Did Moon Hoax Become too Difficult to Continue After Early 70’s?


By Dr. John Reizer

It’s become blatantly obvious to those paying close attention that the moon landing deceptions of the late 60’s and early 70’s eventually became too difficult to continue. The chances of too many people uncovering the truth about the hoax increased dramatically with the passing of time which brought with it the advancement of technology becoming available to the general public. This is technology that has allowed for careful examination of the photographic records of Apollo. It is technology that has proven the photos were not taken on the moon or in the vacuum of space.

Interesting to note, none of the Apollo cameras used to capture the moon photographs were brought back to earth. I believe the real reason for that is because analysis of said cameras would have confirmed that they would have been useless and incapable of taking photographs in the vacuum of space. It was best for NASA to leave those cameras on the moon where they were out of harm’s way or away from the eyes of researchers.

There are so many videos out there attempting to debunk the moon landings and Apollo. There are even more videos attempting to debunk the Apollo debunkers. It’s absolutely amazing to see the lengthy productions that have been created addressing this and other space missions.

In the end, the smoking gun that speaks volumes about Apollo and other NASA missions being frauds are the inabilities of any space agency to  successfully replicate manned missions beyond LEO’S (Low Earth Orbits) since Apollo allegedly did so 50 or more years ago.

Take a look at any piece of technology that is 50 years old. Look at the modern versions of those models and you will observe marked improvements in all of them. Phones, cameras, computers, refrigerators, televisions, automobiles, and others; they’ve all been improved drastically in their design and technological development. Not the case with space ships and their abilities to visit the moon and other celestial bodies.

NASA supposedly lost the technology to get astronauts beyond LEO’S and to the moon. REALLY?

You don’t see General Electric losing the designs for the toaster oven or electric range. You don’t see General Motors losing the technology to manufacture cars. Can you imagine the Ford motor company announcing next month that they can no longer manufacture pickup trucks because they misplaced the plans?

Everybody’s Flying to the Moon, But Nobody’s Getting there!

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

According to an article written by Mark R. Whittington of the Business Insider, Everybody’s Flying to the Moon under the new Trump Administration. But let’s be brutally honest about this folks, nobody’s getting there!

As I have written here previously, Dr. Reizer (NoFakeNews Founder) has written several articles about how he believes the Apollo moon landings were faked. He has also devoted a page on this website (OFF WORLD) that discusses the numerous images supposedly taken by unmanned spacecraft that have allegedly landed on the moon and Mars. These photos, he has argued, show signs of active civilization on Mars and life on the moon.

The photographic records coming directly from official NASA websites in the public domain seem to reveal intelligently designed structures/buildings on the surface of both our moon and the planet Mars. The two questions I have for NASA and other space agencies operating in the world are these: Were any of the mission photographs allegedly taken on Mars, the earth’s moon or anywhere else in the cosmos genuine? Have these photographs really been taken on foreign celestial bodies or have they been taken right here on earth in an effort to perpetuate the lie that humans have been able to survive in the vacuum known as space?

After looking over many of the controversial subjects that independent researchers have uncovered with regards to space travel such as manned and unmanned flights, low earth orbit space travel, the dangers associated with the Van Allen Belts, cosmic radiation dangers, modern space suit technology, waste management considerations in space, water management in space, Apollo space technology of the 60’s and 70’s, and last but not least modern CGI technology used to create the illusion of man’s presence in space, I am now of the opinion that there is a very good possibility that the entire space program has been a complete hoax from its inception.

I believe that we will continue to hear about both government and privately planned missions to the moon and Mars in the years to come and that these dates will continue to be pushed back and the missions will never be completed. The excuses given will undoubtedly be about funding but ultimately there will not be any manned missions taking place beyond low earth orbits (LEOs). The technology is not available for this to occur and unlike the 60’s and 70’s with Apollo, you can’t fake the space missions today. People are too computer savvy and could figure out the trickery. That’s ultimately why the manned missions beyond LEOs were stopped after Apollo.

It is often easier to fool large segments of the population about a given subject than it is to convince the same group that they have been fooled. This is true with regards to the space program, false flag terror attacks, the war on terror, the war on Cancer, and many other subjects that are disingenuously circulated as the truth by the powers that be.

If in fact my hypothesis is accurate, and I believe it is, then nobody’s getting to the moon or Mars anytime soon – if ever.

Will Google Lunar X Prize Missions to the Moon Dispel Apollo Hoax Claims?


Dr. John L. Reizer

According to the website GIZMODO, a privately funded German Space exploration team is planning to set down a robotic device on the moon in 2017. The team known as PT Scientists is reportedly working with the German car manufacturer, Audi to develop a moon rover that is capable of visiting NASA’s Apollo 17 moon landing site from the 1970’s. Apollo 17 was the last of the Apollo missions to have allegedly landed on the surface of our moon.

The GIZMODO article published on November 30, 2016 makes the case that the privately funded German team, working within the parameters of the Google Lunar X Prize contest rules, will prove once and for all that Apollo was a genuine group of missions that carried astronauts to the moon. We will see as I am not so certain any of this privately funded space exploration stuff will ever come to fruition. And if it does, I am pretty confident the mission will never be permitted to broadcast high definition videos of the Apollo 17 site back to earth. Not that there’s anything at those sites worth photographing if you know what I mean.

