Human and Computer Operating Systems (Can You See the Similarities?)

By Michael Morris

A computer operating system (OS) is the heart and soul of all computers. Whether we refer to desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or any other devices, an operating system is a conduit between computer software programs and the physical hardware associated with different computer models.

Computer operating systems have many important functions, but the primary one is to provide human users with a smooth operating experience. Operating systems deal with many technical aspects concerning your computer’s ability to function properly. These massive programs manage the device’s memory, files, system performance, interactions with different users, security, error correction applications, and many other things that get overly complicated when explaining these concepts to people who are not computer-minded.

When people use computers, they often access the Internet, a worldwide system of interconnected computer networks. Computers are instruments that basically take inputted data, process the data, and spit out some results. Computers can process large amounts of data rather fast and quite efficiently.

Unlike humans, computers have no emotions and cannot judge things based on morality or other factors that people regularly consider. Computers rely on their human operators to load data into them to process and spit out the results.

Most people are aware that computers have their own language called computer codes. Computers communicate or talk to one another using said codes. Computer programmers use computer codes to make computers operate efficiently for human users.

As I have explained on different occasions on this website, when soul fragments are born into any dimensional platform, they automatically choose a biological vessel that has the unique DNA (computer code) capacity that allows them to accomplish the specific goals prescribed by Vast Intelligence (the Internet of life) for a given lifetime.

A group of souls, attached to a uniquely assigned Higher Realm, will incarnate on a particular plane. In many cases, soul groups will migrate to unique frequency platforms. These worlds are similar to physically constructed planes, and they are designed to host entities born into a dimensional existence but lack physical bodies.

We are all playing a part in a very complex simulated game that has ultimately been designed by Vast Intelligence so that it can continuously acquire knowledge. There are both novice and advanced players (Higher Realms) within the game that have been assigned to Earth. There are also many other games taking place, but humans on Earth are not players in them.

All human beings on Earth have lived millions of lifetimes as males and females while being attached to a specific Higher Realm. There is no such thing as death! And there is no such thing as society learning from its experiences. The same polarizing themes continue to be played out through the eons of perceived time (good versus evil). War and killing have been written into the game code (program) and will, therefore, continue indefinitely within the Earth platform’s parameters or until the program is shut down.


DNA – Antenna/Frequency Converter

When Universal Frequency Codes encounter human/animal/plant DNA, the DNA’s basic structure will solidify said frequencies into subatomic particles. Depending on the code’s particular arrangement, a holographic or solid appearing reality is created for humans and other sentient beings interacting within the simulated Earth game’s parameters. A specific light/frequency introduced to the DNA template can modify its structure and affect/limit a human being’s ability to perceive one holographic expression of reality from another.

This is how and why different dimensional constructs can exist simultaneously. Other dimensional parameters of existence containing expressive life forms are quite abundant. However, humans can only perceive a limited number of Universal Frequency Codes because the tuning mechanism they are bound to (DNA) has been strategically designed to filter out other-dimensional platforms.

It is vital to comprehend the following facts that pertain to Earth and the reality construct that exists here:

  1. Life on Earth is a holographic experience derived from a frequency generated blueprint.
  2. A human being’s perception of reality is far removed from total reality.
  3. Time does not exist outside the parameters of the holographic experience being realized by sentient beings.
  4. Everything and anything appearing to be solid is actually a frequency signature.
  5. When solid subatomic particles revert back to Universal Frequency Codes, time cannot exist. In the absence of solid particles, physicality is nonexistent, and there are no physical objects in existence capable of passing through space, which requires the passage of time.
  6. When Universal Frequency Codes are transformed through solidification into solid subatomic particles, time exists because solid particles can pass through space, which requires the passage of time.

All of what I am writing here has to do with human and animal operating systems that Vast Intelligence uses to allow the simulated Earth show to continually occur.

The human operating system, in some ways, is similar to the operating system of a person made computer. If portions of the computer code become altered or corrupted, the individual devices can develop problems. Computer programmers can load computer viruses made up of computer codes into an operating system in many instances. Computer viruses can play havoc with a particular device and can render the machine inoperable.

The programmers who write viral codes and get them out there in the computer world so that they disrupt different devices work for the same companies that created the computer operating devices. They are also the same people who write the antivirus software that is routinely sold to most computer owners.

Don’t you find it extremely interesting that Mr. Bill Gates, the owner of the most dominant computer operating system globally, is the same person pushing the vaccine agenda for the human population?

Computer operating systems are susceptible to computer viruses (malware/bad codes), and companies exist that specialize in creating antivirus subscriptions to guard against those problems. Each year, computer owners purchase a new subscription to update their antivirus software. It’s really a booster shot/vaccine if you think about it logically.

Mr. Bill Gates wants to introduce vaccines that can permanently alter or rewrite all human beings’ genetic codes. This will permanently change the way a human operating system can manage infectious diseases. It will also open the door for biotech and pharmaceutical companies to manage different infectious diseases indefinitely.

What Mr. Gates, and other technocrats desire, is a human operating system that is always dependent on a never-ending series of required vaccine subscriptions/booster shots for people to maintain their health.

The similarities between the human operating system used by Vast Intelligence to play the ultimate simulated video game in the universe and computer operating systems that require yearly antivirus subscriptions to defend against malware applications are strikingly similar.



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3 thoughts on “Human and Computer Operating Systems (Can You See the Similarities?)

  1. Lisa H. November 27, 2020 / 12:46 pm

    My personal favorite book of yours, John! Glad to see it out front. I did order the first Michael Morris book too. It is on the way. I so like your explanation of group souls coming to earth. ( If people read my book, “Subtle Sabotage”, you will see in my chapter on Beliefs, that I am a believer in reincarnation and that we are all here to learn.)
    John, I am aware that your ” Introducing Michael Morris” book along with your others are written as sci-fi. But we all know how much you include some truth in your writings. I agree with your description that the vast intelligence playing a video game is strikingly similar to the computer operating systems we have here.
    The energy frequencies of group souls has been particular interesting to me lately. I have been researching online about the mu!iple soulmates we might have and about twin flames. So many of us are connected. We all have our own stories, and it makes me think that it is not a coincidence that we are all here on nofakenews. To tell you the truth, it baffles me that I sat down and wrote a book. I have no writing experience. But I was compelled to do so. It then lead me to (book review service) and that lead me to you, John, your books, and nofakenews. I can only say that I was lead here by my conscious.
    I will add that I have been researching about souls recently, because I have been getting some powerful vibrations lately. Sorry, to sound mysterious. But it is all very good! 😀

    • NoFakeNews November 27, 2020 / 12:58 pm

      Hi Lisa,

      I agree with you very much. We are all connected in many ways. And yes, many of the things I write about through fiction are what I believe to be the truth in real life, or at least the expression of that simulation we believe to be real life.

      Either way, it’s great to have so many good souls sharing thoughts on this forum. I am happy you are one of them.


      • Lisa H. November 27, 2020 / 1:07 pm

        Thank you John, great to be here!

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