“Listen to Doctors — Take the Vaccine!” (Sure, I’ll rush out today to get mine)

By Dr. John Reizer

The controlling powers are using any means possible to convince innocent and trusting citizens worldwide to get the experimental, untested, unapproved EUA issued bioweapons disguised as vaccines.

Let’s get a few things clarified before I dive into this article any further. The COVID-19 vaccines do not protect people from contracting sars-cov-2. There are no attenuated viral isolates in any of these gene-altering drugs. Because of this fact, the vaccines can’t build immunity in human or animal hosts.

The mRNA shots do not prevent the transmission of the fake virus or the fake disease it allegedly causes to other human subjects. According to the manufacturers’ official drivel, the vaccine products are only 95 percent effective in lessening some of the symptoms in people when the fake virus infects individuals. The vaccines are also supposed to be 95 percent effective in preventing people from testing false-positive when being administered a bogus PCR test that is routinely over-amplified to create millions upon millions of fake case numbers during its development process in laboratories.

Please don’t listen to the doctors on Jimmy Kimmel Live telling us to take these vaccine products because those professionals are not giving out good health advice. They are paid, liars. Many healthcare professionals are simply parroting the written scripts handed down to them by the hospital corporations and the other business facilities where they are employed. If they do not follow that official narrative or script, they will be terminated from their employment positions.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that many medical and scientifically gifted individuals are the easiest persons in the world to fool when it comes to pulling off medical fraud. These people have been brainwashed for so long by medical and scientific dogma; they can’t see the obvious red flags waving directly in front of them.


If you are still wearing a face mask and thinking about the imaginary virus unleashed from China — grow a brain! The virus is one hundred percent fake. The reason being is that a person’s immune system renders all viruses harmless. Unless people are significantly immunocompromised, no virus, naturally occurring or modified in a laboratory, can harm them!

The actual scientists who have a genuine understanding of microbiology and human physiology understand what I have written to be true. Many scientists are claiming this but are censored broadly.

The people who authored this science fiction event (the plandemic) knew early in the planning stages of the operation that an actual virus released into the atmosphere would never infect the population. That entire concept is something that can only be accomplished in a Hollywood movie script. The great COVID-19 movie show writers knew that they had no choice but to create a fake lab test that would make a fake virus look real and menacing. All of what we have been living through since January 2020 is sleight of hand baloney.

The virus is fake! The deadly vaccines were created long ago and held in storage until a problem-reaction-solution psyop could be unleashed to get them administered globally. That is what has happened!

Don’t listen to the doctors telling you to take the vaccines. Listen to the doctors and healthcare professionals that are telling you not to take them. There are plenty of doctors and scientists speaking the truth about the dangers associated with mRNA vaccines. Listen to them!


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