Understanding the global vaccine genocide

Dr. John Reizer

It’s not that difficult to understand what is happening in the world if we critically think and examine the evidence in front of us.

For decades, people have been obsessed over the NAZI Holocaust that took place during WWII. Yet, many of the same people can not recognize the current global genocide taking place where billions upon billions of innocent and unsuspecting citizens will be murdered.


1. Placing people in quarantine and confining them from others is tantamount to placing people in the ghettos.

2. Making people wear masks is tantamount to making people wear gold stars.

3. Making people take poisons disguised as preventive medicines against diseases is tantamount to gassing people in huge showers under the guise of protecting them from diseases.

4. A world government hiding in the shadows delivering draconian orders to subservient sovereign nations is tantamount to the architects of Nazi, Germany funding Hitler and hiding behind Jewish family names so people accusing them of wrongdoings could be labeled antisemites!

Do you see what is happening?


Target List Production – Picture of the Day!

May 8, 2022

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No Donations Please! But Here’s How You Can Help Me

By Dr. John Reizer

I want to send out a big thank you to the many visitors who have offered to donate money to NoFakeNews. Recently, I have been receiving plenty of emails asking me how readers can give financial support to the website.

I do not have a donation button here because I feel funny about asking people to send me money for something that I really want to do. NoFakeNews has never been about money. I have never tried to monetize the website, and I would like to keep this policy in force.

If you really want to help me spread more truthful information worldwide, there are two ways you can offer your support:

  1. Please tell your family, friends, and others about what I am trying to accomplish here. Word of mouth referrals and sharing NoFakeNews articles with the people closest to you will help create a more significant readership for the website. This will ultimately help more people become informed about what’s really happening in the world.
  2. In place of donating money to NoFakeNews, consider purchasing one or more of my books/novels that are featured on the right sidebar of the website. I use all book royalties to help offset the costs associated with keeping NoFakeNews up and running. Most of the books are $0.99, and by purchasing them, you are not only helping me keep the website going, but you are also getting something interesting to read.

If you can’t afford to purchase a book, don’t worry about doing so. Sending new visitors here to garner information is more valuable to me and the mission of NoFakeNews than people sending a monetary donation.

We need to inform as many people as possible in the coming months about the machinations taking place worldwide. With your help, together, we can accomplish remarkable things both today and far into the future.

Dr. John Reizer