Watch for A Massive Uptick in Covid-19 Case Numbers and Mainstream Media Coverage

By Dr. John Reizer

If you go onto any mainstream media website, you will find the story content currently dominated by the US race riots and civil unrest stemming from said demonstrations. Just a short time ago, the same blanket coverage existed for the coronavirus fakery.

The controlling powers desperately want the citizenry worldwide to be jabbed with the soon to be released coronavirus vaccine that’s waiting in the wings. The timeline for that goal is later this fall or more likely early next year. They also want Contact Tracing Programs to be rolled out along with other draconian laws that will help track and manage what they consider to be their livestock — human sheeple.

Don’t be fooled by the media’s lack of coverage of Covid-19 that has temporarily taken a back seat to the rioting screenplay currently being directed and produced by the same sleight of hand magicians that brought you Event 202 (The World Pandemic). The end goals of the world governing construct that remains hidden in the shadows have not changed one bit.

Too many Americans were not paying attention to the Covid-19 script. The fact that more people than not are walking around in public without facemasks speaks volumes about how the general public is currently losing interest and their fear about the world’s biggest psyop. That’s a dangerous thing for the few that control the many. They have spent lots of time and resources to produce Event 202. They cannot afford to lose any momentum that has been previously gained over the last four months due to people’s short attention spans.

Soon, the script will flip once again, and the media coverage will transition quickly back to the second wave of coronavirus case numbers that will spike as a result of the protests and reopening of different American states. At least that is the way the mainstream media will spin the narrative.

But there is a big problem brewing for the world governing construct. Many people around the globe are awakening to the uncomfortable fact that they have been conned by their governments. The masses are no longer buying the pandemic story hook, line, and sinker the way they have in the past. Something has changed within the American public recently that has the controlling forces extremely worried. If they were happy with the way things were progressing, they wouldn’t have changed screenplays in the middle of the psyop.

America is a crucial piece of the puzzle for the world government. They cannot be successful in dominating the planet without securing and vaccinating the US population. The question they are currently wondering about is whether or not they can get US citizens to buy into the second wave of Covid-19. Will people be willing to go back into quarantine, shut down their businesses, and lives again? I think that there will be less cooperation and much more skepticism in round two of The Covid Show.

Recent Internet polls show that less than half of all Americans would be willing to take a Covid-19 vaccine. Those numbers don’t bode well for the world government. It will be hard and nearly impossible to create a mandatory vaccine policy in the US with that much public hesitancy.

I am running a poll here on NoFakeNews, and the numbers coming in overwhelmingly show that our readership wants nothing to do with the coming vaccine. I realize that the visitors to this website are more awake than most citizens worldwide. But, I am becoming more confident by the day that people in general are finally beginning to wake up.


Perhaps 2020 (the numbers used to denote perfect human vision) will be the year that people finally open their eyes and understand what is transpiring in front of them. Only time will tell for sure, but at least there’s a reason, in my opinion, to have some optimism that things might not go as smoothly for the controllers as they might have previously believed.

Stay tuned for more updates…

A Time Traveler’s Nightmare (Some light fiction)

By Dr. John Reizer

January 6, 2120

It’s common knowledge in the year 2120 that in the early 2020s, the world’s population rapidly declined. It has been documented by mainstream historians that over seven billion people were living on Earth 100 years ago. How the population was reduced to 1.5 billion remains one of the biggest mysteries of modern-day history.

There are a plethora of explanations that have been floated around the Governet in an attempt to explain the mystery. But all legitimate fact-checking applications have dismissed most of them as conspiracy theories.

The 2021 Dream

I had a dream four months ago that absolutely altered my life. One of the many strange things about the hallucination is that I remember all the details. I never remember my dreams, but this one was different in that I have total recall of the false memory. I remember it as plain as the nose on my face. There’s a crystal-clear image that lingers at the forefront of my mind, yet much of what occurred in the dream obviously never took place outside the context of the fantasy.

It’s a personal dilemma that has driven me crazy for the last 136 days, but I can’t summon the strength or courage to confide in others about what I believe actually took place. There’s no doubt in my mind that what I remember about the nightmare actually happened, yet the more time that passes, the more self-doubt creeps into my mind.

In the dream, I remember living in the year 2021 and there being news stories that discussed everything in great detail, but I have only been able to verify limited amounts of that information in real life. In the dream, I scoured the Internet (that’s what they called computer access channels 100 years ago), and there’s little mention of what I still remember so vividly.

Here are the things that I can verify from the dream using real-world fact-checking along with the things I cannot:

People, in my fantasy, discussed an earlier simulation of some sort, a type of dress rehearsal. It was called Event 201 and considered by those in the know to be an indictment of wrongdoing. This information can be verified in the real world.

