There’s this… (The Good)

Then there’s this… (The Bad)

The disclaimer statement below should be posted after all published COVID-19 content!

None of the COVID-19 vaccines have been approved by the FDA. They are all being administered under a EUA order that puts every healthcare consumer that receives them at significant risk. All COVID-19 vaccines are experimental drugs, and they can and have caused permanent/irreparable damage to human physiology. The US government cannot mandate these products, nor can they be forced upon any person by private or public companies without breaking federal laws.


We are witnessing a global genocide against the entire human population, and every sovereign government in the world, along with its respective leaders, are complicit in the operation.

The price you will end up paying for not receiving an untested, unsafe, gene-transforming vaccine product is good health!”

— Dr. Reizer


The Target List Movie is Coming Soon to Amazon Prime!

The Target List pilot movie is a high-energy, fast-paced medical-action-thriller about the creation of a life-saving health care instrument and big pharma’s attempt to suppress the technology.

The pilot movie is a shorter version of the full feature screenplay written by MJ Palo and John Reizer.

Interviews with cast members from The Target List pilot movie will be featured here weekly. Stay tuned for important announcements about the release of the movie’s official poster and trailer.


The Target List is now in post-production, where the sound design, music score, and VFX enhancements are being incorporated into the film.

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