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Obey, Consume, Worship, Reproduce! (The Illuminati’s Message for the Masses)

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

In the 1960’s and early 1970’s television stations throughout the United States would regularly sign off the air at the end of the business day by playing the country’s National Anthem. The same ritual would occur when the television stations would sign back on the air the following morning.

As the television viewing audience watched the various pictures that accompanied the US National Anthem, they were subliminally being inundated with messages that can be compared to those featured in the science fiction movie, “They Live starring Roddy Piper.

Watch the video presentation below to see what media programming and mind control techniques were being used on the masses back in the 60’s and 70’s. Can you imagine how sophisticated the mind control techniques have become in the present day as the powers that be continue to drive home the same subliminal messages to the same unsuspecting audience?

They do live! And it’s not just a science fiction movie that I am writing about.

San Bernardino Shooting Story: The Facts Just Don’t Add Up

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

Does 1+1= 6? Of course not! I’m not a mathematician, but even a 36 year old seminar coordinator from Barcelona, Spain can figure out that 1+1=2.

If you told a first grade student that 1+1=6, she would look at you like you were crazy and then laugh out loud. A young child has the ability to understand when a simple math equation just doesn’t add up.

If an international adult audience watching CNN or some other mainstream media (MSM) news service were constantly told that 1+1=6, they might believe the equation and answer are correct. Really think about this concept for a few seconds. People keep watching the same video loops repeatedly throughout the day and in-between those loops you have various so-called experts repetitively explaining to them how it’s possible the equation and answer are actually correct. After awhile, the adult audience becomes hypnotized and actually begins to believe the equation 1+1=6 is logical.

As I continued to watch the MSM’s coverage of the San Bernardino shooting, there were a lot of things in my opinion, which did not add up.

I find it fascinating to watch how the corporately controlled news companies get people to think a certain way. The MSM no longer reports the facts about any major happening. Instead, they focus their efforts on shaping the way the audience thinks. The MSM is delivering to its targeted audience pure unadulterated mind control.

I find myself constantly wondering why some very important questions are not being asked, addressed, or are simply being glossed over by professional journalists. What’s going on here?

In the case of the California shootings, it’s not easy to simultaneously dupe the police and entire world unless you have access to the best black ops forces in the world. The Illuminati masters have such tools at their immediate disposal and are unafraid to use them in order to achieve their ultimate goal of ushering in a New World Order. Because they also control the MSM, the Illuminati can make an entire population base believe that 1+1=6.

I would like to call your attention to some of the details of this tragedy that are bothering me. I will also insert my conspiratorial opinions herein that will explain to readers why I believe something is not quite right with regards to the San Bernardino scenario.

I understand that some readers will dismiss my writings as those coming from a conspiracy nut. I realize that anyone attempting to question the veracity of the MSM and the officialdom coming from the authorities in charge will be cast in a negative light, labeled a “truther”, or something along those lines. It’s okay. I am a big girl and can handle the criticism.

At the time of the shooting incident, a shooting drill depicting the same scenario just happened to be taking place nearby. SWAT police forces were in full gear, participating in the drill and “ready to roll” according to official police sources. Where have we observed this scenario before? There were simultaneous police drills taking place at the times of the Paris shootings on 11/13/15; New York City on September 11, 2001; the Sandy Hook massacre; the Boston Marathon bombing; Oklahoma City, etc. It goes on and on folks.

The three gunmen shooting up the holiday party were in full military gear and wearing masks to conceal their identities. They successfully escaped the premises in a black SUV despite the fact that SWAT forces were at the crime scene in a very short period of time. Is it possible a special ops team executed the shooting and then quickly exited the crime scene? Why drive up in a black SUV? Why would the shooters pick such a conspicuous looking vehicle?

The three shooters mysteriously became two shooters according to the reports coming from the MSM and police officials discussing the crime scene. What happened to the third masked shooter? Who was this individual? Was this person a handler or someone else coordinating the attack?

According to the public accounts of this tragedy, 3-4 hours lapsed before the “two shooters” made another appearance a couple of miles away as the police figured out where the alleged terrorists lived. They were then pursued by the police in a black SUV and a shootout began that ultimately lead to the deaths of both suspects. What happened in those 3-4 hours of lapsed time? Was it used to equip the suspects’ residence with ammunition and a bomb laboratory?

According to the suspects’ family’s attorney, Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik were not violent or aggressive people. The suspects’ family members were caught completely off guard by the news of their involvement in the shootings. The attorney was interviewed on CNN on Friday, December 4, 2015 and said on live television that Malik weighed around 90 pounds and was probably not even strong enough to carry the types of weapons used in the crimes.

Malik was the mother of a six-month old baby!  I find it difficult to believe that a mother would abandon her six-month old baby?

