Are the Psychopaths Running the Earth Show a Dying Breed?

In certain instances and when warranted, I like to present our readers with different opinions about what is transpiring worldwide. Here’s an entirely different view on the globalists’ control over humanity and the “new normal” they are trying to establish. What do you think about this gentleman’s theory concerning the psychopaths running the Earth show? — Dr. Reizer


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2 thoughts on “Are the Psychopaths Running the Earth Show a Dying Breed?

  1. Lisa April 29, 2021 / 1:02 pm

    A very interesting perspective. I do not know if I believe that the other worldly controlling powers are psychotic or just plain evil. I do think that the 1% elite might be psychotic and they are running the show for the demonic.
    But this man makes some great points. I hope he is right that the demonic or psychotic ones will terminate themselves. I do believe that they are fretfully afraid of the higher frequencies of light that emit from our souls. Our ascension to higher dimensions is something that they are desperate to prevent.
    And as this man states, they are probably screaming and clawing to keep themselves from being obliviated!


    • NoFakeNews April 29, 2021 / 1:50 pm

      Thanks for the great commentary, Lisa. I think the man in the video makes some valid points, too. However, it is a common misconception, in my opinion, to think that the rollout of all these terrible machinations is nothing more than the product of a few psychopaths.

      These longstanding agendas seem to be very well crafted by extremely intelligent people. The fact that these diabolical schemes have been in play for so long speaks volumes about how much of a concerted effort was put into action by many groups to bring to fruition what is currently in the process of happening.

      We must think long and hard about who or what is in control of this planet. Is it even human might be a good question to ask ourselves.


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