A Mission to Nowhere Fast!

Dr. John Reizer

According to the sci-fi movie studio in Florida otherwise known as NASA, Artemis I is scheduled to liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center in mid-November. Artemis missions I, II, and III are going to take humanity back to the Moon. Artemis III will be the first crewed mission to the Moon since Apollo 17 allegedly accomplished the long journey in the early 1970s.

Artemis I

It’s absolutely puzzling to me how so many people can still believe that NASA went to the Moon with Apollo so many decades ago and has never been back as of this writing.

There have been many whistleblowers through the years since Apollo that have come out and explained the hoax.

Forensic photography experts, ex-aerospace engineers, CGI designers, film and camera manufacturer experts, physicists, scientists, and many others have made statements that the Moon landings were faked and filmed in studios on Earth.

When I was writing the book, Something’s Wrong with the World and I’ll Tell You What it is in 2019, I read plenty of research information about the temperatures in the thermosphere. It gets hot enough in that part of the Earth’s atmosphere to melt all known metals.

The Thermosphere

“Temperatures climb sharply in the lower thermosphere (below 200 to 300 km altitude), then level off and hold fairly steady with increasing altitude above that height (7). Solar activity strongly influences temperature in the thermosphere. The thermosphere is typically about 200° C (360° F) hotter in the daytime than at night, and roughly 500° C (900° F) hotter when the Sun is very active than at other times. Temperatures in the upper thermosphere can range from about 500° C (932° F) to 2,000° C (3,632° F) or higher.”

The NCAR and UCAR also claim, “The space shuttle and the International Space Station both orbit Earth within the thermosphere.” Let me point out that just about any metal found in existence has a melting point below the temperatures found in the thermosphere. Lead: 327 degrees C; Magnesium 650 degrees C; Aluminum 660 degrees C; Aluminum Alloys 463-671 degrees C; Gold 1063 degrees C; Copper 1084 degrees C; Steel 1425 – 1540 degrees C; Titanium 1670 degrees C.”

— Something’s Wrong with the World and I’ll Tell You What it is

The question that I asked at the time was what metals were used to construct the Apollo spacecraft. How did NASA prevent its space capsules from melting?

For 63 million dollars a day, taxpayers needed to see some results. More importantly, people needed to see men walk on the Moon and confirm that Apollo and NASA were worth funding.

So, that’s what NASA did. The space agency faked the lunar missions and everything else that has been claimed in the way of space travel accomplishments. Crewed and uncrewed missions to outer space are movie productions and if you’re thinking otherwise, you are kidding yourself.

When Astronaut Don Pettit told the world several years ago that NASA lost the technology to go back to the Moon, people were left scratching their heads. People were wondering, and rightfully so, how did the space geniuses at NASA lose the knowledge to travel to the Moon.

Lunar Photography

Hundreds of photographs were allegedly taken on the lunar surface by astronauts using simple cameras and Kodak film. The conditions on the Moon with temperature swings of over 400 degrees Fahrenheit that required astronauts to wear pressurized suits, would have frozen and melted the film cartridges and the film. We haven’t even considered what the ionizing radiation on the Moon would do to the film. The entire photographic narrative alone is preposterous and impossible.

When have we seen technological accomplishments achieved and never used again? How about space travel, nuclear weapons, and the isolation of viruses? All of these seemingly amazing feats were brought to fruition by CGI trickery long ago on microscopic and macroscopic scales.

It’s all smoke and mirrors, folks. Sleight-of-hand magicians have convinced the world that certain technologies are real and they are not.

Artemis is the next Apollo fraud. NASA needs to justify stealing 63 million taxpayer dollars each day. Artemis is NASA’s next sci-fi film. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!


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