I remember there were daily press briefings given on something called television; the president of the country, in the place where I lived, presented the updates standing on a raised platform in front of people wearing facemasks. This information can be verified in the real world.

Everybody was placed under house arrest the prior year and confined to their properties. They were told that this was necessary to protect the lives of others. This information can be verified in the real world.

Citizens were reported to be sick and dying from a newly discovered virus according to official sources. I remember in the dream that medicine was created to treat the condition. A lot of people debated the product’s efficacy. There were riots and mayhem in the streets, and the military was called in to assist with public civil unrest. Most people in the world had figured out in late 2020 that the virus was a hoax perpetrated by a secret world government. I can’t find evidence of this happening in the real world.

A lot of people died after the medicine was forcibly administered to the citizenry in 2021. Then the different governments of the world held more press briefings; they reported the sickness had come back more robust, and people began to really drop like flies. I can’t find evidence of this happening in the real world.

Eventually, things calmed down, but the world’s population took a significant hit. Several billion died, and then a secondary problem was discovered. The illness left lots of women sterile. Earth was in big trouble, and recovery uncertain. I can’t find evidence of this happening in the real world.

A second medicine was developed shortly after that, and everybody was once again required to take the product. I can’t find evidence of this happening in the real world.

And then I awakened from the dream with a terrible headache. The vision was over, but the nightmare just beginning.

Upon awakening, I quickly discovered I was actually living in the year 2020, one hundred years removed from the time I previously lived in the year 2120. And I have been stuck in my new reality since January 6, 2020.

The question I am faced with presently; is it possible to change the future?

Start Changing Your World

Dr. John Reizer

If you can’t change the world, change the people who interact with you daily.

Agreed, it’s probably an impossible task to change the entire world, but you don’t have to do that. I am not naive enough to believe that I am going to be able to change the world as a whole and convince everybody that Covid-19 is a fake virus.

It’s not my responsibility to ensure everybody in the world understands the anatomy of the psyop we’ve all been dealing with. Even if I had a chance to speak with every person and layout the proof that the coronavirus is nonsense, most people wouldn’t be capable of changing the way they perceive the situation.

When I started publishing articles on this website in 2012, I used to have only a few people who would read the content. Some visitors would leave really nasty comments. But I didn’t care because I knew that I had to get the information out there to the small minority of readers who were interested in learning about the truth.

I never intended for my materials to be read by everybody. The things I am knowledgeable about are considered taboo subjects and are off-limits to many folks. They can’t handle the truth or any information that might change the way they have always viewed the world.

The point of this article is to let readers know that even though you can’t change the whole world, you can definitely change or significantly influence the opinions of people in your life.

I walked into a post office last week and was the only person in the building, not wearing a mask. A woman asked me, “Aren’t you afraid of getting sick?” I smiled and replied, “No! Aren’t you afraid of being told that you have to wear a mask every time you enter a store, restaurant, or friend’s home?”

The woman looked at me like I was insane, but the guy that was behind her lifted the mask covering his face and said, “Yeah, I hate this damn mask, and I think this illness is much ado about nothing. My daughter is afraid that if I don’t have this stupid thing covering my face, people will become angry.”

The conversation went on from there, and by the time I left the post office, several others were talking about the subject of masks and if they were vital.

Sometimes we just have to get the ball rolling, and common sense takes over. You cannot live your life in fear, and you shouldn’t have to keep your opinions silent because of a mask or because you believe people might ridicule you.

If you believe that something is wrong, speak up and voice your opinion. If you don’t, you shouldn’t complain about what is happening. You will be amazed at how many people believe the way you do but are terrified of saying something in public or writing a comment online.

By speaking up and educating those individuals who are capable of digesting what you have to say, you can change your world and the people with who you are interacting. And if enough people change their worlds, just maybe we can collectively change the entire planet one day.

Coronavirus Hysteria: Things Are Getting Even More Bizarre

 Dr. John Reizer

Things are getting more bizarre by the day as the hysteria builds in communities throughout the world over the fake coronavirus pandemic.

In my community, certain stores now require customers to wear a face mask to enter the building. The draconian recommendations coming from the CDC are being implemented by huge corporations as well as mom and pop businesses.

Each day a little more of our civil liberties are being removed, and most people are not overly concerned.

I am extremely bothered by these rules and have worn a sign hanging from my neck along with the face mask to comply with the stores’ policies when entering their premises.

I think people better start protesting before the world changes so much that it will become impossible to protest in the future.

I implore everybody to consider wearing a sign similar to the one above upon being forced to wear a mask against their will.

What do you think about this approach?