Watch for A Massive Uptick in Covid-19 Case Numbers and Mainstream Media Coverage

By Dr. John Reizer

If you go onto any mainstream media website, you will find the story content currently dominated by the US race riots and civil unrest stemming from said demonstrations. Just a short time ago, the same blanket coverage existed for the coronavirus fakery.

The controlling powers desperately want the citizenry worldwide to be jabbed with the soon to be released coronavirus vaccine that’s waiting in the wings. The timeline for that goal is later this fall or more likely early next year. They also want Contact Tracing Programs to be rolled out along with other draconian laws that will help track and manage what they consider to be their livestock — human sheeple.

Don’t be fooled by the media’s lack of coverage of Covid-19 that has temporarily taken a back seat to the rioting screenplay currently being directed and produced by the same sleight of hand magicians that brought you Event 202 (The World Pandemic). The end goals of the world governing construct that remains hidden in the shadows have not changed one bit.

Too many Americans were not paying attention to the Covid-19 script. The fact that more people than not are walking around in public without facemasks speaks volumes about how the general public is currently losing interest and their fear about the world’s biggest psyop. That’s a dangerous thing for the few that control the many. They have spent lots of time and resources to produce Event 202. They cannot afford to lose any momentum that has been previously gained over the last four months due to people’s short attention spans.

Soon, the script will flip once again, and the media coverage will transition quickly back to the second wave of coronavirus case numbers that will spike as a result of the protests and reopening of different American states. At least that is the way the mainstream media will spin the narrative.

But there is a big problem brewing for the world governing construct. Many people around the globe are awakening to the uncomfortable fact that they have been conned by their governments. The masses are no longer buying the pandemic story hook, line, and sinker the way they have in the past. Something has changed within the American public recently that has the controlling forces extremely worried. If they were happy with the way things were progressing, they wouldn’t have changed screenplays in the middle of the psyop.

America is a crucial piece of the puzzle for the world government. They cannot be successful in dominating the planet without securing and vaccinating the US population. The question they are currently wondering about is whether or not they can get US citizens to buy into the second wave of Covid-19. Will people be willing to go back into quarantine, shut down their businesses, and lives again? I think that there will be less cooperation and much more skepticism in round two of The Covid Show.

Recent Internet polls show that less than half of all Americans would be willing to take a Covid-19 vaccine. Those numbers don’t bode well for the world government. It will be hard and nearly impossible to create a mandatory vaccine policy in the US with that much public hesitancy.

I am running a poll here on NoFakeNews, and the numbers coming in overwhelmingly show that our readership wants nothing to do with the coming vaccine. I realize that the visitors to this website are more awake than most citizens worldwide. But, I am becoming more confident by the day that people in general are finally beginning to wake up.


Perhaps 2020 (the numbers used to denote perfect human vision) will be the year that people finally open their eyes and understand what is transpiring in front of them. Only time will tell for sure, but at least there’s a reason, in my opinion, to have some optimism that things might not go as smoothly for the controllers as they might have previously believed.

Stay tuned for more updates…