You have downloaded into the wrong simulation if you are waiting for world peace!

Why are wars always taking place?

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2 thoughts on “You have downloaded into the wrong simulation if you are waiting for world peace!

  1. lhakes12 March 9, 2023 / 11:06 am

    Intriguing perspectives all shared from my Cuz Jeff

    “It’s all by design
    Scripted and written in stone
    Engineered, prophesized and fulfilled

    Don’t be triggered, or let it steal your happiness
    Prepare with diligence, and seek the truth the light and way, continue life as planned and defend its very purpose, but be watchful of time

    The end of each civilization is planned, and engineered
    A systematic live action demolition
    Where everything we have grown comfortable with and the luxuries we’ve afforded, lifestyles and idols we’ve loved will all be destroyed and Judged for the corruption these decadent things have done to our society and people
    Creating blind ignorance And willful sin
    In our modern culture
    Unrecognizable as some kind of abomination of desolation
    And the architects, the Chess masters employ the games of war as a Generational judgement

    The Pawns die first
    Then many of the Knights, the Rooks and the Bishops are sacrificed as well

    As the Kings and Queens and their chosen subjects are left standing Alone
    They repopulate the earth, rebuild back better And prosper

    Biblical prophecy is just Genocidal theater

    And so
    Fear is just a shadow
    Because most of these things are all engineered
    So let it be written
    Solet it be done

    However, just because the Cause is artificial
    Doesn’t mean the Effect is too

    The effect is what happens to US
    The Pawns
    And how it changes our lives
    If we survive
    Famines, plagues, wars and catastrophe are all parts of life and death
    As long as we are aware And prepared
    We’ve already won half the battle

    But the other half is to know Deception
    To see through the idea that we should just expect some untimely end

    But rather realize that
    even the new beginning
    It’s all by design
    Scripted and written in stone
    Engineered, and prophesized, to be fulfilled

    Pain is transition And change
    Submission to knowing that we can’t change the world
    But we CAN change ourselves

    And the more of us who change for ourselves
    The more we can build our own world that can
    Effectively negotiate or triumph this well organized mob or corporate devils who subject us to their authority
    We must unite to survive
    To coexist, overcome or die by the sword that we wield

    In the end
    Judgement is a mirror

    So who judges you?

    So living God within you and me?
    Or a mob of corporate devils?”

    “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars.
    See that you are not alarmed, for this must take
    place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise
    against nation, and kingdom against kingdom,
    and there will be famines and earthquakes in
    various places. All these are but the beginning
    of the birth pains.”

    “FEAR NOT”

    (Matthew 24:6-8 ESV)

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