Covid-19: Understanding the Big Picture

By Dr. John Reizer

I have been writing about Covid-19 for months, trying my best to explain to readers that what the citizens of the world have been experiencing is a massive psychological operation that has been written, produced, and directed by a talented team of science fiction writers.

It’s damn difficult to believe that the world pandemic is not the result of a real virus when you are continually being told the opposite through television and other forms of mainstream media 24 hours a day. But the facts of the situation will demonstrate to anybody paying close attention that the coronavirus world pandemic is a false flag event that makes 911 look relatively insignificant concerning how that psyop affected the world community as a whole. And please understand that 911 was a significant psyop that forever changed people’s lives in the United States and many other sovereign territories.

As I have stated previously, if you remove the many fraudulent case numbers that have been incorrectly tallied by the regulatory and reporting agencies, the covid-19 pandemic disappears into nothingness. Case numbers are the lifeblood of the intimidating sounding buzzwords, outbreak, epidemic, and pandemic. Those words make most people run for cover.

If you take into consideration the simple facts that there are currently no reliable testing procedures to identify Covid-19 infections, there has been massive misreporting of presumptive positive cases by official sources, there has been massive misreporting of other illnesses by the official sources as Covid-19 cases, and there has been massive misreporting of deaths from other diseases by the official sources as Covid-19 cases, it becomes easier to see how the pandemic case numbers would fall rapidly to the ground.

This world pandemic has never been about a virus. It’s always been about a fictionalized narrative that was written and developed to bring about a new normal for citizens globally. Nothing will be the same ever again. And I believe that’s the most important thing to take away from what is happening.

If you are the powers that be, you don’t run this type of psyop unless you want to permanently change the ebb and flow of society. The overlords of the Earth show have thrown the switch that has set into motion an entirely new paradigm where people no longer shake hands, sit close to one another, or want to socialize with other human beings.

In the future, we will refer to specific dates by placing the initials BC (Before Covid-19) or AC (After Covid-19) after them. People will explain things by writing or saying that they went on a vacation in 2019 BC or that it was much harder to make a living in 2020 AC.

Understanding the big picture relating to anything is always important because it allows society an opportunity to have a better view of what is unfolding. Concerning Covid-19, understanding the big picture is important because it will provide the world community with an accurate glimpse of where the world government wants to direct its citizens both now and far into the future.

When the majority of citizens worldwide are fearful or afraid of a fake viral contagion, it makes it so much easier for the powers that be to move or manipulate their herd in a specific direction. Whether it’s convincing people to behave in a precise manner socially speaking, or being obedient and compliant when asked to voluntarily accept a potentially deadly vaccine, the members of society will be much easier to manage when they are paralyzed by the emotion of fear.

Take this time in your life to understand the bigger picture of what is currently unfolding. By focusing on the smaller details instead of, the bigger ones, it’s easier to become confused. If you want to understand how the world government operates, you have to refocus your eyes so that you can see the landscape from a more distant vantage point.

Covid-19 And The Coming Vaccine: Shall We Connect The Dots?

By Dr. John Reizer

As a child, I used to work on connecting the dots puzzles frequently. I am sure most readers can remember doing similar activities. The puzzles, for very young children, had fewer dots, and many lines already filled in. With regards to the simple ones, it was pretty apparent from the onset of what image was going to be revealed when the puzzle was completed. Some of the more advanced games, for older players, were not so easy to figure out. These exercises featured pages of dots scattered about everywhere and had fewer lines already filled in. It was nearly impossible to visualize what the final image would be.

Many of the underlying stories associated with the coronavirus pandemic and being reported on by the mainstream news companies have a hidden objective to dis-inform people about what’s taking place domestically as well as abroad. There are a plethora of stories being thrown around each week for the public to chew on. All the stories are directly and intimately connected. Still, they’re not presented by the media in a way that allows viewers to see that the content is related.

As is the case with most subjects discussed in the mainstream news, they are often reported so that they appear to be non-related. The powers that be don’t want you to connect the dots.

The human brain is wired so that it focuses on patterns. The mainstream media companies are doing their best to make sure that our minds cannot home in on said patterns that would reveal what is really happening on a bigger and more worldly scale. This strategy is also being applied concerning the coronavirus hoax.

Connecting the Dots

The current fake viral pandemic was planned long ago and rehearsed for many years. There were many false flag events staged and carried out before Covid-19 that primed the viewing audience (citizens of the world) for the ongoing saga currently transpiring.

Unbeknownst to many citizens, they have witnessed plenty of fake viruses being reported through the years with fancy acronyms attached to the various villains. SARS, EBOLA, HIV, MERS, and ZIKA are a few that come to mind right off the top of my head. There have been others, and they all served a particular purpose in that they provided the powers that be an opportunity to watch the public’s reaction to the different crises as they played out on the world stage.

To this day, the vast majority of people in the world still believe the epidemics mentioned above were real, and that is precisely why the Covid-19 fake pandemic has been embraced by people globally.

Mostly, people do not understand microbiology and how viruses interact with society. If they did, the powers that be would have never been able to get away with the fakery taking place. As I have written previously in books and articles, the end goal for Covid-19 is to mass-produce billions of vaccines that are intended for a worldwide market of healthcare consumers.

The new vaccine that will be rolled out in the not too distant future will affect and permanently alter our DNA and the way human immunity can guard against potentially dangerous microbes.

During the past decade, there’s been a colossal attempt to convince people to send their DNA samples to laboratories to learn more about their ancestral trees. The idea has been promoted through television shows, commercials, pharmaceutical ads, and other means. The point is that people have voluntarily offered the powers that be a good look at their most secret biological blueprints. It’s valuable information. What people have done by freely giving out their DNA is tantamount to a person giving out a US social security number to a cyber thief.

As the plot thickens, and the drama continues to unfold, the vaccine that will permanently alter human DNA is being prepared, or more likely was developed long ago. Are you starting to connect the dots? With the lines filled in, can you see the bigger picture yet?

Ladies and gentlemen, the powers that be are about to make available a vaccine for every person in the world to protect citizens against a virus that doesn’t exist. Why do you think they might be doing this? Let me give you a clue; it’s not to help you improve your immunity to ward off an invisible microbial invader.

It’s time for everybody to connect the dots, see the picture, and WAKE UP!