Let’s Work Together And Create Solutions

By Dr. John Reizer

I have had readers ask me for my permission to copy, print, publish, and advertise the NoFakeNews logo. People want to promote the website and our shared goal of informing others about the Covid-19 psyop. Feel free to promote the website however you want.

Several readers have asked me to produce a t-shirt design to get the Covid-19 hoax message out there for the public. I created a model from an online company and will leave the ordering phone number below. I have no affiliation with this company and make no money from the sales of the products. If readers can design the t-shirts at a better price or would like to make their own designs to promote the NoFakeNews platform, please feel free to do so.

Order Shirts: 1(800) 620-1233 (My Cool Design 1)

I would like to open up this website platform to any creative thinkers who might have a desire to broadly reach and interact with a bigger audience. NoFakeNews could be used in the future to coordinate strategic activities that would protest the disinformation being generated about the fake coronavirus.

I have absolutely no desire to gain fame or profit from these proposed ventures. My sole objective in making this offer to the readership is to brainstorm with other creative personalities so that we can form a mutual alliance and figure out some pragmatic solutions to the current problems facing the worldwide community.

Please contact me through the contact page to get started!

A Reader’s Experience At A US Post Office

By A NoFakeNews Reader

I went into a US Post Office, and there were twenty people in line, all wearing masks. I did not have one. A worker asked me why I had entered the premises without a face mask when I got closer to the service window. I told her she didn’t have the authority to question me about what to do with my body and for her to get the manager.

Then the manager tried to make me wear a mask, but I told him I have medical issues and can’t breathe with a mask on, and if I wear a mask, I could literally die from the lack of air.

He did not care and said I should at least put my shirt over my mouth. The rude worker, with hate in her eyes, threw my purchase (stamps) at me, along with my change, and it fell to the floor. I gave her a few choice words about her customer service and then yelled at the manager, telling him not to think for one second that he can order me “what to do” with my body.

That is crossing the line!

I re-explained my medical problem and said, “Any business that is not empathetic to those with medical issues and will not make an exception to the draconian rules being forced upon the people does not deserve my money.”

I pointed to the postal annex across the street and said, “I’ll spend my money there, instead,” and then insisted on them giving my money back for the stamps I bought that were lying on the floor along with my change.

The worker had to come around the “plastic germ shields” that were hanging between the postal workers and customers, and pick up the stamps and change. Then she gave me my money back, and I left the location.

I did this to set an example for those who were watching. Fortunately, I’m a big guy, so no one intervened on behalf of the staff. There were some apparent haters there, and I tried to look them in the eyes, to see if they had something they wanted to say to me, but they all quickly looked away. Brainwashed, sheeple, haters usually do that.

Covid-19 And Plastic Shields

By Van Robison

Everywhere you go, you encounter clear plastic shields in stores that allegedly protect people from the spit and mouths of other people. Backtrack a bit before this insane madness descended upon humanity. There were no shields, no masks, no social distancing, and no fear-mongering. There was nothing to fear.

Life was pleasant and reasonable until the insane COVID – 19 was intentionally imposed upon the entire planet by a handful of demonic psychopaths. Their sinister motives are centered on unleashing a plethora of vaccines upon the world to satisfy their insatiable appetite to make trillions of dollars at the expense of the entire population.

Fear-mongering has crippled life on Earth and shut down society. Humans have been mentally scarred.

COVID – 19 is an act of treason against humanity and is fueled by massive lies and propaganda. It is not about a real virus or the well being of people. It is about profit for the diabolical vaccine industry.

If a universal coronavirus vaccine comes to fruition, there is no telling how many millions of people will suffer injuries and autism. Of course, the psychopaths running the scamdemic couldn’t care less because their only interest is money and control.

Voices of Truth

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

*Dr. John Reizer – a major gladiator for truth.
*Dr. Judy Mikovits – a brave champion and fearless against corruption.
*Dr. Rashid Buttar – an excellent voice for truth and exposing lies and propaganda.
*Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – a brilliant voice exposing the truth about vaccines.
*Barbara Loe Fisher – CEO of the National Vaccine Information Center—awesome!
*Dr. Andrew Wakefield – a brilliant mind who spoke out about the dangers of vaccines.
*Dr. Jeff Bradstreet –  discovered the truth about autism.

