How to Overcome Draconian Policies: Take Off The Face Masks And Use Your Voices!

Dr. John Reizer

Recently, I spent several hours in Lake Lure, North Carolina. I walked around the town, went to a dining establishment, and took in the beautiful lake and mountain scenery.

The good news was that there were plenty of people outside enjoying the fall foliage. The bad news was that ninety percent of them were walking the streets wearing latex gloves and face masks.

Image result for lake Lure, NC

Lake Lure, NC

What I witnessed looked like a scene out of a medical science fiction movie. If I had taken this little trip in October 2019 and saw the same thing, I would have believed that a Hollywood movie was being filmed. But that’s not the case twelve months later. This is how life is being lived in the state of North Carolina and many other locations worldwide.

Lake Lure, North Carolina, is only 25 miles away from my home in Inman, South Carolina. We have covidiots walking around wearing face diapers in South Carolina, too. But the difference between the two bordering states concerning how draconian policies are being implemented, enforced, and complied with by the braindead public is dramatic and very noticeable to anyone remotely paying attention.

Not all North Carolina people are sleepwalking through life, as was evidenced in the video below. Hopefully, readers will have a chance to watch the clip before the YouTube censorship police remove the production.


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