USPTO’s New Search Tool Suppressed Patent Info During Covid

By Ashley Hayes

Recently, I posted an article concerning one of several instances of fraud I have personally experienced with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) over the past 23 years (  While that instance affected me personally, I want to highlight what I feel is extremely egregious fraud by the USPTO that has hurt the American public:  They dramatically altered their public website in the middle of what was being called a “pandemic,” making it nearly impossible for anyone who wasn’t a patent attorney, i.e., the general public, to get information about patents, ingredients, vaccines, masks, or anything else that might have implicated certain individuals, or provided information as to atrocities being planned for the future, particularly those related to synthetic biology and “vaccines.”

In an article I had written for another site, in November 2021 (, I was alerting readers to a patent filed by Pfizer (under their primary attorney’s name, Gal Ehrlich) wherein they sought to own the rights to track every citizen (and whomever they may be standing near), test them on-the-spot for whatever the latest virus that is being promoted is, and send them to the nearest location for vaccination.

At the time, I was able to retrieve the Pfizer patent with just a little digging.  And even though I had experience in patent searching, the process was still easy, and the website user-friendly, so even someone new to the USPTO’s site could find patents by names, keywords, etc.

For all of 2022, while we were all trying to make sense of what had just happened the previous two years, and were now seeing reports of sudden deaths, infant deaths, healthy individuals suddenly unable to walk, etc., everything pointed to the mass injections promoted by two separate presidents. As such, many folks wanted to get more information about what was in the injections, and also learn more about what the pharmaceutical companies had coming down the pike.

In years past, going to would alllow the public to easily locate that information. However, shortly after my article published — and researcher Karen Kingston’s videos about Pfizer’s patent had posted — the USPTO drastically altered their site, and replaced their formerly easy-to-navigate database with a clunky, non-sensical one that failed to provide results, no matter how simple the request, making the task of searching for necessary information nearly impossible. Coincidental? You decide.

Further, the USPTO has nullified the links that corresponded to patents issued prior to 2022, stating: “Preexisting links to U.S. patents and pre-grant publications are no longer available.”

On the surface, that may not seem to be a big deal. But it is, particularly when you realize those patents date back to the 1800s!

This unnecessary change causes not only a tremendous amount of work for folks who had included the previous links in their books, research, court cases, articles, videos, etc. But it will make it more difficult to prove fraud such as I have witnessed — and which has affected me personally — where inventor names have been removed, titles of inventions were changed, and the invention drawings were removed. This type of fraud could only be done by someone on the “inside,” and it serves individuals who want to hide the fact that they had/have a stake in a particular invention. (Interestingly, I witnessed similar things on Google Patents.)

We all discovered, without question, who Big Tech serves during the plandemic, with the suppression of pertinent information and the proliferation of fake news and propaganda. (But they are known DOD/CIA/FBI contractors so, of course that’s going to be the case! )

Then we learn of the gargantuan suppression of information by the CDC (including their VAERS info) and realize, yes, this actually happens. Suppressing or altering public information on a government-owned database is becoming commonplace, and that should never be the case, particularly as it relates to our health.

As for the USPTO, while not a public health agency, it does have a plethora of information that relates directly to public health, and to the companies and  products affecting it.  And it is shameful that it — a site that has historically served as inspiration to millions of brilliant minds and starry-eyed dreamers — would go to the lengths it has to suppress information rather than provide it.  What purpose could that possibly serve? 

You decide.

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Ashley Hayes is a former business entrepreneur, patented inventor, researcher, and writer seeking to bring attention to the clearly-organized crimes of unlawful and corrupt law enforcement and fusion center personnel against innocent Americans and citizens worldwide, as well as crimes committed by military contractors via 21st-century technology, and to the pandemic of child trafficking by those in power.


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