The Next Covid-19 Wave: Here’s How It will Work

Dr. John Reizer

The next Covid-19 wave has long been predicted by all the top medical experts that have not been silenced by the censorship police. How can the “experts” be certain that the case numbers will go up or down when the coronavirus in question has never been isolated or identified?

It’s simple — they follow the pre-written script that was created last year. Are you ready for the next act? Here’s how it will work:


  1. It’s Influenza season! Quick, everybody should run out and receive the flu jab that will load something toxic directly in your arm, bypassing the normal portal of bodily entry.
  2. Lots of people will get sick from the toxic vaccines like they have been doing for decades.
  3. The sick people will visit their medical doctors to get a diagnostic evaluation.
  4. If you have been vaccinated for the flu, there’s no need to test for Influenza — you’re protected!
  5. The evaluation will include a Covid-19 PCR test calibrated to test false-positive for the fake coronavirus that has never been isolated and does not exist.
  6. By chance alone, 30 percent of the population or higher would test false-positive for the fake Covid-19 PCR test regardless of whether they were sick and will now do so with symptoms and sickness originating from the flu jabs.
  7. Suddenly there will be hundreds of millions of people worldwide testing false-positive for Covid-19 and exhibiting symptoms.

This translates into increased lockdowns worldwide. It translates into more draconian policies and procedures handed down by governing bodies to protect the general public.

Remember, PCR tests can be amplified up or down to make the exam results yield more or less false-positive case numbers. This is a game that is being played at our expense.


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3 thoughts on “The Next Covid-19 Wave: Here’s How It will Work

  1. SeeBee October 25, 2020 / 9:06 am

    All of this goes away, if we can get the Ignorant masses to understand they are and have been duped. But how? That is the $30trillion dollar question.

  2. sandy edwards October 25, 2020 / 10:00 am

    yep, the numbers are increasing everywhere. I can tell NC is headed back to lockdown. It’s just a matter of time. If business is shut down again I am afraid there will be no coming back any time soon. Times are going to get really bad.

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