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An Andrew Arguello & MJ Palo Film

Watch the Target List Interview

Gareth Icke interviews John Reizer

Copyright 2023 by Ickonic — The Official Platform of David Icke

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Artemis I sends back the first photos of Earth taken from space since Apollo (Not Really)

Dr. John Reizer

NASA has launched Artemis I, an uncrewed spaceship headed on a 26-day mission to the Moon and back. Artemis is the new and modern follow-up program to the Apollo missions that ended in the early 70s.

According to NASA, Artemis missions will eventually take humans beyond Low Earth Orbits (LEOs) and back to the Moon.

NASA is bragging about the stunning photos the uncrewed spacecraft has captured of Earth on its way to the Moon.

Stunning NASA Photos?

Artemis photo 57,000 miles from Earth

Ask yourself this question; with all the satellites and other uncrewed craft, including the Hubble and James Webb telescopes, floating through the vacuum of space, why is this the first time in six decades that we are seeing a live photo of Earth?

Additionally, are we supposed to believe that the American Space Agency lost the plans and designs to get through the Van Allen Belts and into outer space in the 70s and it took until November 2022 to figure out how to remaster the lost technology? How stupid do the controlling powers think the public is? The fact that NASA has thrown the Artemis psyop in our collective face gives us the answer to that disturbing question.

Artemis Earth photo 9 hours into the mission

My Comments and Observations

1. Artemis I launched on November 16th, 2022. Its photos of Earth were allegedly taken early on the 17th of November. The spacecraft couldn’t have been very far away from Earth, yet Earth appears so small. Why?

Earth photo — 239,000 miles from Earth

Look at the above photo of Earth taken by Apollo in the 70s while allegedly orbiting the Moon. Earth appears larger in this photo than it does in the photo taken by Artemis I nine hours into its mission. The spacecraft is still very close to Earth at this point.

I think everyone can agree with the idea that Earth is supposed to be much bigger than the Moon.

Earth is four times bigger than the Moon!

Moon Photo — 239,000 miles from Moon

The photo above, taken of the Moon by an astronaut on the ISS positioned in Low Earth Orbit, shows the Moon to be about the size of a small-looking ball. Look at the size of the Earth below the Moon in the photo. It is gigantic in its appearance compared to the Moon.

When we see a photo taken of Earth by Artemis I on the first day of its mission, Earth should appear to be about the size of a beach ball or even much bigger and not appear to be the size displayed.

I believe the new Artemis photos are advanced CGI creations produced by NASA. The CGI capabilities of today are stunning! We will see plenty more CGI photography of the Moon as this fake mission progresses. Don’t believe any of the nonsense.

If Earth is much larger than the Moon, then a photograph of Earth taken by astronauts orbiting the Moon should appear gigantic compared to a photo of the Moon taken by an astronaut inside the ISS orbiting Earth. The two celestial bodies should not appear to be nearly the same size in comparative photographs.

The photo of Earth taken from the Moon should look larger than it appears. The photos don’t add up or make any sense.

NASA Needs A New Psyop Director

They should have used this CGI image

The CGI image above is the one that should have been used by NASA. It is more believable than the Blue Marble (dot) they have been peddling for years. The size issues of the two celestial bodies I have addressed in this post blow up the entire “we went to the Moon” hogwash in my opinion.

2. Where are the stars? Why don’t we see the stars in photos allegedly taken in outer space by NASA?

I would suspect that NASA space travel enthusiasts are celebrating by posting a plethora of comments in response to the release of what are likely CGI photos. The photos don’t appear stunning or authentic. They also don’t seem to show a properly sized Earth based on the narrative we have been fed for decades by the American Space Agency.


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