Dissecting Covid-19 Propaganda on the CNN Platform

By Dr. John Reizer

A recent article published on the CNN platform titled, “What we mean by a ‘second peak’ of Coronavirus, is a crucial piece of disinformation that clearly outlines what has been planned for American society in the coming months.

In this post, I will dissect the CNN piece and give my comments concerning what the powers that be are really telling/planning concerning Covid-19 in the immediate future.

The CNN article begins, “Coronavirus will surge again when summer ends; infectious disease experts are almost certain of that. But they don’t know how severe that resurgence will be.”

Of course, infectious disease experts know that coronavirus case numbers will surge again. They can read the Hollywood script that was written well in advance of the first cases ever reported. How else could “experts” know that the disease is going to surge? It’s a new microbe, one that has no prior track record anywhere in the world.

Readers have to understand that CNN, like all mainstream media companies, is not really an independent corporation like we are lead to believe. It is greatly influenced by national and world intelligence agencies. The mainstream media companies are the center points of the mind control agendas regularly taking place in America and other sovereign territories.

The article continues, “In a second peak scenario, coronavirus cases would spike sharply and quickly until they reached a new high, likely after a period when the rate of infection remained fairly stable.” 

Like what is happening now or is planned to occur in the coming summer months. The powers that be are telling us that the case numbers will remain stable through the summer, and then they are going to spike sharply and completely disrupt everybody’s lives once again.

The way this scam will work is that whenever the operatives directing the movie feel people need another dose of science-fiction, they will manipulate the case numbers upward. This, in turn, will shut down portions of society and reposition the idea of the fake threat back into the forefront of most people’s minds.

Covid-19 is a recurring  “shock and awe” trauma-based psyop. It is unlike other psyops that have been executed over the years (September 11, 2001), where the desired momentum associated with those campaigns was maintained by the mainstream media companies referencing the initial action(s). Concerning Covid-19, the false flag event is continuous. The case numbers and fatalities are reported every day, and the mental trauma directed at society is nonstop.

The CNN piece then states, “Another advantage for the virus — it’s likely to surge again during flu season, so throughout the fall and winter. And with a cadre of respiratory viruses circulating at the same time, the odds you end up infected with one of them are increasingly likely.” 

The so-called “experts” are foretelling and using priming psychology on the members of American society. Priming psychology deals with how the human brain stores and retrieves information through the introduction of repetitive stimulus-related content. By telling people over and over again that they are going to become ill during a particular time of the year, the odds increase that this is what will happen. The powers that be are pre-conditioning human minds to believe they will become ill and that the second wave of infection is unstoppable. This is a classic psychological ploy that is often used against society by the mainstream media.

Another snippet from the article states, “A second peak is likely to occur during the fall or late winter to coincide with flu season. But if states snap out of pandemic mode now, reopening on a large scale and largely returning to pre-coronavirus life, the surge in cases could occur as early as late June.”

The masters running the show don’t want people, who have very short attention spans, to lose focus of the psyop in play. They have invested a lot of time and resources in the false flag and can’t afford for society to slip out of the Covid-19 hypnotic trance.

The powers that be don’t want a return to normal, at least not until a vaccine has been made available and given to every citizen in the world. The CNN article clearly mentions this draconian goal when it states, “…until there’s a vaccine, the same number of people will be infected no matter what if people stop staying home. Coronavirus cases will grow again.”

In a nutshell, there’s no hope for anybody unless the members of society receive the magical Covid-19 vaccines that are currently being prepared by scientists under the employ of multinational for-profit pharmaceutical and biotech corporations. Yikes!

Keep in mind, this is only one article. The mainstream media products are numerous, and the psychological damage they continue to create for citizenry worldwide is incomprehensible. This industry alone has created a genuine mental health world pandemic, and its devastating effects are visible in people everywhere.

Let’s All Awaken from the Mainstream Media’s Hypnotic Trance

By Dr. John Reizer

If we genuinely have a desire to awaken from the state of hypnosis that has been cast upon us by the mainstream media, we will need to do the following things:

1. let’s stop watching local and national news programs.

2. Let’s stop reading local and national newspapers.

3. Let’s stop listening to mainstream media talk radio shows.

4. If we must know what is happening in the way of local news updates, let’s search for a specific topic on the Internet and limit our exposure to the ongoing propaganda.

5. Let’s watch movies on demand from streaming services. Yes, there is propaganda in movies, but our minds subconsciously know we are watching a fictional film when we’re watching Netflix or a similar service. When we watch regular news programs, we believe the content is real, and in most situations, it is not.

6. Let’s obtain the local weather forecast from a phone or computer. Let’s stop watching The Weather Channel. There’s too much propaganda being disseminated in between the bits of weather reporting.

7. Let’s stop listening to local sports radio shows. Listen to music stations with no talking heads. The radio personalities have no sports content to speak about, so they mindlessly parrot propaganda about Covid-19 to their audience.

8. Let’s watch YouTube videos about subjects we find enjoyable instead of network programs that have fifteen minutes of drug ads included in the programming.

9. Let’s get out of the house and walk a few miles each day. Let’s breathe in the fresh air and get some natural sunlight.

10. Let’s read a book about something interesting or enjoyable.

11. Let’s try to visit or talk with friends each day. Socializing is very important to maintain a healthy mind and body.

12. Let’s attempt to get off all social media. It’s a harmful hobby that promotes fear-mongering. It also takes up a lot of time in our day and causes us to be less productive in other areas of our life.

It’s not easy to stop habits that we have been ritualistically performing for years. It will take some strong discipline on our part, but the results are worth the sacrifice, in my opinion. It’s easy to become addicted to negative content that is broadcast continuously through mainstream media products. Let’s use our time efficiently and throw out the poisons of the mind that have been clouding our thinking and preventing us from understanding what’s really important in life.

Are you with me? Can we agree to do this together?