Claudia Stuber: A Clairvoyant Or Someone Who Had A Great Understanding Of What Was About To Happen In September 2019?

Dr. John Reizer

In September 2019, Claudia Stuber warned the world about a virus hoax that was upcoming. Stuber warned everybody about a fake world pandemic where all countries would be players in a global scam. This woman warned of a plan that would feature the introduction of mandatory vaccines for all citizens.

Was Claudia Stuber clairvoyant, or was she a woman with a great understanding of what was happening in the world when then-President Donald Trump signed into law legislation that paved the way for what has come to fruition in the present?

Can we once and for all remove our emotions about phony political party affiliations and understand that there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans at the highest levels? Our elected public servants haven’t been working for the American public for a long time, and if you disagree with this analysis — you’re sadly mistaken!

For those people out there who are still clinging to the idea that a viral pathogen is lurking around the atmosphere and that a face mask and a toxic vaccine are your saving grace, it’s time to wake up and get a grip on reality. You have been scammed and tricked into taking a bioweapon designed to transform the human genome, among other horrible things.

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