I can tell you that this list is only an abbreviated one of great doctors who have, over the years, known and exposed the truth and practiced alternatives to the draconian medical mafia.

These are the real role-models of health truth.  I could add many more names to this list of doctors who had a genuine concern and compassion for their patients.

Covid-19: Don’t be Afraid to Speak the Truth!

By Dr. John Reizer

Dear Readers of NoFakeNews,

Many of you don’t know me personally. You have little to no understanding of my feelings regarding what others think about my world views. Long ago, I stopped worrying about what other people thought about my views on many subjects. I could not care less if people believe that I am a loon because I am the only person in a room of two hundred not wearing a face mask. It is a liberating feeling when you are finally able to get out from under that paralyzing fear of worrying about what others think of you.

If you know in your heart that something is wrong with a particular situation and standby, not making an effort to change the injustice because of fear of what others will say, you have an enormous problem.

Years ago, I used to fear public speaking because I was worried about what the audience would think about me in the back of my mind. It was a horrible and terrifying experience every time I had to speak to a group of people.

In college, I got over that phobia pretty fast. My training as a chiropractor prepared me well to think differently and not worry about what others might think of me living outside the parameters of conventional thinking.

I have spoken to large groups of people and lectured in front of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. I have spoken in front of professional doctors and people who are highly educated. It does not bother me any longer to talk to large audiences made up of many backgrounds and levels of education, because I know my subject matter as well or better than most.

I am writing to the readers of NoFakeNews to ask for your help. I need you to do a better job of informing others about what is happening concerning Covid-19. If you know that this pandemic is not caused by a real virus, you need to do a better job of sharing the information with others unaware of the truth.

I ask you to come out of your comfort zone and stop worrying about what people will think of you if you go against the grain of conventionally. It’s now or never; we need more people in the world to understand the truth about Covid-19 and all the propaganda that is tethered to that subject.

Let go of your fear of what others will think, take off your face mask, and encourage others to become more educated about the real facts associated with this false flag.

Yours in health,
Dr. John Reizer

They warned us in 1994 what they were going to do to us!

The powers that be seem to always advertise in advance what they are planning for the future.

SNOPES is claiming the artwork below has been miscaptioned. They are suggesting the mural was submitted for display more recently — 2020.

According to the painting’s submission source, it appears that the work was created in 1995. Perhaps the coronavirus title was modified or added to make it seem as if this painting was completed more recently.

It’s certainly creepy nonetheless and accurately depicts what is currently transpiring.  — Dr. Reizer

The PPJ Gazette

People for life and freedom!

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Medical Insanity Has To Be Stopped!

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

As a young man, I read many books on various subjects. I had a keen interest in human health.  I read “World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin, and “Fighting the Food Giants” along with plenty of other books that opened my eyes to a secret world of vast corruption.

I read about very successful treatments of cancer, by doctors using Laetrile (apricot seed oil) and other non-invasive modalities.  What I learned over the years is that the Medical Mafia attempts to destroy the reputation of every alternative health practitioner and demonizes everything that is not under their control.

The medical establishment labels anything and everything “quackery” if they do not own and control it.  Doctors of chiropractic have been marked “quacks” by organized medicine for many years, and they all know what it is to be viciously attacked.

My youngest daughter, who died at age 31, because her immune system was destroyed by the barbaric chemotherapy satanic drug system, worked for a pharmacist before working in a hospital as a registered nurse. She told me that old people would come into the pharmacy and go out with a bag full of drugs and then come back later and go out with the same medications. The medicines NEVER cured or healed any of them.

Many successful alternative health doctors over the years have been raided by marshals of the medical mafia and their lives and practices destroyed. Some have even been assassinated.

The psychopaths that control the medical system, the pharmaceutical system, the cancer system, and the vaccine industry have no conscience.

Medical psychopaths often classify alternative health practitioners that help people regain health naturally as “quacks.” The real quacks are the medical doctors who are 100% controlled by the pharmaceutical drug lords, the cancer lords, and the venomous vaccine lords.

The medical system thrives on control, lies, and the motivation for enormous profits at the expense of humanity. Health and well-being should not be the property of dictatorial “health” organizations.

Medical insanity has to be stopped!