According to the family’s attorney, the two dead suspects were handcuffed and riddled with bullets inside the black SUV. Is it normal police protocol to handcuff the suspects after they’ve been killed? I don’t honestly know about this but it seems damn strange to me.

Police found lots of bombs and ammunition inside the suspects’ house. The police stated that a small weapons and bomb laboratory existed inside the couple’s garage. It was apparent from the contents inside the house that the suspects were planning to do a lot more damage to the same crime scene or perhaps an additional location. Or perhaps a black ops team set up the weapons laboratory in the garage over a 3-4 hour period of time because they wanted to make it seem like the suspects were preparing for a lot more terrorist activities later the same day? Maybe they set up the suspects’ residence to look like it did before the police and other authorities arrived on the scene?

According to undisclosed sources, police found two destroyed cell phones and a computer that was missing its hard drive. It appears as if the suspects did not want anybody to have access to their computer documents or communications that would link them to the incident? Or perhaps the powers that be didn’t want police investigators to find out that the two suspects were not involved with the crime scene or any other terrorist activities?

According to another source speaking on a condition of anonymity, Malik made a social media post on Facebook at 11:00 am, just prior to the shooting rampage, which praised some radical Islamic leader. Malik and Farook destroyed computer and cell phone devices, but Malik still found time to make a post on Facebook to praise a radical Islamic leader?

The couple end their day and lives four hours later in a shootout with police a short distance away from the original crime scene. This stinks of MK-Ultra mind control programming. Were the two suspects mind controlled to be patsies?

I don’t have enough information and details from the shooting incident in San Bernardino to know for sure what really happened. I know that a terrible tragedy occurred and lots of people lost their lives. I know that lots of people were seriously injured. I know that lots of brave law enforcement people risked their lives to protect civilians. I know that a lot of things in the story do not add up and that the public will never be told the complete truth with regards to whom or what was really behind the attack.

I think the police and people investigating this incident honestly believe the suspects killed were responsible for the death and carnage that took place in California. The sleight of hand tactics that can be performed in most terror events are sophisticated. They can fool the authorities, reporters, and everybody else watching in the world.

Many people know about the Illuminati’s ultimate goal of creating a New World Order. Don’t be confused or fooled by the sleight of hand machinations being used to reach that end point. Remember that 1+1 should always equal 2.

Celebrity Mind Control Glitches

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

In 1999 I had an opportunity to read Cathy O’Brien’s book, “Trance Formation of America” and the story completely blew my mind. I was amazed at what this woman and her husband, Mark Phillips had written. A former mind controlled sex slave, and for all intents and purposes the former property of the United States Government, Cathy successfully escaped her captors and prior life of slavery and then exposed the CIA’s top secret mind control program that was referred to as MK-Ultra.

If you don’t believe the top celebrities and entertainment personalities that regularly populate our television sets and movie screens are mind controlled slaves, you need to read this book.

Actors, actresses, musicians, talk show hosts, and news people have tremendous influence on the perceptions of everyday citizens. The powers that be that control the media and entertainment industry worldwide are not foolish enough to employ star personalities with such influential powers over the general public without first achieving absolute control over said entertainers.

Whenever we watch television shows, movies or music video productions, we are unknowingly embracing products that contain secretly embedded Illuminati codes and symbols that offer a completely different message than what the products supposedly offer to entertainment consumers at face value. Whether or not we realize the existence of such symbolism or understand the symbolic messages being served up is irrelevant. The fact that a person embraces the product is the only thing that matters. It gives the powers that be the vibrational energy they desire.

Most people don’t understand how the universe operates. The truth is that it operates completely different from what we have been taught throughout our lives. What we regularly embrace and focus on can and will come to fruition. So if we embrace something, even unknowingly, and put a lot of energy into that something, there’s a damn good chance it can become a reality in our life. If you magnify that focus by adding millions of people into the equation, the results are absolutely mind-boggling.

Many of the entertainment products we consume contain hidden messages that are extremely harmful to the human race. We embrace these products on a daily basis and by doing so empower our elite masters to maintain covert control over society. The mind control programs that have been in play for a very longtime are one of the ways the powers that be are able to successfully lace their products with Illuminati symbolism that most people cannot begin to recognize, let alone understand.

Sometimes the celebrity mind controlled slaves develop glitches in their programming and things begin to malfunction in public places. The mind controlled slaves almost always have handlers close by to manage such situations. Very often the mind controlled slaves have handlers assigned to them that are disguised as spouses, managers, parents, etc.

Below I have featured several videos that deal with this subject matter. It is vitally important people begin to understand how this process works. In future months I will attempt to write more articles on Illuminati symbolism so that readers can begin to become cognizant of this hidden language and how it affects everybody in the world.