This is the symbol of the British Monarchy that has oppressed its people for more than 1,200 years!

Dr. John Reizer

The British Monarchy has oppressed its citizens and others for more than twelve centuries, yet the same people who have been the victims of that oppression are now mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth.

What makes people want to be ruled and taken advantage of throughout their lives? Why do so many people care about the royal idiots that couldn’t care less about them?

It’s a bizarre scene throughout England. While some folks get the big picture and know the truth about what the crown represents in the way of oppressing the masses, most people are completely clueless about the royals and are only too eager to bend over backward to show their respect and support to a group of incestuous interbreeders.

Get a clue as to what is going on in the world, people, and stop bowing down to the creeps that have been stealing from you and your ancestors for an eternity.


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