Don’t react when the next plandemic is announced!

Dr. John Reizer

If you have followed NoFakeNews for a while, you probably realize I don’t write content for the average person. Most people are incapable of swallowing and metabolizing the materials I have written about and published. Still, I tried to educate readers over the years. I refused for the longest time to give up on my mission of reaching more and more people and teaching others what I believed to be the truth.

My Advice Moving Forward

If and when another public health emergency psyop is announced and broadcast by government health regulatory agencies and the mainstream news, remember to ignore all the noise.

Remember what we all went through during the coronavirus hoax, and learn from that experience.

Airborne viruses, as described in the fictitious COVID-19 narrative, do not exist and can not make people sick.

Rigged PCR tests, Directed Energy Weapons, and an assortment of poisons used on society’s members by the powers that be can be employed to convince people that a highly contagious pathogen is infecting humanity. We only need to reflect on what happened in the past three years to validate the veracity of my statement.

The thing about psyops that people need to remember is that they can only work if people react to all the nonsense.

In the case of COVID, people overreacted to the fearporn and were conned into taking bioweapons that are now wreaking havoc on the human population. Unfortunately, the damage from this poison is only getting started. We haven’t seen the full amount of the related devastation from the COVID jabs.

Medicine is not the answer to eradicating diseases. Medicine is the cause of poor health. When enough people realize this important fact, they will become healthier and free themselves from the medical industrial prison system that enslaves humanity.


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2 thoughts on “Don’t react when the next plandemic is announced!

  1. lhakes12 April 13, 2023 / 12:43 pm

    Great article, John! And this fake pandemic crap will probably keep going because the controlling powers want their excuse to poison citizens worldwide.
    And some people’s determination to keep their eyes closed about this atrocity still boggles my mind! They so fear standing up for themselves against authority that tune out their intuition, and they subject themselves and their own children to these death shots.
    I believe that many people are already thoroughly brain washed. They seem incapable of thinking for themselves.
    But, yes, all we can do is keep telling the truth. And with more having experienced these sorrows and misfortunes from the vaccines, the more the chance is that they might listen and wake up!

    And that is terrific advice, John! Just don’t react!

    Have no fear of imaginary viruses! And their gimmicks of PCR Tests. It is direct energy that we need to discern! And the multiple methods of toxins they put upon us!


    The Defender
    children’s Health Defense
    By Michael Nevradakis Ph.D.

    “The U.S. government will spend $5 billion on a program to accelerate the development of new coronavirus vaccines and therapeutics; White House officials announced this week in an interview with The Washington Post.”

    Baliwick News

    “Excellent reporting and analysis about induced dysbiosis as likely mechanism of action for bioweapons known as vaccines.”

    * April 10, 2023 – Design of a Weapon: Targeting the Human Microbiome (Sasha Latypova, Substack)

    “…So, here we have it all: the mechanism of weaponization of the mRNA/DNA ” injections” is the same or largely similar to what is described in books on weaponizable biotechnologies: transfection of cells by delivery of RNA + “DNA contaminants” into the cells and induction of dysbiosis, which will in turn cause cascades of many chronic illnesses. This mechanism is direct testing with sequencing…” techniques by a highly experienced genomics scientist…”

    • NoFakeNews April 13, 2023 / 12:58 pm

      As always, thanks for your support and input, Lisa. 🙂

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