Since Apollo officially ended, plenty of credible researchers from all over the world have voiced their doubts about the authenticity of NASA’s claims. Simply stated, many skeptics have maintained a position that the American space agency faked the moon landings.

Mainstream journalists love to quickly label people who question the validity of Apollo as conspiracy nuts. But if you take the time to review all the evidence that supports the conspiracy claims, you will discover, as I did many years ago, some pretty convincing facts that will ultimately lead any unbiased person to the only logical conclusion possible: Apollo featured more “astronots” than it did astronauts.

The Google Lunar X Prize is a competition that was announced on September 13, 2007. It was designed to inspire private teams of engineers and rocket scientists worldwide to develop and employ low cost strategies for robotic space exploration on the moon.

According to the official contest rules, the first private team of scientists to successfully place an unmanned spacecraft on the moon’s surface, have the robot travel 500 meters, and then transmit back to earth a high definition video from the lunar surface will win 20 million dollars. Second and third place teams to arrive on our satellite’s surface and satisfy the same contest criteria will receive 5 million dollars each.

The Google Lunar X Prize website recently reported there are currently five finalist teams that have been awarded contracts to go to the moon in 2017. The teams announced on January 24, 2017 were: SpaceIL, Moon Express, Synergy Moon, Teamindus and HAKUTO.

It is interesting to note that the German team interested in exploring the Apollo 17 site has been excluded from the list of contest finalists. Now there’s a big surprise. (Grinning widely)

Contest rules require that all team launches to the moon be initiated by December 31, 2017 or else prize monies will be withdrawn. How much do you want to wager that none of these missions will get off the ground by the required deadline?

I will update this article in January, 2018 to report on what happens with the teams involved and if any prize money is awarded.

What do you think about this story?

Fake Apollo Moon Landings Directed by Stanley Kubrick?

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

I am including a few interesting videos that deal with the subject of the fake Apollo moon landings that allegedly took place during the years 1969-1971. Dr. Reizer has written several articles on NoFakeNews in the past that have done a very good job, in my opinion, of pointing out NASA’s sleight of hand operations regarding Apollo. One of his articles was published and featured in the electronic magazine, UFO DIGEST in 2012.  There are a plethora of articles that have been written by various authors that discuss this same subject.

Take a look at the three videos below.

Readers should keep in mind that the subject of Apollo and the idea that the program was a gigantic hoax is a very protected concept. It has been proven through the years that government shills have been employed to write debunking commentary on websites featuring articles or video documentaries that give credence to the general theme of Apollo being a complete and utter hoax. In addition, there are often fake videos and other materials that are intentionally created by the powers that be and then inserted in the mainstream so that at a later time they can be identified as such. This technique is used by certain groups in an effort to confuse the public and make them throw their arms up into the air thinking that there is no merit to a particular storyline.


Russian Government to NASA: “You lost the original moon landing tapes and the rocks too?”

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

According to mainstream news sources, the Russian government is calling for an international investigation of the Apollo Space Program and its claims of landing astronauts on the moon in July, 1969.

The Russian government says they are calling for the investigation because there are too many details concerning the Apollo missions that remain unclear. The Russian government wants to know how NASA could have possibly lost the original video recordings of the historic Apollo 11 moon landings as well as the moon rocks that had been collected by American astronauts.

As readers of NoFakeNews already know, I have publicly questioned the authenticity of the Apollo Space Program in a previous article I wrote and published on this website. (Read my previous article here) Do I know for sure that the Apollo space program was a hoax? Of course I don’t know for sure what Apollo did or did not do. Unless I was present on the moon when the missions allegedly occurred, how could I or anyone else be absolutely certain of what NASA or the US government really accomplished with Apollo? We have no choice but to believe the official word and photographic record the space agency created. And we should always believe every word coming from government agencies, right? I am grinning widely as I write these words.

According to NASA officials, the original video tapes of the Apollo 11 moon landing were lost when engineers at the space agency accidentally videotaped over the historic recordings while making room for data that was being received by satellites’ transmissions. Are you kidding me? Could you ever imagine recording over the video graphic record of your wedding day? What were the public relations people at NASA drinking when they invented that excuse? Probably Fluoridated water! There’s another wide grin on my face right now.

The Russian government wants to know where the moon rocks that Apollo 11 brought back to Earth are. They would like to have them analyzed and compared to some of the rocks that their own unmanned robotic missions successfully retrieved from the lunar surface,

In the true spirit of scientific research, NASA should silence the Russians once and for all and cough up the lunar rocks. This is a bit embarrassing to tell you the truth. If I were NASA and everything about the Apollo missions was legitimate, I’d let the Russians examine the moon rocks.

