Claudia Stuber: A Clairvoyant Or Someone Who Had A Great Understanding Of What Was About To Happen In September 2019?

Dr. John Reizer

In September 2019, Claudia Stuber warned the world about a virus hoax that was upcoming. Stuber warned everybody about a fake world pandemic where all countries would be players in a global scam. This woman warned of a plan that would feature the introduction of mandatory vaccines for all citizens.

Was Claudia Stuber clairvoyant, or was she a woman with a great understanding of what was happening in the world when then-President Donald Trump signed into law legislation that paved the way for what has come to fruition in the present?

Can we once and for all remove our emotions about phony political party affiliations and understand that there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans at the highest levels? Our elected public servants haven’t been working for the American public for a long time, and if you disagree with this analysis — you’re sadly mistaken!

For those people out there who are still clinging to the idea that a viral pathogen is lurking around the atmosphere and that a face mask and a toxic vaccine are your saving grace, it’s time to wake up and get a grip on reality. You have been scammed and tricked into taking a bioweapon designed to transform the human genome, among other horrible things.

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3 thoughts on “Claudia Stuber: A Clairvoyant Or Someone Who Had A Great Understanding Of What Was About To Happen In September 2019?

  1. Dr-Artaud May 3, 2021 / 12:08 pm

    I lived in a Haunted House, that was haunted well before we moved there, and remained haunted after we left. I had an experience in a Haunted Hotel (old Hotel, no longer used for renting the rooms, but was used for meetings on the Ground Floor). One Christmas, the entire hotel was decorated with Thematic Displays, and I had no apprehension, one room was the “Christmas Story” the kid with the BB Gun. Yet, I was rendered speechless and had tears in my eyes just entering one room, I could not verbally communicate with my wife. After explaining to her what happened, when speech returned, and as a glutton for punishment, I re-entered the room without issue. And I have had dreams that significantly corresponded to events that happened the next day. None of these things happen on demand. None of these things happen often. But that some people perceive them, I am not surprised. Carl Jung would attribute it to Subliminal Perception, and he had a point for some with that view. Carl Jung, himself, went into a “Fallow Period”, where he had mental distress, and this period ended with the outbreak of WWI. He attributed his distress to his subconscious awareness of things leading to the war.

    In My Humble Opinion, I feel that the push for vaccination is because of the harm it will cause, and with most vaccinated, it will be blamed on covid itself. If a substantial portion of the population does not vaccinate, if future tragedies are mostly in the vaccinated, the vaccine will be implicated. We have a vaccine that, at this time, doesn’t block infection, and isn’t believed to block transmission, that means it is no vaccine at all.

  2. tim May 3, 2021 / 12:20 pm

    Agreed 100% Doctor.
    She is a smart woman and can see the writing on the wall. The 1% have spokesmen telling us their plans. We just have to listen and observe. There are hollywood movies that show the 1%’s intent.
    And both wings belong to the same bird.
    And the sheeple have been scammed, and other horrible things, no doubt.
    I feel the passion of this woman when she talks about what they are forcing on our children and our right to choose, my body my choice. I am sick and tired of governments, corporations, businesses, managers, and people trying to make me put something on my face that is detrimental to human health, and sick of them wanting to inject me an my loved ones with their toxic satans brew. Taking away our free will, or choice, is unconstitutional, against civil and medical rights, and is from an ungodly evil entity who has been trying to take away mans free will / choice for an eternity.

  3. Lisa May 3, 2021 / 2:53 pm

    We played table games with my son and his girlfriend over the weekend as we often do. The girlfriend had recently received her first shot and is planning her second. She believes her mother died of covid. The mother had blood clots and a heart attack.

    I am becoming increasingly fond of that girl and its breaking my heart. But I dared not say anything for fear my son would come to her rescue and support her by saying he will get the vaccine. My first loyalty is to my son, and as of right now he is still listening to me. So sadly, I felt that I needed to keep my mouth shut.

    But we will soon have a fully vaccinated person in our realm. I think it will be impossible to not have vaccinated people in our lives. Just think how many people we come across at the grocery store or anywhere else, who have probably been vaccinated.
    And I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the vaccinated ones are emitting electromagnetic frequencies of radiation.

    Plus, my opinion on clairvoyants. I definitely believe that there are gifted people. I have no doubt. Who knows how many visit this site? That would also include the alias Michael Morris! 🙂


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