Understanding the global vaccine genocide

Dr. John Reizer

It’s not that difficult to understand what is happening in the world if we critically think and examine the evidence in front of us.

For decades, people have been obsessed over the NAZI Holocaust that took place during WWII. Yet, many of the same people can not recognize the current global genocide taking place where billions upon billions of innocent and unsuspecting citizens will be murdered.


1. Placing people in quarantine and confining them from others is tantamount to placing people in the ghettos.

2. Making people wear masks is tantamount to making people wear gold stars.

3. Making people take poisons disguised as preventive medicines against diseases is tantamount to gassing people in huge showers under the guise of protecting them from diseases.

4. A world government hiding in the shadows delivering draconian orders to subservient sovereign nations is tantamount to the architects of Nazi, Germany funding Hitler and hiding behind Jewish family names so people accusing them of wrongdoings could be labeled antisemites!

Do you see what is happening?


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May 8, 2022

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2 thoughts on “Understanding the global vaccine genocide

  1. lhakes12 May 8, 2022 / 8:39 pm

    PArry Masons (cuz Jeff)
    May 2nd Facebook
    Why is it
    No body really talked about the
    Until after the 60s
    Even most elderly people
    Didn’t recognize it becoming public knowledge
    Until 20 years later
    When it was being engineered in
    Rockfeller funded academia
    And Hollywood entertainment predictive programming
    And culture conditioning
    Even the Nuremberg laws focused on general war crimes
    Not the crimes of concentration camps
    The creation of Israel was primarily because the
    Rothschild family purchased the land in Palestine
    And their political ambitions used Jewish persecution as a human rights intervention front
    And an excuse for repaying reparations to the Jewish people
    Which didn’t really benefit any of the common Jews
    Just the supremacists, bankers and bloodlines of Talmudic Satanists who engineered the whole agenda, wars, depression
    and new world order for their own benefit
    Even the narrative was exaggerated and continues to be pushed today to Shame our generation for something that was true
    but only part of the truth
    As always, the information is biased and always about the Jews first and foremost
    So that we criticize them
    And expose their lives
    They can pull the sympathy for the devil card on us
    The ol human rights how dare you narrative
    Cry wolf as they do
    We the people simply defending our illusions of freedom are always the asshole
    For trying to prove the victim is more often than not
    Either Fraud impostor counterfeit
    Or being used like a mask and martyr
    To hide behind
    To circumvent the gentiles
    So my friends and fellow Americans
    What is being Koesher?
    But Stockholm syndrome ???

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