The Russian government, in my opinion, knows that the Apollo missions never left Low Earth Orbits (LEO’s) because they had just as many Nazi scientists join their space program after World War II as the United States did. The former Nazi scientists were the brains behind the US and Soviet space programs. I believe both countries knew in the 60’s that the space technology at the time of Apollo was not capable of getting astronauts or cosmonauts through the Van Allen Belts that were loaded with lethal radiation. The radiation belts surrounding earth precluded manned missions from leaving LEO’s 50 years ago and still do today. I believe that’s the primary reason why the United States space shuttle program was created.

Space shuttle technology, in my opinion, attempted to study and solve the problems the Van Allen belts presented for manned missions. The program was supposed to help pave the way for manned missions to deep space locations. It didn’t happen and that is why no manned space missions from any country have ever left LEO’s, with the exception of Apollo, according to the official scientific records.

I think the Russians are giving the American government a few jabs without directly coming out and stating what both countries already know to be the truth – NASA never left the comfort of LEO’s during the Apollo missions.

All of the moon pictures and videos were most likely filmed on earth and not during any of the alleged missions that people believed were occurring in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

This is the real reason that no one from earth has ever been back to the moon since Apollo. Not because we have been there and done that, like NASA has claimed.

If it was possible to get there, scientists and military personnel would be champing at the bit to get to one of the most strategic military locations in the universe with regards to keeping an eye on earth.

Over the years many photographic experts have been able to prove quite convincingly that quite a few of the Apollo photos were filmed in a studio because of evidence that was intentionally left behind by whistle-blowers involved with the filming of the Apollo hoax. The whistle-blowers simply wanted people to know the truth and were precluded from speaking out about what was happening at the time of filming. What these people did was to leave very obvious clues in the Apollo photographic records. Years later these clues have been identified by experts and have proven to be a major thorn in NASA’s side.

According to an article written in Newsweek, NASA claims the moon rocks are safely hidden away at the Johnson Space Center in the state of Texas. I am grinning widely again.

Van Allen Belts Not Funding Have Prevented Manned Missions to Moon and Mars

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

From 2005-2009, NASA planned and developed the Constellation Program (CxP). Constellation had the major objectives of completing the International Space Station, resuming manned missions to the moon by the year 2020, and delivering the first manned mission to the planet Mars.

If we read through the lines of official statements that were created and disseminated by the United States Government regarding Constellation, we are encouraged to believe that funding issues and a lack of desire to return to the moon by NASA executives were the reasons President Barack Obama cancelled the program in 2010.

The truth be told, NASA has been attempting to figure out a way to safely transport astronauts through the impenetrable radiation belts that completely surround our earth and protect human beings from lethal cosmic radiation since the days of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. The Van Allen Belts extend some 60,000 kilometers above the surface of our planet and have most likely prevented all human beings from traveling farther than low earth orbits (LEO’s) and into deep space locations.

Every manned space mission, with the exception of Apollo, that has been attempted by NASA or any other space agency has taken place in LEO’s. And there are many of us that believe Apollo never left the safety of LEO’s either.

If anyone searches the Internet for information about the Van Allen Belts being a barrier to manned space flights, and particularly the Apollo program, they are immediately met with websites that conclude NASA was able to safely negotiate its astronauts through the radiation zones in question. A few of the websites that support the notions the Van Allen Belts are not as dangerous as some people have suggested contain impressive looking math to support their conclusions. The authors of such websites maintain that most laypersons have a poor understanding regarding the dangers of cosmic radiation.

It is no small coincidence search engines have indexed and listed at the top of search results all the articles supporting the idea the Van Allen Belts were conquered by NASA and Apollo.

What readers must comprehend is that there are millions of people in the world that believe NASA faked the moon landings.

Use any search engine to access results about the “moon landing hoax” and you will uncover a plethora of websites discussing conspiracy theories regarding this topic. Readers will also find, at the top of search results, websites strategically positioned to poke holes in the conspiracy theories listed.

Professional photographers, authors, and scientists have already proven that many of the Apollo photographs supposedly taken on the moon were filmed in studios or on a professionally designed movie set. All of this information has led many people to question the authenticity of Apollo’s success with regards to astronauts visiting the moon in 1969-1972.

The Van Allen Belt problem is a serious one for NASA in more ways than most of us can imagine. Not only do the radiation belts preclude NASA from planning manned missions to deep space locations, they also prove that Apollo was a hoax.

Let’s face facts. The United States Government and its military strength have never retreated from a strategic military target it has conquered. The moon is, without a doubt, the most strategic military target in the universe to possess when it comes to keeping an eye on our planet. If NASA and Apollo had, in reality, made it through the Van Allen Belts in 1969-1972, they would have continued to visit the moon. Other manned missions to deep space locations would have also been planned and carried out.

Are we supposed to believe, and keep a straight face at the same time, that NASA perfected travel through the radiation belts that surround the earth in 1969 and has never duplicated the accomplishment in over 40 years?

The telltale evidence NASA never defeated the Van Allen Belts is written within the history of its missions. All of them have taken place in LEO’s. This is, ultimately, why the Space Shuttle program was planned and developed. It was designed to study and solve the radiation issues preventing astronauts from taking a real giant step for man and a real giant leap for mankind.