Reiner Fuellmich – “We’re About To Reach The Tipping Point”

Reiner Fuellmich almost understands the entire situation. But he’s dead wrong, in my opinion, about there being an actual sars-cov-2 virus. There’s no such virus, Reiner!

I don’t know why most of these people with medical and legal degrees cannot get it through their heads that there is no virus. There’s only a psyop and a massive genocidal plot taking place to cull the world’s population. People need to learn this fact, commit it to memory and stop parroting the false medical narrative about an actual viral pathogen infecting a small percentage of the population.

No virus has been isolated in totality from a living host. No viral isolates have been presented for our inspection by any laboratory in the entire world. A computer-modeled genomic sequence was used as the sole proof that a sars-cov-2 virus exists. What we have been witnessing are scientific fraud and science fiction.

Reiner understands and claims that this is the biggest crime ever committed against humanity and that the plandemic exercise was pre-planned for decades. Yet, he wants people to believe that there’s an actual virus making people sick. We are supposed to think that this alleged virus just happened to conveniently appear out of nowhere after event 201 foretold the entire operation in October 2019.

If the sars-cov-2 virus didn’t magically appear in 2020, are we supposed to believe that the elitist pigs running the plandemic wouldn’t have been able to unleash their plan? What were they going to do? Would they have stood around for years waiting for a coronavirus to appear and get people sick before acting? I don’t think so, Mr. Fuellmich.

The few who control the many used a fake virus that was made to look like an actual pathogen by using a useless PCR lab test that can produce false-positive case results on demand. Wake up and understand the entire scenario, Reiner!

But thank you, Reiner Fuellmich, for all your hard work and for getting the other portions of the psyop right. And thank you for taking legal actions against the perpetrators of this gigantic crime against humanity!

— Dr. John Reizer


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13 thoughts on “Reiner Fuellmich – “We’re About To Reach The Tipping Point”

  1. karla April 22, 2021 / 5:05 am

    C. DC Redfield said covid escaped Wuhan as did Trump adviser Peter Navarro. Fauci and Naid fund the “gain of function” research that takes animal virus and make them capable of infecting human and more virulent and transmissible. The female chinese defense scientist whom they call bat woman has been identified. According to Plandemic dicumentary the CDC patented sars 2003 and we and chinese defense scientists did the gain of function research and when it got banned Fauci sent it to Wuhan. They have the documents showing Fauci funding coronovirus “research” at wuhan. I know they have not isolated covid but I wonder if weaponized virus follows the same science as regular virus. I know the tests dont test for anything. When they patented sars 2003 virus they also patented the testing and measurement so maybe the real testing and measurement not legal ? I really think they had the genetically manipulated weaponized virus and the computer modeled vax prior and ready to go before they released it. The computer model came out of china real quickly and Pharma said they were able to make the vaccine in a few hours. Personally I believe they all are involved in releasing a bioweapon for depop. And I think if the vax uses synthetic RNA the instruct your body cells to create the spike protein of the pathogen inside you that the vax is causing peoples cells to creat part of a bioweapon inside them. Fauci is the lead conductor coordinating all the actors and aspects of this scheme. They are pushing for health {incl vax status’} and financial digital I.Ds The fed is involved with leaders delibertely crashing economies to get to a digital dollar. Now I am finding Alex Jones report another event 201 type of thing called SPARS 2028 and saying it is a simulation and exact blueprint for covid. In it they say the vax will cause PRIONS or MAD COW disease. Didn’t Dr Judy Mikovits just say the vaccine will cause this??! I actually found an article in Scientific Principia that shows the vax may cause PRIONS. Christians believe we are in the end times. The evil is unimaginable and hard to face. But if they require this vax for a digital I.D {a program called I.D 2020 was already prepared} to be in a global digital economy{leaders deliberately crashing economies} without which you “cannot buy or sell” that is straight from the bible in revelations Mark of the Beat. Basically the globalists want to take over and control your life and digital currency tracked and cut off for misbehavior. Step by step they try to draw us into more and more evil. If you take that vaccine maybe as Dr Carrie Madej says the nanobots or biosensors will enter your body. Gates patent ties biosensors bodt activity data to cryptocurency “reward” And they are capable of entering the brain which would make a brain/computer interface system possible – a satanic BEAST system. Sorry for the long reply and conjecture. I try to connect the dots of the info I find to see just how bad it might be. Reality shows that based on what these “people” have done thus far I dont underestimate them

    • NoFakeNews April 22, 2021 / 7:38 am

      Karla, if there was a real virus, weaponized or not, it would have been isolated in totality by independent labs and doctors. There would be no need to use a fake PCR test to create millions upon millions of false-positive case numbers.

