it is a tale of woe; a lamentable tale; yea a sorrowful tale; too much to tell; too much for contemplation; too much for human beings; it cannot be found among the heathens; it cannot be found among the nations where kings and tyrants are enthroned; it cannot be found among the savages of the wilderness; yea, and I think it cannot be found among the wild and ferocious beasts of the forest – that a man should be mangled for sport ! women be robbed of all that they have – their last morsel for subsistence, and then be violated to gratify the hellish desires of the mob, and finally left to perish with their helpless offspring clinging around their necks.
    But this is not all. After a man is dead, he must be dug up from his grave and mangled to pieces, for no other purpose than to gratify their spleen against the religion of God.
    They practice these things upon the Saints, who have done them no wrong, who are innocent and virtuous; who love the Lord their God, and were willing to forsake all things for Christ’s sake. It must needs be that offenses come, but woe unto them by whom they come.
    Teaching of the Prophet Joseph Smith – p130-131

  4. sandy edwards October 15, 2020 / 3:22 pm

    Btw, be sure to get your flu shot!!!!!!! Oh please lord don’t forget to take the medicine. It will cure all your ills. You will live forever if you follow directions. ba, ha, ha, ha, ha

      • tim October 15, 2020 / 5:03 pm

        Wow, looks like England, Australia, etc. are going to be ground zero, for another Holocaust. Then the other countries are going to fall in line. Next thing you know, we have a one world government, leader, dictatorship, religion, monetary means, etc, etc. Hey, I think I read that was going to happen, somewhere, what book was that 🙂

  5. sandy edwards October 15, 2020 / 3:41 pm

    The briefing is still going and it is a big sales pitch. They just keep making it sound like a great thing for us to keep doing the 3 things. I’ve got three things for them to do and if I could get Roy Cooper on the phone or email I would tell him exactly what they are.

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