Medical Myths and Lies!

Dr. John Reizer

Myths and Lies

1. Germs are everywhere and waiting to make you sick.

2. You have very limited immunity that disappears shortly after you are born.

3. Without manufactured drugs and vaccines you cannot be healthy.

4. Humans and animals are born with bad genes and it is only a matter of time before those genes begin to express themselves in the form of different diseases.

5. An assortment of drugs is necessary to block the expressions of bad genes to delay the onset of various diseases.

6. Medical research is financed by independent parties that have no financial interest in the results of the studies.

7. The more sterile the environment (hospitals) the harder it is to get an infection.

8. Medicine is in the business of curing the diseases (intellectual properties) they manage.

9. All modern viruses have been isolated by scientists through strict scientific standards like Koch’s postulates and without the use of CGI-assisted genomic sequencing techniques.

10. All vaccines authorized or approved by the CDC are completely safe and have never seriously injured or killed people.

11. COVID vaccines are completely safe and no one in the world has been killed by the products.

Stop believing the lies that come from medicine, big pharma, and mainstream media companies. These corporations don’t have our best interests in mind!


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