Don’t react when the next plandemic is announced!

Dr. John Reizer

If you have followed NoFakeNews for a while, you probably realize I don’t write content for the average person. Most people are incapable of swallowing and metabolizing the materials I have written about and published. Still, I tried to educate readers over the years. I refused for the longest time to give up on my mission of reaching more and more people and teaching others what I believed to be the truth.

My Advice Moving Forward

If and when another public health emergency psyop is announced and broadcast by government health regulatory agencies and the mainstream news, remember to ignore all the noise.

Remember what we all went through during the coronavirus hoax, and learn from that experience.

Airborne viruses, as described in the fictitious COVID-19 narrative, do not exist and can not make people sick.

Rigged PCR tests, Directed Energy Weapons, and an assortment of poisons used on society’s members by the powers that be can be employed to convince people that a highly contagious pathogen is infecting humanity. We only need to reflect on what happened in the past three years to validate the veracity of my statement.

The thing about psyops that people need to remember is that they can only work if people react to all the nonsense.

In the case of COVID, people overreacted to the fearporn and were conned into taking bioweapons that are now wreaking havoc on the human population. Unfortunately, the damage from this poison is only getting started. We haven’t seen the full amount of the related devastation from the COVID jabs.

Medicine is not the answer to eradicating diseases. Medicine is the cause of poor health. When enough people realize this important fact, they will become healthier and free themselves from the medical industrial prison system that enslaves humanity.


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They know how to make people sick and create a fake pandemic without the presence of any viruses!

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The powers that be already know how to fake a pandemic and make people sick who believe they are dying from a microbial airborne pathogen. Don’t be a sucker and fall for additional medical psyops.

Stop taking the bioweapon vaccines because that is one of several ways governments continue to poison people.

Unfortunately, a large number of people in the world took the poisons doled out during the fake coronavirus pandemic. There will be plenty of illnesses and future deaths because of the administered vaccines. Those deaths must be blamed on something other than vaccine reactions. The controlling powers will blame the onslaught of new illnesses and deaths on another fake pandemic. The health regulatory agencies will try to convince more people to roll up their sleeves and commit suicide.

The new pandemic predicted by ex-CDC Chief, Dr. Robert R. Redfield will not be caused from a natural virus or a genetically modified one. It will be caused from the deadly effects of the mRNA vaccines people received during the past two years.

–Dr. Reizer



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“The Virus is Real” Narrative is an Important Part of the COVID Psyop

Dr. John Reizer

I keep reading about how the COVID-19 virus is real and how the pathogen has been isolated and photographed by electron microscopy. The problem with the claim that sars-cov-2 has been isolated through proper scientific methodologies (Koch’s Postulates) is that it’s not true.

Let’s Apply Some Common Sense

If sars-cov-2 was a genuine virus isolated from infected people, there would not be a plethora of independent microbiologists claiming otherwise.

If sars-cov-2 was a genuine virus, plenty of viral isolates would be available for public inspection by credible independent scientists.

If sars-cov-2 was an actual virus, the alleged proof of the pathogen’s isolation and signature wouldn’t be limited to a few publications from several years ago that have since been identified as computer-generated.

Additionally, a new mRNA vaccine that doesn’t contain the sars-cov-2 isolates wouldn’t have been needed if the virus was scientifically confirmed. According to mainstream microbiology, traditional vaccines containing viral isolates work great (more lies), so if that is the case, why didn’t modern science utilize the sars-cov-2 isolates that have been reported to exist and make an excellent old-fashioned vaccine that allegedly protects people from the disease?

The COVID mRNA vaccines contain computer-generated codes capable of synthesizing a spike protein in humans. The vaccines reportedly do not prevent the disease. The mRNA vaccines only lessen the symptoms of the fake illness. Sorry, that’s not a vaccine; in my opinion, it is an antiviral drug.

Of course, the vaccines do nothing beneficial for people. The COVID shots are bioweapons!

Scientists shouldn’t be able to write that something is real that has been isolated using computer-generated genomic codes. If mainstream science wants to maintain the lie that viral isolation through computer modeling is an acceptable laboratory practice, then mainstream narratives about sars-cov-2 being real will continue to be published.

“The virus is real” nonsense serves the plandemic architects well. As long as that narrative exists, the global vaccine genocide is protected. People like myself who question the storyline can be successfully marginalized by the controlling powers and labeled as conspiracy theorists.

“The virus is real” bunkum also protects organized medicine from being identified by the public as a co-conspirator that is knee-deep inside a medical psyop.

The problem truth-seekers face when unveiling the many lies surrounding COVID is that too many people have grown up in a culture that embraces and supports a fraudulent microbiological narrative.

Big pharma hijacked medical science long before sars-cov-2 ever came onto the scene. Many viruses have been faked or overhyped by rigged diagnostic testing.

No matter how much you try to explain the truth to laypeople, you can’t break through their cognitive dissonance. The cognitive dissonance phenomenon is frustrating, but it must be acknowledged that medical psyops have occurred for decades, and the storylines that support them in college universities and other institutions of higher learning aren’t going away anytime soon.


Everybody’s going to do it!