Gain-of-Function Research, Lab-Leak Theory and other Falsities Associated with COVID-19

Dr. John Reizer

The mainstream media, the same group of liars, previously pushing the idea that sars-cov-2 is a natural virus, has now switched gears and is floating and supporting the concept that the pathogen was made in a laboratory. If you are paying close attention, you hear more about gain-of-function research (biological research designed to increase the virulence and lethality of microbiological pathogens).

Let me clarify, right out of the gate, and explain to readers that the idea that gain-of-function research was successful and sars-cov-2 was intentionally or accidentally leaked from any laboratory are nonsensical notions and predicated on science fiction.

Scientists’ ability to manipulate microbial pathogens, whether bacterial, fungal, or viral, is based on fantasies and human imagination. The one thing that keeps these stories circulating as plausible answers for COVID-19 and other plagues that have come and gone is a tremendous public misunderstanding of microbiology and human immunity.

No matter how big and menacing the microbiological villain is perceived to be, it must be understood that the human immune system and not the talked about pathogens is the key in determining if and when human beings remain healthy or not. Germs don’t make people sick! However, a weakened immune system can open up the door for many opportunistic things that can then cause people to have problems.

If scientists could mutate or modify a microbe into an actual pathogen, very few people would become ill because most individuals walking the planet have robust immune systems. That is why a fake virus was needed and created in a writer’s studio and not a laboratory. That is also why a fake lab test was designed to make fake case numbers. All of the COVID-19 narratives are based on smoke and mirrors!

All the mainstream media talk about gain-of-function research and sars-cov-2 being a human-made viral pathogen is purposely advertised to protect the medical paradigm that demands people believe germs cause diseases. The controlling powers need people to be afraid of these tiny terrorists and feel the need to protect themselves with vaccines and other synthetic drugs.

Virtually every piece of mainstream news we read, hear, or see is a lie designed to support the different psyops in play. Please don’t fall for the lies and sleight-of-hand theatrics associated with COVID-19 or its fictitious variants that are sure to be marketed down the road.

The world pandemic is a hoax. There is no sars-cov-2 virus, and there are no variants. This alleged virus has never been isolated in totality from any animal or human being. If there was an actual pathogen lurking around, naturally occurring or human-made, a genomic sequence would have been isolated and identified by independent scientists. This scenario has never happened because — THERE IS NO VIRUS!


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10 thoughts on “Gain-of-Function Research, Lab-Leak Theory and other Falsities Associated with COVID-19

    • NoFakeNews June 2, 2021 / 9:56 am

      You can say that again, Tim! 👍😀

      • tim June 2, 2021 / 3:07 pm


  1. sandy edwards June 2, 2021 / 11:17 am

    Just got back from the large Harris Teeter here and saw very few masks. The door had posted no masks for vaccinated people only. So I guess we are on the honor system for now. lol

    They have got to keep the virus alive as long as possible to keep people fearful. Once folks start dropping dead and it’s blamed on the variants we are really screwed. imho

    • NoFakeNews June 2, 2021 / 1:44 pm

      That’s a pretty accurate assessment, Sandy of what has been pre-planned by the controlling powers.


  2. tim June 2, 2021 / 1:03 pm

    It was good to see no mask signs on business doors but 90% of the people are still wearing the masks. They don’t want to let go of their security blanket that keeps them from harm and keeps them “safe, ”
    Your right Sandy about the honor system. It looks like this lie has backfired on “them.”

    And it’s real easy to figure out what the truth is.
    If MSM (main stream media,) an actor or actress, a politician, an enforcer, a government worker, a pseudo scientist or pseudo doctor, or sheeple;

    -Says something exists – then know that it DOES NOT exist.
    – Says something does not exist – then know that it DOES exist.

    – Says something is false – then know that it is true.
    – Says something is true – then know it is false.

    – Says something is safe – then know that it is NOT safe.
    – Says something is dangerous – then know that it is NOT dangerous.

    – Says something is good – then know that it is bad.
    – Says something is bad – then know that is is good.

    – Says you can trust someone – then know you CANNOT trust that person.
    – Says you cannot trust someone – then know that you CAN trust that person.

    Basically just figure that the OPPOSITE of what “THEY” say is the truth, of closest to it and everything else is a lie, or does not exist, and is a figment of their science fiction script writers imaginations.

    • NoFakeNews June 2, 2021 / 1:45 pm

      You have hit the nail on the head, Tim! 😀

      • tim June 2, 2021 / 3:08 pm

        🙂 I learned from the best.

  3. Lisa June 2, 2021 / 1:30 pm

    I was told a story about someone who needed to have surgery. The person had previously received two covid vaccines. The person was checked for antibodies before the surgery. The doctors thought this person should have antibodies as a result of getting the vaccines. But no antibodies were found.
    Apparently, this individual has cancer. I guess they then tried to explain the absence of antibodies on that. That the cancer destroyed the antibodies.

    I say that there are no antibodies because there is no virus. There cannot be antibodies from the covid vaccines if there is no virus.

    A great video from David Icke. It is the most I have heard that the covid virus does not exist, other that from you, John. Which, of course, I have heard a multitude of times. The two of you are certainly on the same page. As with the rest of us on nofakenews!


    • NoFakeNews June 2, 2021 / 1:49 pm

      Thanks, Lisa! I believe there are quite a few healthcare professionals out there who have figured out the virus is fake, but they fear crossing the line and stating their beliefs in public. They don’t want to be fired from their jobs.


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