      Have people become sick during this world plandemic and died from pneumonia? YES! But not from sars-cov-2. People the world over get sick from bacterial, fungal, and viral microbes each year. The more compromised their immune systems are, the more serious the infections can become. By chance alone, many of these people have tested false-positive for the bogus PCR test as have millions of people with no infections and symptoms. And that is how you design and implement a fake pandemic that had been pre-planned for decades.

      All of the research that you wrote about took place and was highly compartmentalized so that it could be used as part of the psyop. Sure, the doctors involved with the research believe that there is a real virus. When you are a hammer, everything you see is a nail. Everything these researchers see is a virus!

      There is no virus!

      The real bioweapons being administered during this genocidal plot are the COVID vaccines.

      Dr. Reizer

  2. sandy edwards April 22, 2021 / 10:51 am

    ” I know they have not isolated covid but I wonder if weaponized virus follows the same science as regular virus.”

    Dr. Reizer, I have asked you this same thing in different ways over the last year. I know that the majority of covid cases were fake and probably the flu but I have to believe that there is something else out there too. I have heard so many people talk about the strange symptoms that would not be related to the flu. Maybe 5G or the nano worms they keep talking about. I believe there is no covid but I do believe there is something. Of course, it doesn’t seem to be that virulent so we really only need to focus on not getting the vaccine.

    Thanks for this video. It gives me hope. Sandy

    • NoFakeNews April 22, 2021 / 10:55 am

      Sandy, other than the same bacterial, fungal, and viral microbes that have always been out there, there is nothing out there. This is how a psyop works. They make the statistics convincing, and people’s minds believe something mysteriously lurks around in the environment. It’s a powerful thing, a psyop. It can make you see red when the sky is blue. 🙂


  3. sandy edwards April 22, 2021 / 11:12 am

    ok. But, is it not possible that some type of bioweapon was released that does not follow the norms of science as we know it? If the people in charge of this are so tech evolved how do we know what they do and don’t have available to them. As I said before, I do not believe there is a virus covid-19. And I know it is a psyop but am still pondering the possibility of them adding something else into the hoax to make it more believable. Because so many people that I never thought would fall for this are covid crazy. They have got to be seeing something I am not? I am just wanting to understand all the possibilities.

    • NoFakeNews April 22, 2021 / 11:23 am

      Anything is possible, Sandy. But you must understand it’s dangerous for the orchestrators to unleash something like you are suggesting because it’s way too unpredictable in my opinion. It’s much easier to fake things and manipulate statistics than release real pathogens or tech weapons. I don’t believe that is even possible.

      The real way to kill billions of people is via shots in their arms. That is more controllable than real events and modalities. But, yes, anything is possible.


  4. sandy edwards April 22, 2021 / 12:54 pm

    Dr. Reizer, Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions about all this. I guess I have to go back to the thought that all of these covid people are just plain idiots. Sad. Sandy

    • NoFakeNews April 22, 2021 / 1:14 pm

      The other thing to consider, Sandy, is that there are probably different recipes involved with regards to the vaccines being rolled out. Some products are going to kill people through cytokine storm autoimmune reactions, others will likely sterilize people and cause cancers down the line that big pharma can profit from, and the biggest and most important objective of the plandemic designers and their vaccines is to transform the human genome into something that they have thought long and hard about. Not every human on the planet will be killed, but there will be a thinning out of the population.


  5. tim April 22, 2021 / 1:00 pm

    It’s so simple.

    You need two things to create a fake plandemic.

    One, case numbers.
    FACT ; google it !!!
    You get “case numbers,” that is, FAKE case numbers, from the FAKE PCR TESTERS ! They were not designed to diagnoses a disease and anything over 35 cycles is psuedoscience.

