Medical Myths and Lies!

Dr. John Reizer

Myths and Lies

1. Germs are everywhere and waiting to make you sick.

2. You have very limited immunity that disappears shortly after you are born.

3. Without manufactured drugs and vaccines you cannot be healthy.

4. Humans and animals are born with bad genes and it is only a matter of time before those genes begin to express themselves in the form of different diseases.

5. An assortment of drugs is necessary to block the expressions of bad genes to delay the onset of various diseases.

6. Medical research is financed by independent parties that have no financial interest in the results of the studies.

7. The more sterile the environment (hospitals) the harder it is to get an infection.

8. Medicine is in the business of curing the diseases (intellectual properties) they manage.

9. All modern viruses have been isolated by scientists through strict scientific standards like Koch’s postulates and without the use of CGI-assisted genomic sequencing techniques.

10. All vaccines authorized or approved by the CDC are completely safe and have never seriously injured or killed people.

11. COVID vaccines are completely safe and no one in the world has been killed by the products.

Stop believing the lies that come from medicine, big pharma, and mainstream media companies. These corporations don’t have our best interests in mind!


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5 thoughts on “Medical Myths and Lies!

  1. Kenneth T. February 19, 2023 / 5:20 pm

    Good evening?
    Isn’t that the morning news? 😉 😆 🤣

  2. lhakes12 February 19, 2023 / 5:27 pm

    John, you straightforwardly lay out the myths and lies that for some reason the people can’t seem to wrap their heads around. Although I would imagine it’s because of the sleeping spell of mind control from the evil amongst us. That which includes the media and the manipulation of the system that we live in. Unforeseen energies and frequencies have been creeping their way into our consciousness.

    And it’s despairing how people can think that we were born with bad genes that could easily go haywire. That is man’s engineering to control, depopulate and make profit.

    How can the people who believe in a God or a vast intelligence really believe that this brilliant light wouldn’t create and give us bodies that could heal and sustain themselves!


    Cuz Jeff

    “The body is a prison
    For the spirit
    To keep the spirit locked into
    The lower vibrational awareness of physicality and material of things

    Yet spirit working through the body, is the only way
    We can step outside of this reality
    To see the real from the artificial

    We need to respect And love our bodies
    So we learn to transfer from the identity of having a body
    To the realization
    That the body is our vehicle or vessel of the spirit
    Trying to travel back to the consciousness and mind of our creator source and creation

    As if life itself is a lesson of duality
    To show us
    How easily hell can manifest if we are living in separation of truth

    Knowing thyself
    And being in tune with our bodies
    Is the key to unlocking
    Our very own
    As withing as without reality

    When we stop poisoning the body with western culture and toxic consumption
    The systems of our body perform better
    Holistic life is the answer to these problems
    Alcohol, man made drugs, red meat, unnatural sugars
    GMOs, Fluoride, Carbohydrates, and Gluten are all nasty and aren’t compatible with the human body
    Only meant to make us sick and tired and cause all kinds of symptoms

    The human body wasn’t meant to keep putting unhealthy things into it

    That’s why our ancestors lived much longer than us

    Another reason is because of the Radiation caused by modern technology and electromagnetic frequency biowarfare

    Fast foods, soft drinks and condiments are all loaded with poisons too
    It’s no wonder America is so obese And unhealthy

    These are things that block our chakras
    In other words
    Things that limit our ability to truly sense things
    Or think clearly
    Things that make us sick
    And perpetually tired

    This is what we mean by raising our vibration
    And awareness
    Evolving from the intellectual slaves we’ve been
    To becoming reflections of our higher selves

    In addition to the alchemical change experience from seeking knowledge and truth

    It starts within
    Within the flesh and blood at a microbial level

    To let go of past habits, addiction and lifestyles that limit our potential as fully conscious beings

    Fasting is a gift from our creator
    It was designed to heal us of all ailments
    And sickness

    But society teaches us to keep shoving more toxic shit into our bodies
    Where it all sticks to our intestines
    Like glue

    Today’s generation is literally full of shit

    And it’s a big reason why our health system is the way it is
    To Create more sickness And perpetuate the vicious insane cycle of self abuse
    So the system can keep making Profits
    Off of our ignorance’

    Clean your house, your body
    And you will heal
    Keep stuffing your face with toxic shit and
    You will become that very same shit

    I know because I’ve
    Been there and done it
    Again and again

    But quite honestly
    I’m tired of preaching
    Common sense

    If we practice what we preach
    We become the truth we wish to be

    And I’m all about manifesting at this point in my life

    Having said that
    My winter hibernation and seasonal laziness is over

    Back to living the ketosis lifestyle
    Fasting and exercising
    I feel so alive
    And it hurts so good”

    • Dr. John Reizer February 19, 2023 / 12:29 pm

      Great points, Lisa! Thanks for also sharing Jeff’s post. 👍🙂


      • lhakes12 February 19, 2023 / 12:45 pm


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