Do You Still Watch The News?

By Megan

A Guest Writer for NoFakeNews

Some years ago, an esteemed colleague of mine relayed an incident in which she was ridiculed for choosing not to watch the news by a young man who also accused her of being apathetic, ignorant, and uninformed because of this decision. Truth be told, I don’t watch the news either, and surprisingly neither do a startling number of the people I have conversed with over the years.

My friend and colleague didn’t watch the news because she didn’t trust the news and neither do I. When I was in graduate school I had an opportunity to study under a professor that changed the way I viewed the world.

Dr. John Reizer told me many years ago that it’s not just the news, but rather the entire mainstream media that should not be trusted. Dr. Reizer, at the time, explained how all major forms of media in the United States and around the world were owned and operated by a few multinational corporations. He used to explain in his lectures how said corporations would promote the agendas the powers that be desired to be promoted through television programming and print media publications. In his opinion, society was being disingenuously led to believe that it had various choices to receive information from competitive companies that were in reality owned and controlled by an extremely small number of parent corporations. He’d always explain that our collective perception of reality was very far removed from reality.

15 years have passed since I sat in those lectures in the Upstate of South Carolina, but I have always remembered what Dr. Reizer taught our class. I learned many things in graduate school about the human body and how to keep it healthy. Perhaps the most important thing I learned in college was how to really think for myself and to really understand how easily people can become influenced by the media and news companies that constantly surround us with a never ending stream of propaganda.

What my professor was writing and lecturing about years ago has now become the center-point of many important conversations in the present day. Dr. Reizer you were years ahead of your time with regards to this subject matter.  It’s nice to see that you have created this wonderful website and are still, to this day, committed to teaching people about the fake news and media companies.

What about you? Do you still watch the news?

The Manipulation of Media Messages by Special Interest Groups

By Gina Flores

Editor at

I definitely had to make this video available for our readers. It has to do with manipulation of media messages by special interest groups. Drug companies, political groups, government agencies, and many other special interest groups regularly set out to create false paradigms for a non suspecting and gullible public.

This video presentation offers us ten minutes of refreshing truthfulness. The woman conducting the seminar is brave and quite courageous in her attempt to shed the light of day on how the powers that be try to influence the perceptions of citizenry throughout the world.

When you control the media presentations as well as the research being performed, it’s easy to convince people of a specific agenda. For example, a person reads that a vaccination is safe in a magazine article. Later in the day the person sees on the evening news that the same vaccine is safe and important for good health. The person decides to do her due diligence and performs some research by visiting Wikipedia, WebMD, a few Google locations, etc. They all seem to support the information that was reported in the media presentation; the vaccine is a good thing.

Unfortunately, the individual has been hoodwinked and lied to. The pharmaceutical company that developed the vaccine was also responsible for creating the information on Wikipedia, WebMD, the top placed positions on Google and the featured article in the magazine. Oh yes, they also were involved with the presentation on the evening news.

We’re just getting at the tip of the iceberg here, people. This sort of stuff is taking place all the time in just about any genre of importance that has to do with shaping the perceptions of the masses.

Please watch the video below:

The Most Dangerous Weapons in the World are Inside Your House

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


People have known for a long time that governments around the world have created devastating weapons of mass destruction. It is common knowledge that such weapons can annihilate society and its infrastructure in a matter of minutes. Nuclear bombs, EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) technologies, biological warfare, HAARP weather modification, chemtrail aerosol programs and many other sinister products have been designed by scientists or borrowed from off world cultures that the general public is unaware of at this time.

Weapons of mass destruction are very real and regularly affect countless lives either directly, through their application on members of society, or indirectly, through the threat of their application on members of society. As bad as this list of weapons might be, they’re probably not the most dangerous weapons in existence.

The most dangerous weapons in the world, in my opinion, are innocuous looking instruments that reside inside the confines of most modern homes in virtually every country on the planet. The instruments (most dangerous weapons) I am referring to are – televisions. You read that correctly. A television could quite possibly be the most dangerous weapon in the history of modern civilization.

A seemingly harmless television set is usually positioned in the corner of a homeowner’s living room, bedroom or kitchen. It can be affordably purchased in a number of sizes. It is routinely turned on for our enjoyment on any given day. Whether it is providing entertainment, news information, babysitting services for a child, or background music to keep us company, it relentlessly broadcasts content that most definitely influences our understanding of what is or is not taking place in the world.

What comes through a television set, in the way of media programming, is carefully controlled and operated by a select number of very powerful networks that are absolutely designing and selling an understanding of reality that is quite far removed from actual reality.

A television set is also extremely dangerous because it is not perceived by most people as a weapon. This makes the device even more dangerous than the other weapons mentioned herein.

Television, or more appropriately written “tell – a – vision” tells us about a continuous vision that is promoted by media companies that are owned and operated by very powerful corporations that have a genuine desire to deceive a gullible public.

While it might be accurate to write that a bomb or genetically modified virus can certainly harm many people, it is also truthful to write that a television and its associated media programming are far more dangerous weapons because they can influence human beings to think it appropriate to detonate a bomb; release a genetically modified virus, or activate other weapons of mass destruction. A television may not be able to kill people in another country, but it can go a long way in influencing a country’s population base to believe it is morally correct to wage war on another sovereign territory while at the same time crafting the clever illusion that the process is being done to bring about world peace.

Movies, news programs, sitcoms, talk shows, sporting events, commercials, and other media products viewed on a television screen can absolutely hypnotize the masses into believing a false reality; a reality paid for and distributed by a corporate structure that has a definite agenda to promote war and death.

It is more important than ever before to be mindful about the fact that the “idiot boxes” situated throughout your home are a lot more dangerous than they appear. They are, in fact, the most dangerous weapons in existence!