    Two, deaths.
    FACT ; google it !!!
    You get FAKE “death numbers” by transfering “other deaths” to the FAKE COVID deaths ! (ie: you died in an accident, your death certificate says you died of FAKE COVID ! You died of pneumonia, you died of fake covid. You died of the “flu” you died of the fake covid. You died in a motorcycle accident, you died of covid.

    FACT ; google it !!!
    Hospitals world wide are being paid $64,000.00 PER PATIENT that they CLAIMED, had died from THE FAKE COVID disease !!! )

    And congradulations, you now have a fake plandemic. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

    • NoFakeNews April 22, 2021 / 1:16 pm

      You have hit the nail on the head, Tim! 🤣

  6. tim April 22, 2021 / 2:41 pm

    I learned from the best 😉

  7. Lisa April 22, 2021 / 3:37 pm

    I go about my life everyday without any kind of fear of any fake covid virus!

    I certainly feel no need to wear a mask, nor to social distance. And I have felt this way since visiting this website back in late 2019. Although I admit that it did not happen for me right away. Even though I felt that the masks were ridiculous and useless, I did not like “standing out”. I still needed that little shove from you, John. There was one article you had written back then, where you were quite demanding that everyone needed to take off their face diapers. You shook me up. It worked! And now, not wearing a mask feels great. It feels terrific to be able to take back some of your power!

    What I am talking about next is something I have talked about before here, but it has been while. I am first stating how I think that the covid virus is fakery, because I am about to tell you about how covid is believed by my family members, to have nearly killed my husband.

    In general, I believe that more people have been becoming increasingly more sick because of their immune system being damaged by flu shots etc. (My husband being one of them) And I also believe that technology may play a part in that for some people. Plus, people are obsessive compulsive about killing the germs that might build up their immune systems. But ultimately, people still get sick, no matter the reason behind it. And people get sick from one another as well!

    My husband nearly died last April, 2019. He had all the typical symptoms of pneumonia. Which is equivalent to the fakery covid virus symptoms. He had a lot of body aches and coughing for a few days until his breathing became shallow and he was not speaking coherently. I truly believe he would have not lived the night if I had not brought him to the ER. His oxygen was level was 69 upon arrival. A normal level range is in the upper 90s. But the whitecoats did not treat him for pneumonia, even though there had been a reference made to that when I had spoken to his doctor on the phone. The first couple of days he was put on an oxygen mask and that seemed to help. His voice sounded good and strong on the phone. He had spoken to our daughter, his brother and myself. Then without being informed by a doctor, they put him on a killing ventilator that same day we had spoken to him. He was on the ventilator for 16 days and in the hospital for 37 days. I was continuously being told he was a very sick man. But miraculously, he survived.

    How did the rest of family do? Pneumonia can be contagious. My eldest son had some aches and pains, but that is all. I had a minor sore throat, and after taking my vaccine-injured son for a walk in the brisk weather, I had some shortness of breathe for a few days. But that is all. I was functioning normally. My vaccine injured son was fine also. My daughter was at college.
    My husband’s doctor was asking me everyday about how I was doing, and everyday I said, “I am fine”. I felt like they were waiting for me!

    We exited the hospital with a couple of dozen nurses applauding and cheering on. And with him holding a huge sign that said, “I crushed covid”
    Least to say, I cannot convince him that he had pneumonia and not covid.

    My point of all this is that the whitecoats are very good at convincing people who are ill that they have covid. And many of these doctors believe it themselves. The money they receive probably helps with that! All these illnesses have been going on for a very long time, but yet absolutely everything is labeled covid.

    I will repeat myself. I am not at all afraid of catching covid. I always leave my home without any kind of fear. I think that I have certainly put enough information on here to state that I do not believe in covid. I have learned too well what evil lies behind the pharmaceutical companies and their vaccines etc. to be fooled. I witness it everyday with my vaccine-injured son!


    • NoFakeNews April 22, 2021 / 6:44 pm

      Thank you so much, Lisa, for sharing your experience concerning your husband’s illness. Thankfully, he survived.

      We know he was ill, like a lot of people become with upper respiratory infections. This is especially true for people who receive flu and other vaccines. That is how the controlling powers cause the proliferation of diseases globally. We also know that your husband did not have sars-cov-2 because the virus does not exist.

      Thanks again for sharing your story. 😀


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